Now in conjunction with, you can have a certified safety trainer come to you and your employees to teach jobsite safety, rigging, climbing, or other special arborist topics. You can choose from one of our trainers to get the training you want in your area. After purchasing, a TreeStuff TreeStaffer will contact you to select and schedule your trainer.



*The $100 price is a refundable deposit towards the final negotiated price between you and your trainer. If we are unable to work out a decision between you and a trainer, we will happily refund the deposit.


Negotiated rates can often range from $400 to $800 a day.


Archie Autenrieth is an up-and-coming star excited to work in small groups and 1-on-1 on tree work and climbing skills, specializing in SRT climbing. The lead production climber and crew leader at a private residential company in Pittsburgh, and a Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist, Archie believes in taking the training out of the classroom and into the trees.


Beau Nagan and Brandon Dobnick are high-end arborists from Lisle, IL, and are experts in everything to do with tree climbing, safety, rescue, chainsaws, and rigging. Beau and Brandon have worked together for years and are a fantastic example of a professional and extremely effective team. Their training abilities go past techniques and skills.


Kristian Michael Schultz is a huge name in the arborist industry and has spent years training climbing, safety techniques, professional skills, and general arborist techniques. Drew Nelson has trained under and works with Kristian Michael Schultz and specializes in training new hires and new climbers, SRT training, rigging, and chainsaw use. With their combined experience they can train you in pretty much any aspect of being a professional arborist, including running a successful business and giving valuable lessons in hard work, learning, and the value of self-improvement.


Nick Markley is a professional climber and has multiple tree-climbing competition gold medals to his name. Nick is a great choice for anyone looking for knowledgeable training in SRT climbing, rigging, chainsaw operation, safe felling and cutting, and climbing with cranes.

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