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Reviews for Bag O' Rope

4.4 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 200 reviews

Climber - 07/14/2019
Reviewer: Brian Meermans
I was completely surprised and pleased with my bag o rope. It was like Christmas, wasn't sure what i was going to get. I got three climbing ropes in the bag including a 16 strand rope that I plan to practice splicing on. I couldn't be happier. Thanks TreeStuff.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes! - 07/11/2019
Reviewer: K Biddle
It was like Christmas! Ya know, Christmas from 20 years ago? You wake up not sure if mom/dad got you anything remotely close to what you wanted! I was hoping to bust open at least 50 foot of rope.

Needless to say Mom/Dad pleasantly surprised me with roughly 110 feet of 16 strand Samson Blue Streak!! Along with 66 ft of some sterling static rope.

Thanks for being awesome TreeStuff!

Best deal if you can splice - 07/09/2019
Reviewer: Nicholas Gottwald
Never has the ropes name listed on it, but i never really understood why why everyone gets so upset about that.
If you can splice, or want to learn how to splice, then get this.

Climber - 07/05/2019
Reviewer: Corey
This is the my 3rd bag o' rope. Great value every time! Ropes useful for short climbs, tie-downs, rope swings, etc.

I got a good one - 07/03/2019
Reviewer: Dan Tubbs
I have put my bag of rope to good use. I have made 3 thimbled ultra sling redirects for rigging lighter stuff a flip line from some of the 60’ of hivee and have a 45’ piece of 3/4” hollow braid I am going to make an ultra sling out of. very happy with what I got!

Mixed bag - 06/29/2019
Reviewer: Chris S
My bag-o-rope was just okay. All most all of it I will use, but I already had most of it.

owner - 06/17/2019
Reviewer: jonathan
I just got my bag o rope. I didn't know what I was going to get. when I opened it I was happy. 40 feet of bull line and a 66 foot of sterling htp. static rope . and some other small lengths. I was able to try lots of different ropes then buy in longer lengths if I like them. the small chunks I will cut up and use for holding stuff down.

Perfect! - 06/10/2019
Reviewer: Cody
I’m just getting into tree work and the bag I received was perfect. Had some short hanks of Samson velocity for lanyards, some rigging line for slings, and 120’ of sterling tactical response, which is around 180$ for 150’. Great deal for me!

Last time I buy it till the next time I buy it - 06/05/2019
Reviewer: Peter
I should have listened to the more recent reviews. Based my past purchases and those of some friends, it eems like a few years ago the bag was filled with 95% awesome stuff with 5% of 'what the heck will I do with this?' Well this one was how many people recently have been describing the bag. Not super great. Can't say I wasn't warned. I will probably get it again because I am a sucker for it.

Bag of awesomeness - 05/30/2019
Reviewer: Mountain tree
Got my first bag o rope and was pleasantly surprised.
Got 45 feet of large bull rope 3/4or 7/8
40 feet of 1/2 inch bull rope
3 40 to 50 foot lengths of 16 strand climbing line
Great for short tie ins
Lots of handy uses
Will buy again

Alright - 05/29/2019
Reviewer: KansasBCMA
I had always been intrigued by this so bought a bag when it was a discounted rate. I mostly rec climb and do light pruning and removals. Every thing I got was large rigging rope in fairly short chunks, less than 20'. I was able to make a couple rigging slings though so I guess I got what I paid for.

Mine was awesome! - 05/12/2019
Reviewer: Gmont
I'm not much of a gambler, but I went with this gamble. And I can honestly say I was very pleased. I was mostly hoping for some extra rigging line, and that's mostly what I got. Also got a good piece of climbing line and some smaller stuff. All will be put to use, and I had fun playing! Thanks TreeStuff!

My bag didn't SUCK! - 05/11/2019
Reviewer: valde101
I got approximately 175 feet of rope, 110 of that was 1/2 True Blue climbing rope. That by itself made it worth the gamble. Also got 43' of 3/4 Sampson bull rope and 24' of 1/2 Arbor Plex. Overall very happy with my purchase.

They got me - 04/17/2019
Reviewer: Daniel Goss
Bag o crap. I 2 bags hoping I could get something to practice splicing with. Mostly 12 and 16 strand rope. I did get about. 80 ft length of 1/2 dyna sorb and maybe 20 ft of 5/8 hollow braid. Definitely disappointed. Not a single stitch of climbing line. I was hoping to have something I could make a lanyard out of

Good bag - 04/04/2019
Reviewer: Tim Mccreery
Ordered two bags loved them both. Lots of useful ropes inside.

entertained - 04/04/2019
Reviewer: Woody
good lengths of three rope.

