Chainsaw Pants & Chaps

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Are Chainsaw Pants Really Necessary?We wanted to get this question out of the way before going further into detail on chainsaw trousers. When it comes to being an arborist, safety should always be the number one concern. Any chainsaw user, regardless of experience, should be using chainsaw protection. This includes the use of chainsaw pants or chaps. The added protection of wearing these pants means that any slip ups will not be costly. The same way that you wear glasses to protect your eyes, these pants should be worn to protect your legs. Safety always comes first. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at chainsaw pants and chaps as a whole!Choosing Between Chainsaw Pants and Chainsaw ChapsChainsaw pants and chainsaw chaps serve the same function. Should a chainsaw come into contact with them, the inner fabric is drawn out into the saw's sprocket, locking it up and preventing it from doing harm. The difference between the two comes down to functionality, and the way that the protective equipment is worn. Both choices are durable and safe, making either a great choice. Here's some quick info on both.Chainsaw Pants or Chainsaw TrousersAs the name implies, these are protective pants that are worn when doing any cutting with a chainsaw. They're offered by many different brands, meaning that features may vary from pair to pair. Of course they come with their own pros and cons.ProsLess snagging while climbingBetter fit since they are purchased individuallyEasier to maintain, can be washed normallyLight weight in most cases, allowing you to stay coolConsTend to be more expensive than chapsCan't be removed when not working with sawsNo ventilation on lower legsChainsaw ChapsChainsaw chaps differ from pants by quite a bit. Rather than being worn in place of pants, these are layered on top of them. This offers a distinct number of advantages and disadvantages, however. Check them out below.ProsCheaper than chainsaw pants in most casesHighly adjustable, and can be worn by multiple people by changing the buckle or zippersCome with the convenience of being able to be removedOpen in the back, providing great ventilationConsHarder to maintainCannot be used while climbing due to snaggingWear out faster than dedicated pantsHot when layeredChoosing the Right FitFor clothing to be safe, it needs to be fit properly. When you're choosing your next pair of pants for chainsaw protection, keep some of these things in mind.Choose chainsaw protective pants that are comfortable. This makes you more likely to wear them without any issues. It can be tempting to leave them at home, after all.Make sure that the chaps or the pants cover your boots. Boots don't provide the same protection that these specialized pants do.If you're working in the heat, look for lightweight fabrics that breathe.Choose a durable pant, the life of your pants means less replacements in the future.If you're looking for more help with choosing your next pair of pants, our customer service team would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out and learn more about new products, chainsaw protective equipment, and picking the right gear for your needs!