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(Scroll Down for Maps and Coordinates!) 


What is Tree-o-Caching?

Based on geocaching, it’s a real-world hunt for our Tree-o-Cache plaques using GPS coordinates. Friends of are hiding these caches in trees and you could win sweet prizes from


How does it work?

We post GPS coordinates for a public trailhead or place to park. Fill out this quick form and we will send you the coordinates of the Tree-o-Cache you want to search for. (this helps us keep people accountable - we don’t want someone spoiling the fun for everyone!)


All you have to do is find the tree, climb it (Safely! Also, no spiking, spurs, hooks, gaffs, or other destructive climbing methods. Please leave the area exactly as you found it - don’t cut down any brush or saplings to try to get a better throw) and post your visit on social media. 


How can I do it?

When we Tree-o-Cache, we use a dedicated GPS device (ours is a Garmin Etrex), and that’s what we recommend for you. There are dozens of free apps for GPS enabled mobile devices that can get you similar results. You can even put the coordinates into Google Maps!


Share it

Take a selfie with the Tree-o-Cache and post it on social media. Add the hashtag #treeocache (including the number of the tree you're visiting), tag @TreeStuffdotcom and @TreeOCache then share it on Instagram and or Facebook. 

This adds your visit to the tree’s digital logbook. It also enters you for a chance to win a prize from one of our recurring Tree-o-Cache raffles! You can also search the Tree-o-Cache hashtag on social media to find other climbers who have also been there!

We’re also offering you a bonus if you send us a video of your Tree-o-Cache adventure!  Just upload a video of your Tree-O-Cache adventure here, we'll send you a $20 gift certificate! Any photos or videos may be used on Facebook, Youtube, or any other TreeStuff media. Send your photos to and your face might get on or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Make sure your video shows:

  • you gearing up
  • you at the trailhead
  • you finding and accessing the tree
  • you opening the cache
  • whatever fun hi-jinks you got into along the way


Fine Print

We don’t guarantee the legality or safety of climbing anything, anywhere, or at any time. These trees have not been inspected, and the caches were placed by friends of TreeStuff - we have no proof that the trail, tree, or cache is safe. Use your head and make your own choices. We recommend using professional safety equipment and suggest having professional climbing training. Your safety and anything negative resulting from your Tree-o-Cache hunt is your responsibility.


The point of Tree-o-Caching is to have fun climbing trees, and if you get some cool TreeStuff stuff in the process, great!


Check out awesome Tree-o-Cache Adventure videos on our TreeStuff YouTube Channel 


Coordinates, pics and much more below the maps!

View Large Map



These are coordinates for parking/trailheads. These are NOT the coordinates for the cache. If any of these coordinates are in your area, fill out this quick form for the coordinates you're interested in, and we'll email you the coordinates of the cache. We’re excited to welcome you into the club, and we’d love it if you told your friends. However, in order for us to keep people accountable and keep a list of who’s hunting which cache, we’d prefer if you referred people to the coordinate request form for coordinates instead of sharing them. 


Indiana - TREEO1 - Set by Alan Precup

39.858700, -86.027767


Maryland - #TREEOCACHE03



Massachusetts - TREEO4 - Set by Bud Escher



Utah - TREEO5 - Set by Matt Erkelens

40.656735, -111.877749


Ohio - TREEO6 - Set by Duane Hook - MISSING

39.961717, -83.2402


Wisconsin - #TREEOCACHE07 - Reset by Mack Jones



Virginia - TREEO8 - Set by Stephen Connally

36.64456, -76.54722


California - TREE10 - Set by Nick Araya

Windsor Hills, CA


Ohio - TREE11 - Set by Patrick Knowlton



Michigan - TREE15 - Set By Sam Desmet

46.64219, -088.04656 


Japan - TREE16 - Set by Richard Mumford

35.741588, 140.339008


Ontario, Canada - TREE17 - Set by Andrew "Flying Squirrel" Swannell

43.12560, -80.38323


Ontario, Canada - #TREEOCACHE18 - Set by Peter de Vries

42.645105, -82.499877


Lincoln, Nebraska - TREE19 - Set by Aaron Druery

40.69842 -96.68277


Bloomington, IN - TREE20 - Set by Jerome Delbridge

39.295314, -86.400112


Norway - TREE21 - Set by Bernt Georg Gunnerød

59.3435, 9.910333


New Zealand - TREE22

-41.274417, 173.296483 NOTE: These are direct coordinates to the tree! 


