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Reviews for Stein Arbor Trolley

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 36 reviews

Do it now - 11/08/2018
Reviewer: Jem4417
There is a step between a mini loader and hand dragging and its the arbor trolley. Pack this thing full of brush and bring it to the chipper in a pre stacked perfect pile twice the size the mini can carry wrap the winch around it take the cart apart and your golden. This thing is a game changer if you use it right.

Great Product & Time Saver - 04/04/2017
Reviewer: William Cragg

Although it doesn't replace a motorized piece of equipment it does increase efficiency on many jobs. The trolley is incredibly easy to assemble and fits in most full size chippers. This will not only increase productivity for a professional but could be extremely beneficial for a weekend warrior or property owner. Extremely well engineered!!! investment yet - 03/31/2017
Reviewer: Kenny Sanchez

I can't say enough about this product...just wow. This thing can haul more brush and wood rounds or logs than 4 groundsmen combined. We have cut our time at job sites in half or more and less body pain at the end of the day. I would highly recommend to any to have this, even if you have a dingo/mini bobcat, this little guy can haul as much and won't damage lawn etc.

Holds a LOT of brush. - 02/12/2017
Reviewer: Zach Lane

I bought the Arbor Trolley after getting a job removing 18 large ash trees with no access within 150'. Two groundies could fill a 16'x8' trailer 4-5' high in five or six Arbor Trolley loads. I can't imagine how many trips those guys would've made draggin brush by hand. It's built pretty sturdy, but that also means it's heavy. Still, if you've got brush or 10-12' logs, this thing is your huckleberry. If the ground is really soft, the narrow tires will leave tracks. We used plastic mats to leave the yard the way it was when we got there.

love this product - 09/19/2016
Reviewer: stephane boutin

I just got this coo tool. must say this is my best job site tool. i hauled out a big apple tree wood and trunk in 3 shots. save lots of steps and energy.

It's fine - 08/06/2016
Reviewer: Erik

I have been using this for months now and am not as impressed as I was expecting. It is heaver than it looks witch is good for durability but pulling around a bunch of metal is always work.
I think the handles should be 6" wider so your feet have more room to stay out of the way when in tow.
It doesn't hold firewood length rounds very well and if you leave them long you have to cut them up in the street and make another mess to clean up and maybe hit the assault with the saw.
As far as brush goes, think of how much your can drag and add 70lbs of metal and bumping the back of your heals with the dam thing.
All that aside you can move a lot of stuff with it.

I would rate it higher if it was better designed and wasn't over priced. I don't think its worth more than $200.

Your new employee - 06/16/2016
Reviewer: CraigO

Do you want an employee that never misses work, never tired, never complains and is the toughest worker in town? BUY THIS! Turned a 4hr miserable job into a 1hr walk through the park today. Best purchase of my career so far.
There was a little mix up with the order and it was running behind. I expressed my urgency for the trolley and Tree Stuff had it at my door the next morning. Best company in the world and I am a lifelong customer!!!

Game changer - 05/08/2016
Reviewer: Austin

I bought this as a stop gap measure until we can get a mini for moving debris. We are usually a two man crew and this has decreased fatigue and increased production tremendously!

It is,one of those tools you feel like kicking yourself for not having bought sooner or have thought of it in the first place. Gone are the days of building "sleds" out of brush and trying to drag a bunch out of the back yard. If you cut and stack it right, I swear you can move six times as much stuff with less effort.

I am building a mounting spot for it on the chipper so,it,always comes along.

Awesome product - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: TJM

If you do not have a dingo or similar machine, this is a life saver. It has made its money back and more in the time I save with it. I have used it in conjunction with our chipper winch to tow logs uphill. Very durable and well built. I'm extremely glad I forked out the money to pick one up.