1. big
2. not as big
3. smallest of the 3 (7/16')

I'll buy another soon!

Rigging rope - 04/03/2019
Reviewer: Jeremy
Only rigging rope, Nice To have.

#winning - 04/02/2019
Reviewer: Eric Leland
second bag o rope i have ordered and i have yet to regret it. first one got hooked up with 50ft stable braid bull rope, 80ft of 16 strand true blue, and around 40ft of tech cord. very happy with the second one as well. maybe a little over 100ft of sterling scion 24 strand climbing rope (12.5mm), 40ft 10mm edelrid static rope and 20ft of 1/2in double braided rigging rope. if your good with your knots and get super stoked on random rope like myself you will find plenty of use for it all. money well spent every time. thanks treestuff!

Good haul - 03/31/2019
Reviewer: Landon
Took the gamble.
One piece Yale xtc12 1/2” climbing
One piece sterling atlas 1/2” rigging
One piece Samson BRW 1/2” climbing
And two different sizes of hollow braid.
Pretty good haul.

Got lots o luck - 03/31/2019
Reviewer: Casey g
Got a great bag! Sterling climbing line 11.5 x 100’ and arbor plex 1/2” x 130’!!
Can’t wait to try this again! Thanks treestuff!

Second bag-o-rope - 03/31/2019
Reviewer: Bussman
This is the second bag-o-rope I bought and both have been great. Have found a use for everything I’ve received. I’ll wait a few more months before I get another to see how the variety changes.

Nice Surprise - 03/29/2019
Reviewer: TH
I did not know what to expect what I was going to get so I was happy to see I got a very nice surprise. The bag contained three strong useful ropes. The bag was certainly worth it and had a long rigging rope that will always be put to good use. Thank you guys for the fast service.

Tree kid - 03/29/2019
Reviewer: Seth
The first bag was not the best but the second bag I got was really good rope. Really not a bad buy.

Bag O Rope - 03/22/2019
Reviewer: Brad
Got screwed on this one. Suppose to be rope, received one large hank of cabeling brace material in the bag. I would like to know how that equates to "ROPE"?

Bag o rope review - 03/22/2019
Reviewer: Corey abramoski
Got my bag of rope got a nice one with a big pice of rigging line ,50 ft of 16 strand and 50 ft of 24 strand awesome .

Awesome deal - 03/13/2019
Reviewer: Harley- Matrix Solutions tree service
What a deal!! I received my two bags of rope within two days of purchasing. I got 3 different sizes and lengths of rigging line. A couple short pieces of some Samson climbing line. And a piece of Yale Cordage. All together a great deal (and if the two pieces of climbing line were one I would of gone up and bought a lottery ticket that instant) Verified by matching pictures of braid About 100’ of 9/16 notch gargoyle 44m of 1/2 sterling atlas - tag still on it About 40’ of 5/8 sterling atlas 39’ of Samson Arbor-Plex 35’ of Samson Arbor-Plex About 50’ of Yale Cordage

Bag O' Rope - 03/10/2019
Reviewer: Brad

I won't say it was a total disappointment but it's very frustrating trying to figure out what it is. Out of the 4 different types one was marked, one was shown on the website, the last two I can't find at any arborist supply. IMHO each pc should be identified as to what it is. But my opinion is just that, an opinion but I've read the same things many times in the reviews.

Thank you treestuff - 03/10/2019
Reviewer: Randall pangburn, arborist, owner TNR CLEANCARE

I have waited a while to get a bag o rope , as they were out of stock. I finally ordered one ! I ordered with the mindset that I would be happy no matter what I received, as I would put it all to good use one way or another. I received my order the next morning , very anxious to see my bag , I opened it and was elated. Couldn't have asked for a better bag. I received a 36ft piece of Samson duraplex 3/4in hollow braid, (I used it to make rigging slings ), a 25ft piece of Samson arbormaster brw 1/2in 12 stand , a 35ft piece of Samson arbormaster blue streak 1/2 12 strand , and a 80ft Hank of orange sterling atlas 1/2 in rigging rope. You never let me down treestuff. Excellent customer service . Excellent prices. Excellent products. I will be reviewing all of the gear I have purchased on here as I use each item more and more , as well as on my business YouTube channel during my videos. Thank again you guys you are awesome! 

