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Reviews for Edelrid Static Rope Shorty Hanks

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 34 reviews

Why buy any full price rope again! - 07/22/2019
Reviewer: Kyle, Tomichi Trees
Shipping was fast and furious, package included awesome stickers and a retro Buff...righteous. Received a beautiful 40m Edelrid static with a weather coated sheath. Rope works excellent for SRT and handles very nicely. I will never buy a full price climbing rope again, thanks Tree Stuff!

Why buy any full price rope again! - 07/22/2019
Reviewer: Kyle, Tomichi Trees
Shipping was fast and furious, package included awesome stickers and a retro Buff...righteous. Received a beautiful 40m Edelrid static with a weather coated sheath. Rope works excellent for SRT and handles very nicely. I will never buy a full price climbing rope again, thanks Tree Stuff!

Great Value! - 07/15/2019
Reviewer: Ben Ladik
Shipped quick and showed up on the longer side of the range! Awesome value.

Good Rope, Great Value! - 07/05/2019
Reviewer: Ben Ladik
I was happily surprised when my shorty hank arrived, it was on the long side (well past 110' ft) Shipped quick!

Great Rope Great Price - 06/27/2019
Reviewer: Glenn G
Great Rope. Got a 40 10.5 Edelrid static. I will use it to set anchors. Rope came fedex in 2 days. is my new store for all my rope and climbing stuff. Glad I found you!

Static Rope Review - 06/14/2019
Reviewer: Frank
Just received my new Edelrid Static Rope today. I absolutely love it!!! I have only been climbing for a few weeks so this is a whole new world for me. I have a fear of heights and using the correct equipment and gear that I can trust helps alleviate some of that fear.

Excellent - 05/25/2019
Reviewer: JK
Very pleased with this purchase

Solid Line for a solid price point - 05/20/2019
Reviewer: Ryan Nappen
After climbing on the 11mm Super Safety static line for 6-7 months and racking up a couple hundred climbs, I think it's about time to review it.
This rope has handled flawlessly in both my SRS and MRS systems.
It handles heat very well and has a great 'hand feel' along with excellent knotability.
It has worked well with all my different ascenders and has shown almost no signs of fraying or damage from them.
In fact, the only damage on the rope thus far has been from catching between my chain catch and chain on my climb saw as I move about the tree.
10/10 would recommend this rope and definitely would buy a longer section if made available through Treestuff.

Works for them, works for me - 05/13/2019
Reviewer: Jonathan B
The perfect length for toprope extension and other climbing purposes in a single-pitch environment. Plan to use for AMGA SPI exam and for clients. Stiff now but should break in nicely. Great pattern for a static rope of mostly white and dark blue. Marked 30m but seems slightly longer.

Very happy with munchies purchase - 03/19/2019
Reviewer: Matt Stone ( t shirt please!)
I wanted to wait until I got a few climbs on the rope before reviewing. With 3 removals in on it, I can safely say I really enjoy this product. I ordered the 130-160í and got 160 dead even. Arrived quickly and put it right to work. FWIW-Quite a bit of stretch right out of the box. It knots very well and my hitches grab nicely in all configurations Iíve tried running. Donít hesitate on a purchase, this is nice stuff!

great deal - 02/18/2019
Reviewer: str8naro
excellent quality rope.the piece i got was right in the middle of advertised length.thanks TS for the extra perks included in the box

A+ - 01/05/2019
Reviewer: Randall Pangburn
I ordered this rope skeptical of what I would get , but, knew at least it would be a new climbing line better than what I had. I didn't have a lot of money to afford anything else , so I took the shot. Did not regret it the least bit. I literally received it faster than anything else I've EVER had shipped (9am the next day). When I opened the box I about shit my pants. Amongst a few cool items from tree stuff , and a free biner(pretty nice) was a beautiful edelrid lime green/ black 11mm super safety 2 semi static with Thermo shield marked 30m. Had no idea the rope would be this high of quality. Not to mention I took actual measurements and it's real length was 121ft 6in((SWEET!) . I will absolutely be buying more and highly recommend this especially if you are on a budget. Can't go wrong here

Awesome rope - 12/08/2018
Reviewer: Hunter McKinney
Best 60$ I've ever spent! I use this rope as a climb line and it's the best I've ever had! Although I did get a 98ft rope and it's advertised as 99' to 120'.

Great buy - 09/07/2018
Reviewer: Bildo

Great deal got about 120’ using it for my DMM Captain Hook just wish everything I ordered would come together so I can play with it right away. But that’s the breaks

Lime green, fantastic deal - 09/05/2018
Reviewer: Edgar Rosales

😍 my new soga, ordered the 130 to 160, for those tall back yard palms, going to be running a Blake’s on it, my zag unfortunately won’t be ran on it, bummer but for the incredible deal can’t go wrong and also got it in lime green, score, thank you again, TS

Awesome deal - 07/31/2018
Reviewer: Humble tree

I got 140' with my purchase! It is easy on the hands and works very well with my srt gear.

