Notch Pro Chainsaw Bars - 3/8" LoPro 0.050" Gauge - Stihl Mount


Manufactured from three silicon manganese Japanese steel plates with a hollow center, the Notch 3/8" LoPro Chainsaw Bars are the perfect solution for chainsaws that are begging for a top-of-the-line bar. These bars will last you a long time, slice through anything you throw at them, and turn heads on the jobsite. Look for your chainsaw model below to determine if these bars will fit your chainsaw.



Notch Pro Chainsaw Bar Fitment Data

Pitch: 3/8" LoPro

Gauge: 0.050"

Tooth Count: 9

  • Induction hardened rails for extended bar life
  • Made from three silicon manganese Japanese steel plates for strength
  • Large radius sprockets aid in heat dissipation
  • Sprocket tips feature high-quality Swiss bearings
  • Permanent sprocket tip
  • Made from three silicon manganese steel plates for strength
  • Hollow center provides lightweight construction
  • Works great with Notch Chainsaw Chain

Stihl Mount Bars Fit: MS 150, MS 150 TC, MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, MS 181, MS 190T, MS 191 T, MS 192 T, MS 200, MS 200 T, MS 201, MS 201 T, MS 210, MS 211, MS 230, MS 231, MS 241, MS 250, MS 251

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3/8" low profile
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