Better luck next time - 02/08/2019
Reviewer: Chuck
I took a gamble and got just what was promised, a bag of rope. Nothing but single braid in multiple sizes and lengths. Nothing worth playing around with. Just coil it up and hang it on the hook. Maybe I'll find a use for it someday. I was hoping for a gem, but like Charlie Brown, "I got a rock." In all fairness, I was warned.

2 for 2!! - 12/20/2018
Reviewer: Isaac

Just got my bag of rope I ordered back during the Black Friday Sale (It was at my box in buffalo within 2 days but I couldn't get there until yesterday).
And what an amazing surprise. It was like an early Christmas present. I was like a little kid opening the bag to see what was inside.
I only got 5 pieces but each piece will be very useful. I got some single braid and double braid as well as some hollow braid. Will be great to start splicing again.
Thanks again TreeStuff!!
My only comment for improvement would be to maybe have a list of the types of rope included or name so I could research easier to find makes models and uses for the ropes.
I know this is difficult as each bag is different.


Money wasted - 12/11/2018
Reviewer: Mg
I ordered three bags of rope and they were all pretty bad each had about 10 pounds of accessory cord so now I've got 30 pounds of accessory cord so about 500 feet of cord that I can't do anything with and I didn't get any piece of climbing line that's useable for tree work. All about 30feet long. for the money I spent I could have ordered exactly what I needed. Lesson learned when it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Save your money tree work isn't easy

not worth any amount of money - 11/27/2018
Reviewer: randy
This entire bag was worthless junk. It was all hollow core and not any of the rope was even sold by treestuff. They send me junk from yale. IT was nat even intended for arborist use. Never again will I buy the bag of rope. Be warned.

Money's worth I guess - 11/14/2018
Reviewer: Eric

I didn't get any climbing line this time. I did get a 50' hank of 3/4" bull rope and a 100' hank of I think 4mm Sterling red accessory line. A bunch of other stuff too. I was hoping for a 30' hank of any kind of climbing line to use as a lanyard but not this time. I'd say it was worth the $80. I'll try again sometime to see if I can do better.

I should know better - 11/04/2018
Reviewer: Steve
I just couldn't resist when these went on sale. But like last time, the bag I bought is useless for me because I don't have any use for 20' of 1 3/4" rigging rope. Does anyone?

Yep I Got a SUCK - 10/29/2018
Reviewer: mk
I took the risk. After reading all the good comments I felt secure in making the purchase for some random treasures. Unfortunately, I was supplied about 120m of the same, loose, frayed accessory cord. Yeah I can practice splicing on it, but it seems I was their trashcan. Gave it 1 start because I got about 15m of high quality climbing rope. Won't purchase again. Well maybe.

Not worth if for a rec climber, all useless rigging rope - 09/29/2018
Reviewer: Cereal_killer

Ok first I need to preface by stating I'm a rec climber, I've got all the climbing gear you guys use but this isn't how I make my living and I have zero use for rigging...

So I took the gamble during the recent "The Best" sale and added a Bag-o-rope to my order, I definitely received more than $60 worth of rope but it's literally all rigging rope: 42' of 3/4 bull rope (can't complain about that at all, beast of a rope), 150' of red tenex (totally useless to me), 56' of Yale 1/2" rigging line but as a rec climber I have no use for any of this stuff!

I was hoping for maybe some hitch cord to experiment with, maybe a short of some climbing line to use on my DMM Hook and to practice splicing but again, literally all I got was rigging stuff...

Am I mad? No. Disappointed? Yep. Won't purchase another...

Good surprise - 09/11/2018
Reviewer: William Farrow

I got over 100 feet of climbing line, a short piece of lowering line, and about 200 feet of 4mm Sterling accessory cord. The climbing line alone is worth more than I paid for the whole bag, and I'm starting to get ideas for how to use the rest of it.

Well over 100ft of good rope - 08/21/2018
Reviewer: Zack johnson

I couldnt resust the gamble of buying a random bag of rope. I'm happy to say i got 5 different types. The shortest length i got was around 30ft of bull rope. And over 100ft of some nice climb line. If i need a random assortment again I'd buy this again!1

Great buy - 08/16/2018
Reviewer: Tree killer

Great purchase but would be better if they put a note or something in the bag telling what rope was what for the not so smart ppl like myself

Jackpot!!!! - 07/18/2018
Reviewer: Brian C.

