Ronin Battery Powered Rope Ascender

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Tree climbing is a physically exhausting and strenuous job that the Ronin Battery Powered Rope Ascender makes much easier. Weighing only 26lbs, the Ronin will get you into the tree quickly so you can reserve your strength for the actual work of maneuvering, cutting, and rigging in the canopy. Buy it now!



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Ronin Features

Loading Rope Into The Ronin

Ascending With The Ronin

Choosing Rope For The Ronin

Technical Features

Weight: 26lbs

Battery Type: 28 VDC Lithium Ion Rechargeable

Ascent Speed: 0.5 to 1.7 feet per second (variable)

Descent Speed: 4 feet per second maximum at 400lbs

Max Working Load: 400lbs

Rope Size: 10mm to 12mm Aramid or Kernmantle Static Line- Choosing Rope

  • Lightweight and rugged ascender with aluminum chassis
  • IP54 ingress protection keeps your Ronin safe in outdoor work environments
  • Thumb-wheel trigger speed control
  • Hot-swappable battery pack allows you to work all day
  • Manual brake release lever allows you to descend as well as ascend
  • CE and ANSI approved 2018
  • Standard battery life will last 1,000ft of ascent at a 200lb load
  • Black powder-coating provides a perfect surface for TreeStuff stickers

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CE and ANSI tested approval 2018
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