Great, BUT should have AIR TIRE option - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Willy

This is a great time saver from dragging by hand! No more raking the whole path too. And LONG stacks of logs that no log cart could ever carry. But I hate the "no-flat" wheels! Feels like they are low on air. I replaced mine with some good air tires and it rolls MUCH EASIER. I think the only benefit of "no-flat" wheels is it kinda dumbs it down for those who just can't put up with keeping air in their stuff. Its a shame the rest of us have to deal with it. Other than that, 5 stars!

Worth Every Penny - 01/05/2016
Reviewer: Jesse Hesley

Great product! Makes moving brush and wood out of tight spaces so much easier.

must have - 01/03/2016
Reviewer: Sokan Tree Service

This is a job-site must have for residential work. mini loaders require mats or hard ground. This can get the same job done alittle slower but better less damage to lawn and less time loading and unloading mats and equipment. Other log carts are just don't work the same and are dangerous to load.

Alright - 11/06/2015
Reviewer: Dan

pros: does move some weight, can hold a good amount of load, easy to manage only on hard surface,and fit through small gates.

Cons: almost require 2 men to move when loaded in grass and dirt, super heavy so they can charge us per lbs., a little difficult load-unload sometimes.

Not Just For Arbor Work - 10/27/2015
Reviewer: Ed

Used this thing for tree jobs but also for firewood transport in the bush and firewood at home from the woodpile to the "chateau". Yeah maybe could be lighter and cheaper but on the other hand what you save in time and back wear and tear makes this a bargain. So for a lark, made a plywood liner for it and used it for moving condo doo-dads from a loading dock thru a parkade to the complex elevators. Saved trips and backs again. It's awesome! I'd like to see a hitch setup for it.

Expensive - 08/17/2015
Reviewer: brian stampe

great idea but expensive , heavy, have to grease bearings

Too heavy??? - 08/01/2015
Reviewer: Ben

If this piece of equipment is too heavy you need to trade it in on a nice Gucci purse for yourself. The arbor trolley turns one man into 3. Only an idiot would not have this on every single jobsite. 

Good idea but... - 05/10/2015
Reviewer: Poonhammer

Great idea, falls short....
Way too pricey, and heavy. For the price should be T6 heat treated aluminum. For example, you can get a complete aluminum mountain bike, with disc brakes, front and rear suspension, bearings, cranks, Shimano shift, tires, bar, grips, etc. for the same price. Now transform that into some aluminum tubes and rods welded together with some tires.
You would think for the price it would have solid sealed bearings. Nope, open roller bearing requiring grease.

Needs to be aluminum (search the net already is available). Also if you cut your 12" and above logs into 12-14" lengths so you can lift them, them this unit falls short because you can't stack them like on a dolly.

Must Have Tool! - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Sam Gulbrandsen

Awesome tool. Cuts down the number of trips you have to make. Move loads with ease!

Heavy - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Caleb L.

Well, it can move quite a bit of tree in one load! The Trolly is built like a tank. Maybe too much like a tank since it weighs a little more than I expected. It would be interesting to try one built out of aluminum. The handle grips come off on occasion too so, I was thinking about using some rubber bike handle grips. Other than that it does a great job and takes away some back pain.

Game changer - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Chris Dedo

I received the Arbor Trolley and had it put together in a few moments. Much nicer to load and unload than a standard log dolly. Heavy duty construction, I have no doubt it will stand up to the daily use of tree work. I was able to move much longer log sections and this saves a lot of time both cutting and cleaning. Great product.

Katsching$$ Katsching$$ - 03/13/2015
Reviewer: Steph, Accenterra

Doubtful at beginning. Even contemplated on building one. But the overall end costs wasn't worth it. So I gave in and bought one for a job that had 16 x 60 ft spruces and 4 x 30 ft cedars, 250 +/- ft walk from back to chipper. It paid just for itself in man power hours in the first day. We calculated over 420 trips at 4 min/trip that the guys saved during a 30 deg C day. Katsching $$ for me in my pockets. Its has been a main tool for everything from brush handling, tool carrying, log moving, it even carries my mulch/waste bag that I welded little braket to hold my leaf bag. I even use it to move my logs around the yard for my sawmill!!!
It's paid itself at least 5 x just in man power and able to do more contracts!
Thanks to my mentor John Pomeroy for the info!