Just WOW! Was expecting some accessory cordage and maybe some odds and ends, but cannot believe this. 32' of Kraken 1/2' rigging, 2 - 50' pieces of 1/2" Tenex (red & gray; must've been gathering dust somewhere), 42' of 11.7 Notch Banshee, and the "piece de resistance", an 85' piece of 5/16' Amsteel Blue. My mind's doing cartwheels trying to figure out all the ways I can put this to work. Gonna need to get some new splicing tools.....

Great gift - 05/03/2018
Reviewer: Megan

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! It came with 4 different types of rope, all of which he said was usable to him! He was very happy with it!

Great Deal - 03/30/2018
Reviewer: Louis

Great deal for what I received. I definitely got my money's worth. Would like to see more variety I got 3 stable braid rigging ropes. Would make it a lot easier if the rope was labeled but I can't complain easy to find the type of rope on the website.

Great buy - 03/03/2018
Reviewer: Aj

Ordered 3 bags waiting for the 3rd one to be delivered. I have been lucky with the first 2 O have ordered. I'm the first bag I received a 70' and an 8' piece of hi-vee safety blue, a 47' piece of rope I can't seem to identify, and a 73' piece of 5/8" 8 plait anchor rope not sure what t to use it for yet but I'm sure I will find a use for it somewhere. In the second bag I received was 44' of yale XTC spearment, a 22' piece of 7mm accessory cord, a 30' piece of some plastic type 8 plait, and the best piece of rope was a 40' chunk of 1" tenex. I should have the next bag in a few days can't wait to see what's in that one. I will definitely be buying a few more.

Great buy - 03/01/2018
Reviewer: Edgar Rosales

Got a great bag, so happy with the bag, 1/2 climbing rope 70’ that’s wroth the money I spent just in the bag, 120’ of some other 1/2 rope that’s very soft & some thick three strand rope, going to use that to make dog collars and leashes for my dogs, thanks TreeStuff appreciate the great bag and also the free safety glasses, safety#1

Don't buy this - 02/10/2018
Reviewer: Steven

I didn't not expect to get three pieces of bull rope. Maybe one ok, but three come on. I really exspected better from them or a a little more variety. But you can't always get what you want. Don't waste your money just buy some rope you know for fact you want. This is a bag of nothing you ask me. Worst thing I've ever got from Don't buy it

Awesome - 02/08/2018
Reviewer: Joseph Annable

I ordered 2 bag o roap the first time. Both bags were well worth the money.
The first bag included:
120 feet of hi vee
140 feet Samson 9/16 bull roap
I'm my option perfect set of roaps for a short climbing job.

The second bag included:

60 feet Yale speramint double braid
34 feet 5/8 tenex class 1 12 strand accessory cord (great for making slings)
45 feet of 8mm tech cord (not sure what brand but works great for home made prusics)
40 feet of yale xtc 9/16 12 strand rigging roap.

The second bag at first I thought was crap because it was all short pieces. Ended up being my most useful bag because I made all kinds of stuff out of the roaps. I wish tree stuff would label the roaps it would make life allot easier. Hardest part was determining what I got. Def will buy again.e

Awesome with one exception. - 01/24/2018
Reviewer: Bryan Detandt

Awesome bag of rope. Great deal with one exception. Please label the ropes in the bag so we know what they are. Would make them much more useable as I haven't been able to identify all of my ropes. The ones I could identify were awesome and I plan to try the bag of rope again in the future. Thanks TreeStuff!

Don’t be a Frayed Knot to buy! - 01/24/2018
Reviewer: BEe Hopper

Do not be a Frayed Knot to buy this Bag O Rope. Is fantastic stuff and always a surprise. I always wait with anticipation for the Bag O Rope.
Its worth the money to me.

Fantastic - 01/23/2018
Reviewer: Cashius

Got lucky. Received about 40 ft of bull line. Got two pieces about 12ft of thick bull rope that i use as redirect chokers. Got some 1/2 climbing line about 30ft that i use to make lanyards.