Excellent static line - 07/24/2018
Reviewer: Steve O

I ordered 2 of these lines in 40m lengths and couldn't be happier. It has excellent pick resistance to toothed ascenders, while has great hand to tie knots. the 11mm diameter is the perfect size for my Pantin, SAKA and Rope Wrench. I also use 10mm EPIcord hitch in a Knut configuration and the whole system is sweet.

Great Deal!! - 04/03/2017
Reviewer: Derriek Drehman

Awesome deal! Price was right and I received my order promptly. I only received 98', it was advertised as 99' to 127', but customer service hooked up a $15 credit on my next order.

Best Buy on rope. - 12/19/2016
Reviewer: Robert Brown

I only bought 1, but wish it was more. I received about 140'. I had a eye put on one end. They had my order fixed and delivered within a couple of days. I will be buying a couple more after the holidays.


I got a blue static line - 12/07/2016
Reviewer: Alex

I love it it came about one hundred and fifty feet fast delivery tried it out today first time worked wonderful thank tree stuff

As always good quality - 12/07/2016
Reviewer: Steve

Bout this not really needing I have been climbing on a blue water rope Wichita I really like but I got my 150 foot in today and I think I'll be switching. This rope has a great feel and it easy to knot .thanks tree stuff again

Rope - 11/28/2016
Reviewer: Mathew

i bought two. Both were just over 100 ft. One rope was black and one was white. Been climbing trees every day and putting these ropes to the test. Very strong and durable! I have not found a better deal yet....

Great for rappelling - 07/26/2016
Reviewer: J. Powers

Bought this couple months ago because of the price. I finally got to put it to use couple weekends ago. So far this seems to be a durable rope. We really put it to the test out on the cliffs. We used a figure 8, ATC device, and the Grigri 1 & 2 without any issues on many descents.

I received 130ft of the 10.5mm white static. Sure I wish I could have got a longer piece, but for the price you can't beat this. As for the color I could have cared less. Black would have been fine too. I will be ordering this again. Thanks TreeStuff!!!

Lucked out on this one - 05/15/2016
Reviewer: J Willi

After buying the bag of rope surprise and getting kinda screwed I lucked out with this one. A few guys at work ordered the bag of rope and got great stuff, I didn't. So I was hesitant to get this. Well, I was sure I could use whatever I got this time cus I only needed 100 feet and color didn't matter too much as that this is for my daughter's rec line. Turns out I got 41 meters from the shorty spool of fire (red) Edelrid Saftey Super ii 11mm. I was looking for a static line I can use for my her that can also run through my Grigri (11mm max diameter). This stuff is great and getting the red color looks awesome in the tree! Either way, this is quality rope at a great deal.

Great deal!!!!!! - 03/03/2016
Reviewer: J. Compton

Deals can be crummy or make you feel like you've been suckered but i would call this a mutually beneficial offer. The rope is great quality and yes I'm one of those organized people who may not like the idea of getting leftovers or odd lengths but this is a quality product for an awesome price. So if you want an even length of rope cut it to the nearest 10' and if you want a longer rope just get two and it'll still be worth your while!!!!

Great buy - 02/28/2016
Reviewer: A. Basile

Bought one of the larger shorty schools came out to about a hundred and fifty feet. Love this Rope. definitely feels slightly larger than 10.5 millimeter, and knots very well. Has a slightly spongy feel but very little bounce during ascent. Pick one up before they run out!!!!

Not such a good deal - 02/11/2016
Reviewer: Paul Gardner

You get what you pay for the spool lengths vary and I got the short one, and the rope was black. ...does anyone use black rope in tree work, should have spent a little more money and got something better.But if you're just looking for cheap piece of rope it will do, first time being skunked by tree stuff, but I will keep buying from them everything else has been great, just won't be so eager to buy sale items though.

Another Great Deal - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: TM

I bought this rope and some other gear to go SRT. It is a quality rope that has a great feel to it. I will buy another in the future if they offer the sale price.

Great price - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Joe

Great deal on this rope. get one while supplies last. thanks Treestuff.

Awesome deal - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Noah Clune

I got a sweet rope for a great price. This is a solid deal for those on a budget. Thanks treestuff. 

Great purchase - 12/07/2015
Reviewer: Daniel

Needed some extra rated rope for miscellaneous climbing needs so I purchased this on a whim bc of the price. I honestly didn't realize how high the quality of the rope was until I put it to use. Great short SRT hank or a lifetime supply of bridge replacements. I only give it 4 stars because of the shorty length.

edelric rope - 11/14/2015
Reviewer: ringo

excellent static rope for srt! ive been climbing with it everyday (3 months old) and no sign of wear with rope wrench and roperunner quality product at a really low price!

Very good deal and great rope. - 10/13/2015
Reviewer: Kim H. Strickland

This is very nice rope and a great deal. Can't go wrong with Edelrid and Treestuff.


Awesome deal - 08/17/2015
Reviewer: Yorsh Nella

Love it. Nice deal thanks treestuff

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