Unfreaking real! - 10/13/2014
Reviewer: jerszak

What a life saver this purchase has turned out to be! You can easily move 6 times the amount of brush and debris that could be carried manually. Cuts down on trips through the yard ten fold. Makes clean-up easier due to not dropping twigs like you would carrying the loads. What a time saver! I couldn't imagine not having it now.

Get one now!

work smarter not harder - 09/18/2014
Reviewer: ciptree

If you are thinking about this product you surely won't regret buying it .Don't know how I went so long without it. Super labor saver!

Well worth the price - 06/30/2014
Reviewer: Jon M
The arbor trolley is a game-changing labor saver. We use it to haul all the gear and saws to the tree, haul all the brush and wood we need all day, and take everything sick out again.
I've lost count of the number of time I've said "this would suck without the arbor trolley."
Sure it wasn't my dollar spent on it, but had I my own company, knowing what I now know, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy one.
If you run a 2-3 man crew, especially in urban and suburban site with tight or long drags, this will save you time and make you money.

Great design - 06/29/2014
Reviewer: McArthur
I don't own this trolley,but have definitely used it and have seen the benefits. We used it on a large Ash tree removal in Markham and it saved us many trips of hauling wood to the from yard. We put a tarp inside for the rakings and it took 90% of them in one load.

Great tool!

Awesome! - 06/28/2014
Reviewer: John Pomeroy
Just like everyone else has reported... why didn't I buy it sooner? Very well constructed and it can take a beating!

I am going to construct a removable plywood insert to be used for twigs, sawdust and a bit of equipment carrying; that is, of course, until Stein comes up with a heavy duty molded plastic one....

fantastic piece of equipment - 06/20/2014
Reviewer: Hayden Thomas LLC.
A absolute back saver. Never seen so much material moved so easily.

Great product - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Royce
A very good product, we use it whenever we can't get our SK650 Ditch Witch to the logs.

I waited for it to get the solid tires before I bought it, and have been pleased with the results.

Only criticism is the pins (cotter keys?) that hold the wheels on can be poked out easily, and your wheel may fall off. I'm betting the next version will have a solution to this problem.

Overall great value, I would purchase again. No comparable product exists.

Awesome - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Pete
The Arbor Trolley is the best new guy my boss has ever gotten me. We've been running a 2 man crew for awhile and this tool makes it a 2.5 man crew. Never thought I could haul 6 arm loads of brush in one easy drag.

Awesome - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: Devon Hutton
We've had the arbor trolley since January and has performed awesome where we can't get our mini skid into places! Even in the snow it was impressive, ditch every other cart and do your self , your back, and your crews a favour and get one now!

An arborist 's staple - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: Jonathan Bantle
I could not imagine hauling aerial shrubbery without one of these bad boys. The company I work for has had one for as long as I've worked there, and we use it daily. Worth twice it's msrp. Also, I'm pretty sure the arbor trolley has been employee of the month since it's arrival.

Worth your consideration - 05/25/2014
Reviewer: A.G.
So, I don't own this personally, but we got one at work so I thought it was worth reviewing. When I heard our Division Safety Coordinator ordered this for our office, I was honestly disappointed. $700 ? For a brush cart ? I like to keep an open mind and try new things, but it just seemed over the top. It sat around for a bit, but then came the job with a 200' uphill drag. The property was being spruced up for a realtor/prospective homeowner to come thru the next day, and I was able to winch multiple loads of brush with no turf damage up a hill that was too steep to hand carry out. I (blushing) tipped my helmet to the AT and said I was sorry for doubting its usefulness.
It also makes a decent cart for the 3' wide Alturna mats- you can move ten mats with just two guys without breaking your back. You need to load them gently, but anyone who uses mats will recognize the value of being able to move them in bulk.