Awesome deal!! - 12/28/2017
Reviewer: Just Palms Tampa

What an exciting mix! Very happy with this purchase.
Got about 50 feet of yellow bull rope
Maybe 100 feet of grey and orange kind of stretchy rope
Like 40 feet of some double braid
Maybe 40 feet of orange rope that they use for a whoopee sling

Very awesome deal for $75

Absolutely amazing - 12/22/2017
Reviewer: Lilly

This is probably the best thing I have ever bought from TreeStuf! I've bought three bags of rope and all of them have been amazing! The first time I bought two bags in one of them there was about 175 feet of Yale Kernmaster Safari, thirty feet of Samson accessory cord, and 60 feet of Samson 9/16" Stable Braidand and close to 150 feet of 5/16 amsteel blue. And in the second one there was close to 30ft of samson 1 inch tenex-tec, 50ft of 7/16 Teufelberger tREX, 10 feet of hitch cord, 96 feet of Samson Velocity cool. In the third one i got 60 feet of 3/4 tenex-tec, 40ish feet of 3/4 Yale Polydyne Dynasorb, 50ft of New England Hi-Vee Climbing Rope, and forty feet of unknown rope that I cant find on the website. And I'm planning on buying again soon! thanks TreeStuff!!

Always a fun addition - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Allen

I have ordered five bags of rope and have not been dissapointed with a single one. There have only been a few small pieces of rope that I have not been able to find a use for.

I will be ordering more in the future.

Usefull - 12/10/2017
Reviewer: Jesse Jordan

Turned out to be a decent bag! Got alot of lengths of rigging rope now to start learning how to make up some slings,as a newer climber this is a great savings! Definitely ordering this product among other things in the near future.

Bag O' Plenty - 12/09/2017
Reviewer: Doug matlock

Rigging rope's 25'x2-accessory cordage for a lifetime and some 8 strand plaited anchor rope, all in all a great bag!!! Tons of fun just trying to i.d. it all.

Awesome - 12/04/2017
Reviewer: Travis veit

I got a great bag 90 foot of tenex TEC 60 foot climbing rope an about 90 foot winch rope I'm very happy with my purchace, I will buy again

Eh - 11/16/2017
Reviewer: Climbah

I was very disappointed in my bag. All short winch line. 5 Pieces were badly damaged and were not usable. I guess that's how it goes though. Hoping for a better bag in the future.

Only 2 complaints - 11/08/2017
Reviewer: Matt

I got some good stuff from this bag. 60 ft of bull rope, 50 ft of unknown white rope, 60 ft of New England Hi-Vee, and 30ft of Teufelberger Tachyon. While this is good and all, all of them had at least one end not taped or burned. Secondly, they really need to label the rope, get a sticker or something.

Great Deal But Not What I Wanted - 11/02/2017
Reviewer: Santiago

I ordered a bag hoping for lanyard material and splice-able prusik cord. What I received was 50' of Hi-Vee and 25 pieces of 3/8 amsteel blue, each about 25' long. I was disappointed for about 5 minutes then I started to get ideas about what I can make.

Was this what I wanted, no. Was it a good deal, hell yes. Will I be able to use all of it, yes. Will I be purchasing again, as long as it is $75 or under. A 600' roll of 3/8 amsteel blue is $1300 and I got at least that much. I am now making all kinds of slings. Loopies, whoopies, dead eye, eye n eye and endless loops. I am making 20' eye n eye slings to use as recovery straps.

This is also going to be perfect for dog leashes. I have Brittany Spaniels and they pull so hard they will probably come close to the breaking strength of this rope. Good thing it is rated at 19400lbs.

Go ahead and order it already. If you are disappointed by the bag you probably are not creative enough or just need to get better at splicing. If you still have leftover rope at the end of the bag it is time to but a sail boat.

Corresttion to Previous Post - 11/02/2017
Reviewer: DrSteve

The review I posted was incorrect on a couple points. I believe the bag filled with short pieces was Tynex, not Tynex-TEC, although the colors matched the website photos for the TEC product. I also now believe the 20' piece in the second bag was XTC, not Hi-Vee since it doesn't have a blue core.

Bag of Scraps - 11/01/2017
Reviewer: DrSteve

I've never been very lucky at gambling so I bought two bags to see if I could get a couple safety ropes for my hunting tree stands. Both bags consisted mostly of short pieces of what appears to be 3/8" Tenex-TEC. One bag also had a nearly 30' piece of an unknown double braided rope and a short piece of Hi-Vee. The other had a 30' piece of Hi-Vee and a 20' piece of unknown 3/4" rigging rope. I would have been much better off if I just bought what I needed. Instead of "Bag O' Rope" this product should be called "Bag of Short Tenex-TEC scraps".

get what you pay for - 11/01/2017
Reviewer: Austin

You really can not complain when your taking a gamble, however this kind of sucked. I orderd 1 bag since it was $60 ended up with 20 feet of tenex and about 50ft of yale polydyne rigging line, ok but half the bag was packed with not kidding about 500ft of sterling accessory cord I can not use. Bought another bag a week later to try again same thing 40ft of new england hi vis climbing line 25ft of notch kraken 1/2 rigging rope and 300 more feet of accessory cord. I gambled and lost i can use all but the accessory cord so not a total loss. But I will say this TreeStuff never fails to ship quick ordered both bags at around 430pm and they arrived the next day pretty cool.