Galicia, Spain - TREE24 - Set by Dave Campana

42.644355, -8.902519


The Netherlands - TREE27 - Set by our friends at Shizll

52.002275, 5.992155


North Carolina  - #TREEOCACHE28 - Set by The Tree Whisperer

35.818058, -78.307628


Oregon - TREE29 - Set by Haddon Jacobs

45.394526, -122.259884


Taiwan - TREE30

25.051042, 121.614654 NOTE: These are direct coordinates to the tree!


Ontario, Canada - TREE31 - Set by Krista Strating

43.130217, -79.059617


Arizona - TREE32 - Set by Anthony Basille - Missing!

35.1440460, -111.6928460


Hong Kong - TREE33 - Set by Samuel Ma

22.393070, 114.280891 NOTE: These are direct coordinates to the tree!


Minnesota - TREE34

44.985393, -93.343014


Manitoba, Canada - TREE36 - Set by Ryan Shaw

49.955832, -97.086074


Montreal, Canada - TREE37 - New Location! - Set by Derek Mackenzie

45.56193, -73.55929


Ontario, Canada - TREE39 - Set by Krista Strating

43.777246, -79.163741


Tennessee - TREE40 - Set by Robert Brown

35.4590789, -85.1044908


Oregon - TREE41 - Set by Brett Huet and his son - TEMPORARILY DOWN

44.021311, -121.363011


Missouri - TREE42 - Set by Cory and Linda Muehring

39.0103, -90.9390


Oregon - TREE43 - Set by Brett Huet and Ciara McCarthy - TEMPORARILY DOWN

Bend, Oregon


Wisconsin - TREE44 - Set by Deven Cieslewicz - TEMPORARILY DOWN

44.263788, -88.381412


Ottawa - TREE45 - Set by Iain MacLellan

45.354367, -75.592633


Pennsylvania - TREE46 - Set by Mike Carter

40.5269, -76.2236


Wisconsin - TREE47 - Set by Thomas Cox

42.653354, -87.866307


Nebraska - TREE48 - Set by Dan Sundermeier - In a new tree!

41.361889, -95.945417


Missouri - #TREEOCACHE49 - Reset by Aaron Kiefer

36.859428, -93.224944


Michigan - TREE50 - Set by Nich Fugal

42.003815, -86.542652


Pennsylvania - TREE51 - Set by Samuel Rozier

40.141668, -74.959802


Texas - TREE52 - Reset on 02/2019 by Nathan Murphy



Pennsylvania - TREE53 - Set by Glenn Pearson

40.581971, -75.196074


Montreal - TREE54 - Set by David Decarie

45.518009, -73.537043


New Brunswick - TREE55 - Set by David Sumner



Texas - TREE56 - Set by Rustin Stephens

30.0437053, -99.1426478


Costa Rica - TREE57 - Set by Juan Carlos Céspedes

10° 4’ 56” N. 84° 6’ 21” W ($6 Park Entrance Fee)


Uusimaa, Finland - TREE58 - Set by Petteri Kivioja

60.63537, 24.73785


Gainesville, Florida - TREE59 - Set by Santiago Casanova

29.659982, -82.394707


Worcester, Massachusetts - TREE60 - Set by Trevor White

Being Replaced


Vallejo, California - TREE61 - Set by Joshua Hotai

Being Replaced


Yakima, Washington - TREE62 - Set by Caleb Garland

46.593148, -120.537681


Goderich, Ontario - TREE63 - Set by Chris Sallows

43.748119, -81.714603


Moulton, Washington - TREE64 - Set by Cristian Rodriguez

45.8312, -122.3870 NOTE: These are direct coordinates to the tree!


Birmingham, Alabama - TREE65 - Set by Dorian Reese

33.4336929, -86.711644088 NOTE: These are direct coordinates to the tree!


Picnic Point, New South Wales, Australia TREE66 - Set by James Smith

-33.972251, 150.996736 


Mt. Jiri, Republic of Korea TREE67 - Set by Joyce, Yousun Kim and our friends at SeeSaw Recreational Climbing 



Ontario, Canada TREE68 - Set by Laura Lemon & Graham - The Ultimate Canadian Tree-O-Cache Adventure!