A REAL LABOR SAVER!! - 02/02/2014
Reviewer: Greg D
I've had my eye on the Arbor Trolley for a little over a year, I watched all of Nick's video's, read about it and still was hesitant because of the price tag. A few months ago I finally decided to make the purchase and holy smokes I was completely blown away! The arbor trolley is TUFF, it is built really well and can withstand some serious punishment. We are so much more productive because of the A.T. The amounts of material you can move at one time is absolutely amazing!!
If your on the fence about buying the Arbor Trolley I can honestly tell you make the purchase, this tool will pay for itself quickly and your guys (or your back) and your wallet will love you for it!!

Amazing - 09/21/2013
Reviewer: Nick Bonner
When I first saw the Stein Arbor Trolley I immediately liked the idea of it and decided I would 'make' my own. Well, the truth is I am not a fabricator nor did I ever have the time. A year + passed and I still hadnt 'made' one, so I bit the bullet and bought it. As anyone that has read this and the other threads knows, I immediately fell head over heels for it.

I am and always have been a gear junky, evidenced by the thousands of dollars I spend on random 'stuff' each year. I have bought tons of ropes, pulleys, rigging doodads, cords, tools etc. While many of them make my day to day a little easier, more convenient, or just a bit more stylish, nothing I ever bough compares to the AT. A new rope can be GREAT, a pulley can make my rigging so much BETTER or a little faster. Different things save bits of effort here and there, and there are lots of products that i just LOVE, but none has had measurable an impact like the AT.

When I started doing treework I was on a crew with a 6" chipper, an 80's chip truck and a either a $50 dolly from Harbor Freight or the cheapest wheelbarrow money could buy. Dont get me wrong, cut a 20" oak down in a back yard and wheelbarrow is revolutionary compared to carrying rounds out by hand. Where I work now we have 2 standard ballcarts which are obviously superior to a wheelbarrow or a Harbor Freight dolly. The AT eclipses all of those tools by a power of ten easily.

Nothing, in a similar realm of cost except maybe a chainsaw, offers the same return or has such an impact on production as the AT. After working with one, I literally CANNOT imagine working without it. At the end of the work day my body feels BETTER, because of the AT. Generating and removing tree debris is fundamental to what we do and just like I wouldn't cut a 18" log without a chainsaw, I wouldn't consider moving it without the Arbor Trolley.

There are plenty of jobs where we wouldntt take a traditional ballcart because it is a pain, its heavy, and its huge. The AT fits almost anywhere and goes EVERYWHERE.

I truly regret every day I have done tree work without the AT since first seeing it. It might not be for everyone, if you use a crane everyday maybe the AT isnt for you. BUT, if you regularly move logs or brush of any size without a machine, you are remiss by not having an AT.

The Arbor Trolley does not disappoint!

Worth Every Penny - 02/27/2013
Reviewer: Jesse Hesley
This is a very well designed cart. Great for moving wood, brush, and B&B trees. We don't use it for hauling brush very often, but when there is a long haul one guy can pull at least 5x what you could normally drag. The downside of using it for brush is that it is a little bit of a hassle to unload and feed into the chipper.

I was a little hesitant to spend that much on a hand cart but it has been well worth the investment. A standard heavy duty ball cart may cost half as much but this thing is 10x as useful.

Arbor Trolley - 02/13/2013
Reviewer: Casey Thompson
The Stein Arbor Trolley is by far the best thing out there without a motor to move wood. Do not let the price scare you it is worth every penny. I have abused mine and have had not one problem. I have over loaded it and moved big logs on it while towing them with a tractor and it has taken it all. One of the better investments I have made. A lot of thought went into this thanks Reg, and it is another quality built Stein product.

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