Not happy - 11/01/2017
Reviewer: Nick

First time ever ordering from the site figure I give it a try my bag of rope consistent on little scraps 15 to 20 feet long probably make a good dog leash but that's about it not one big piece of rope all quarter inch in size not too happy can't use it for Thing disappointment

BARGAIN!! - 10/28/2017
Reviewer: Derek Smith

I measured out my 3/4� Polydyne, 1/2� Safety Blue Hivee and 5/16� Tenex. Bottom line, $267 worth of rope for $59.99, need I say more?

Wicked good - 09/07/2017
Reviewer: Orion Tree

I was very happy with my bag o rope. Good Samson stable braid. 3/4" and 3/8". Also some great 3 strand rigging/ climbing line. I agree it would be nice if they said what it was, but you just have to look on and you can figure it out. Thanks and will buy again!!

Great buy - 08/31/2017
Reviewer: Nick P

I'd actually rate this 4.75 stars. It'd be perfect if they included labels to indicate what is in the bag. If you like what you got it is difficult to figure out what it is so that you can buy more. I turned my last bag into a number of lanyards, slings, and a supply line rope worth 3 times what I paid. Awesome deal.

2nd time not a charm - 08/31/2017
Reviewer: Junior Childress

I was not going to complain,last year bought a bag o rope,had 1peice of 1/2 climbing rope 82' long, 1peice of something 31'long the rest 9-13' long junk.So i took a chance again,recevied it today and low and behold there are 8 peices of rope in the bag,all of it 3/4 or bigger,and not one peice is longer than 17' long.The first bag was not good,but hey,it is what it is,the 2nd bag was total junk,nothing in it even useable,cant even use it to tye something on your truck,what i got this time should have gone in the dumpster.Never again.

Disappointed, but always fun! - 08/28/2017
Reviewer: Sean Darlin

I've bought 3 of these. Never been impressed with what I got, but that is kinda the point. It is fun to open the bag and see what neat ropes you got, and try to figure out what they are. Almost all of the ropes I have ever gotten are ropes that are not sold on this site. I make lanyards from the climbing lines, slings from the rigging ropes, and have a lot of "I dont know what to do with this" ropes.

I'm sure I will buy more in the future.

great bag - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: cruz tree service

decided to buy this product and when i recieved it i was not dissapointed. some rigging and climbing rope great for my equpiment. would be helpful if they were labeled with brand and how many feet so i can buy longer foot of them. thanks treestuff

Good bag - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: E. P.

My bag of rope was good. All of it was ringing line different sizes. Some nice bull rope for a block and tag line lengths.

Good buy - 08/04/2017
Reviewer: Matt h

Good buy. The bag had some useful ropes in it. 5 different ropes with decent lengths. Was pretty much what I expected

I am very pleased!!! - 07/16/2017
Reviewer: Shawn Chamness

I am very content on my bag of rope. I got several long pieces of rope. Which are double braid of Yale polydine bull rope. And I think it might be notch kaken. And small size double braid. Thanks tree stuff. You should really label them please.

Score - 05/29/2017
Reviewer: Shawn tidey

I got a good mix of large and small rope. I wont need to buy any slings or lanyards any time soon ;)

Updated Review - 05/02/2017
Reviewer: Cliff Herring

Need to update my earlier review. I did figure out that at least one of the other ropes in my bag is likely Tenex, so it can be used for slings, etc. Plus, TreeStuff CS proactively contacted me and made sure I was happy. I will not hesitate to buy again. TreeStuff is great!

Awesome deal So much rope - 05/01/2017
Reviewer: David Anglin

What a great bag; Blue moon, Green, orange and more. So much rope. I was able to make a 12' loopie sling.

Well worth the gamble for me.

I would do this again.

Gambled & Lost This Time - 04/30/2017
Reviewer: Cliff Herring

Only three pieces of rope in my bag, one of which was 22 ft of what appears to be 1-1/8" Yale Esterlon. Too thick, very heavy, not useful at all. Other two were 29 ft and 64 ft of what looks like 1/2" polyester braid. None of the three can be found on TreeStuff's website.

Waste of money - 04/28/2017
Reviewer: Jeff

I know the bag o rope is a "gamble", but I received a bag of useless scraps. I would never waste my money on this purchase again.