This cache requires a canoe or kayak to access. Overnight camping is recommended. 

45.216100, -78.664159


Oconomowoc, Wisconsin TREE69 - Set by Mike Riedel 

Hunting for this cache will require a kayak or a canoe.

43.0563811, -88.4423792


London, England TREE70 - Set by Lisa V. Helsing

51.422535, -0.118793


Fayetteville, Arkansas TREE72 - Set by Jon Allen

36.0968964, -94.3714632


Coeur d'Alene, Idaho TREE73 - Set by Zane Steininger 

47.615000, -116.678889


South Carolina - Near Clemson University, TREE74 - Set by Bennett Graves  

34.704016, -82.882066


Indiana - #TREEOCACHE75 - Set by Taylor Hurt

38.276400, -85.866186


Pennsylvania - #TREEOCACHE76 - Set by Mario G.

41.385244, -76.668207


Ireland - #TREEOCACHE77 - Set by Csaba Schlingloff

52.608021, -7.398813


Tennessee - TREE78 - Set by Shannon Derouen

35.140175, -89.610842


New Zealand - TREE79 - Set by the Dirty South Climbers

This cache requires a ferry or kayak to access. 

-43.605383, 172.721919


Arizona - #TREEOCACHE86 - Set by Family Tree Service

35.144878, -111.680692


Indiana - #TREEOCACHE90 - Set by the Lemberg Boys

39.957634, -86.210035


Indiana - TREE91 - Set by the Lemberg Boys

41.357242, -85.664488


Tennessee - #TREEOCACHE92 - Set by Ethan Williams

35.669280, -83.681950


Georgia - #TREEOCACHE93 - Set up by Brendon Stewart and Mike Casper

32.039045, -81.078511


North Carolina - #TREEOCACHE95 - Set up by Aspen Bartels

35.488800, -82.358500


Ohio - #TREEOCACHE96 - Set up by Zachary Martin

41.545278, -81.523611


United Kingdom - #TREEOCACHE101 - Set by Ricky Withstandley

51.268508, -0.659410


Finland - #TREEOCACHE102 - Set by Boel Hammarstrand 

60.425385, 22.093256




A Tree-o-Cache Photo History


"We found an amazing Pinus radiata smack dab in the middle of the caldera of an ancient volcano to set #treeocache79!"

- The Dirty South Climbers, #TreeOCache79




"We went as a team and climbed the tree and it was one of the coolest things I have done in my 36 years of tree work."

- Timothy Zupke, TREE11



"I rushed down here after work... I hope treestuff does some more around PA, this was a very cool and also very generous idea for people in this community. Thanks so much!"

- Kevin Chambers, TREEO2



"...this was truly an adventure! An hour drive each way, lost keys, a trek through the woods, and creek crossing, and hanging out over the edge of a river keep my rope tail in my haul pack. Keep up the awesomeness treestuff crew!" 

- Scott Benner, TREEO2



"Me and the face behind the camera, my wife Gabe."  "Please send coordinates of TREE02. If it's close enough, I may try to hit that one too with my daughter."

- Nick Sanzone, TREEO3



"That was a tricky one I must say! I snagged some stickers and a hitch cord, Pat Dolan snagged a rope bag and some stickers. We put in Sun Screen, Bug Spray, RIT Hitch cord, Tree motion bridge, some safety shades, anti fog wipes, sterling hitch cord. You guys rock! Keep up the awesomeness! I don't think Pat Dolan has stopped yelling 'JAMBO!' since we found it yesterday at 2." "Oh and one other thing we put in there... every Massachusetts man's favorite thing... a winning scratch ticket."

- Bobby Cafaro, TREEO4



"We took advantage of the day and turned it into a little family outing. It was 350 miles round trip from Milwaukee, a quick climb, and a nice picnic in the woods. The location is a real gem hidden in a rather unremarkable area and I'm grateful to the volunteers that placed the cache for sharing it. Thanks TreeStuff for the great idea and a fun day."

- Benjamin Maurer, TREEO7



"My daughter and I circled back to Tree 14 last week and made it to the bucket. We had a great time so tell Bo thanks for his part in making it happen, and thanks to you all too for the great idea and the goodies."


- Jack Richardson, TREE14




"I had a great time with my wife finding and climbing this tree.  Beautiful, giant sycamore... thanks for setting it such an awesome tree."

- Nathan Smith, TREE06




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