Box full of surprise - 04/23/2017
Reviewer: Luis briones

I ordered the bag-o-rope after debating for a long time. I came home to a box of rigging rope of different sizes and different brands
I guess ill have to learn how to splice to make a good use out of them since they are not long enough for rigging

Glad I got one. - 04/20/2017
Reviewer: Dan

I received an awesome bag!!
I'm going to purchase a couple of the ropes at full length.
I received a short climbing line and a drop line.
It's so useful!!! I used them for three different jobs todat. And I didn't need or have to drag around 120' or 200' of unnecessary rope getting in the way.

Awesome, fun gamble - 04/13/2017
Reviewer: Keith E. Fulton

Came home to a Treestuff box at my front door and I knew exactly what it was. I picked it up and it weighed somewhere around 20 lbs because it was Full of rigging rope!
Husky 7/8
Husky 9/16
Yale Xtc 12
And an all gear dyneema rigging line. About $275 worth of rope, thanks Treestuff

Awesome - 04/06/2017
Reviewer: Sasha V

Got some excellent stuff in the bag I ordered, about 35ft 7/8 double braid, 40 or so feet of Tenex and two 30-35ft pieces of climbing line that can be used for something. Overall really happy with this bag, I'll have to see what I get next time.

Owner Tree Works Unlimited - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Robert Albritton

Well it's just what they tell you,, a variety pack. I've ordered this a couple of times very very delighted with the first purchase, delighted the second time. Got some very very useful rope, nothing went to waste. I'm Very Pleased,, I give you a high-five rating on this thanks TreeStuff

Great Deal - 03/27/2017
Reviewer: Sam

I've bought a few bag o ropes and it always turns out to be a great deal. Thanks for offering this!

Its a Gamble - 01/26/2017
Reviewer: Rob M

I ordered this ropebag just before x-mas when it was on sale for $60. I got a few hundred feet of very small diameter tech cord, and I also got 130 feet of 11mm srt cordage. The tech cord wasn't very useful for me, as I was mainly hoping for climbing/rigging rope. The SRT rope is very stiff, but has broken in slightly since purchased. I'm neither delighted nor dis-satisfied with this purchase. In the future, I would probably just pay full-price the the exact cordage i need...But if you've got $75 and like a gamble, go for it!

JACKPOT!!! - 01/17/2017
Reviewer: Isaac Allin

Just got my Bag O' Rope!
took the risk and it totally paid off!!
Got about 125' of Access line to use with my ascenders for SRT.
also got 50' of Double braid rope to splice some eye to eyes
Lastly got 100' of hollow single braid rope to make some slings for my blocks etc.
Could not have asked for a better bag of rope.

Definitely gonna try my luck again with this!!!

60% of the time, everytime - 01/09/2017
Reviewer: Blyler

Purchased a large order from tree stuff and saw that the bag o rope was on sale. I read reviews on it before but never pulled the trigger.  I ordered two bags in hopes of getting a climbing rope, a rigging rope, and some short length large diameter sling ropes. One bag had a 120ft climbing rope, some cordage, and a 60ft rigging rope. The other bag had a 60ft larger rigging rope and about 600ft of small cordage I have no idea what to do with lol! So I would say that I am pretty satisfied with what I got even though 60% was just cordage. I tried looking the rope up but couldn't find exact matches. I roughly estimated the two bags to be around $300. Thanks tree stuff!


A WINNER - 12/30/2016
Reviewer: David D.

I decided to take a chance and I was completely happy with what I got. Very well worth it. Thx guys!!!

Schwing!!! - 12/28/2016
Reviewer: Chad Delzell

Got just more than 70' of 3/4" New England Sta-Set bull rope and a hair more than 63' All Gear Husky 3/4" bull rope, which to some might not be functional; but here in Colorado, this is awesome!! We don't have huge tree but they grow stout and thick at the base( I.e. A 38" DBH cottonwood could be as short as 60'), so I only have serious chucking to do about 30' high and lower most days. This is perfect for my needs and I don't have to look at 50 to 70' that looks so pretty sitting in the gear bag rarely being used. Thanks again guys, blind luck is good luck often. Third bag o rope( last one outfitted all my slings, loopies, timber hitch in if hung and 1/2 dozen spider legs all out of 5/8" bull rope)

worth a gamble - 12/28/2016
Reviewer: Matt

First off, i have gotten a few useful lengths to make rigging slings, tow ropes, a few loop runners, prussik loops, etc. you can certainly get great value out of this item if you're creative and optimistic with what you get. (knowing how to splice is a bonus)

That being said, filling half the bag with less than 5' scraps seems to be more like passing the buck for disposal, and charging customers to do so(although i recognize this is part of the gamble). I've got a pile of rope at home that i paid for, that i can't do anything with. I also have a pile of rope awaiting field splicing for some unforeseen obstacle. is your glass half full, or half empty?

Moreover, i have a hard time identifying some of the ropes that are in useful lengths, therefore rendering those lengths useless. I wouldn't trust my life or the name of my company, on a piece of rope of which i am unaware of the characteristics. It wouldn't take much for Treestuff to put a masking tape label on it before stuffing the bag. This is a safety issue in my opinion.

If you're hoping for something in particular, just spend your money on that. if you're looking for a bit of gambling fun, and maybe some splicing practice, go ahead and get it. I would certainly do so again, at the sale price. Had i paid $150 for any of the bags of rope, i would be quite angry.


Awesome!!! - 12/25/2016
Reviewer: Mick

Ok so made the decision to buy one bag of rope and wow great deal! Freaking awesome! Got Samson 75 feet and 75 feet or so of throw line and some other rope. So after that decided to buy another bag of rope after it went even cheaper with 12 days of Christmas sale! Score again 15 feet of 3/4 bull rope great length for rigging pulleys or whatever then 80+ feet of two other types of medium rope have to look up what it is though.

Tree Stuff is awesome and I am a fan!! Will continue to do business with them! Loved 12 days of Christmas scavenger hunt also!

Accessory Cord Anyone - 12/22/2016
Reviewer: Sean

Well, it's a gamble and I made out OK. I got about 80' of All Gear 1/2" bull rope and no joke probably 500' of All Gear Pink Accessory Cord. No idea what to do with all that, lengths of rope in people's stockings I guess

Bueno - 12/21/2016
Reviewer: MaycOn flores

Al fin recibí 3 cuerdas cada una de 120 pies grasias tree stuff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁🐿🌲

2 bag's a dream - 12/20/2016
Reviewer: Lowrider2k

I bought two bags o' rope and got very different very nice bags. One with just 3 pieces of rope from rigging to safety blue (about 50' each) and the other with a bunch of shorter pieces that are good as lanyards and some accessory/hitch cords etc. Totally awesome with a lot of different rope to play with. The mrs. love it too ;-) Thanks, Treestuff!


Forgtten Coast Tree Service - 12/19/2016
Reviewer: Ray

Was surprised to find a pretty large quantity of cordage that is not on the TreeStuff website. Some appears to be 5/16 tenex. Not sure if they got scraps from another outfit or what.


TREESTUFF: We buy first quality scrap from Teufelberger, Sterling, and Yale when they have it!

If you like rope and you like gamblin'... - 12/01/2016
Reviewer: Benjo

Finally found this in stock and felt like rolling the dice. I got:

40' Husky 5/8" bull rope
60' Samson Tenex Tec 1/2"
84' Yale Kernmaster 12mm

If bought purposefully, these would be $199.60. Pretty good deal, but of course you immediately think "boy, I wish that 12mm kernmaster were 11mm...and that tenex were 3/4..." But I do actually have use for these 3 (kernmaster 12mm is too fat for srt for me, so all in rigging/utility applications).

Also, I'll note that going through the site trying to identify your rope isn't ideal & labels would be great, but I understand that rather diminishes the point of the 'get rid of our scraps' idea behind the bag in the first place.

A mystery prize each time - 09/20/2016
Reviewer: Mike

Throwing a bag of rope in the cart is becoming an addiction. I've always found some use for even the oddest bits, even donated a few lengths to my local Volunteer Fire Dept for knot training. This last bag I even got some monster tenex, little over kill for my work but it's personal ins when the time comes I'll have the sling for the job. I've spliced up plenty of soft shackles work great when the rain hits and your bucket truck sinks in the mud ;-)

Best buy ever - 09/19/2016
Reviewer: Jed McFarlane

I debugged to pull the trigger on the bag of rope and totally won! I received 150 feet of climbing line, 60 feet if 5/8 bull rope and 75 feet of 16 strand climbing line. Lots of options for splicing custom stuff. Thanks tree stuff!

I only got 2 pieces of Rope,..........BUT THEY WERE 115' & 120' long 11.7mm & 1/2 - 09/02/2016
Reviewer: Heath

Where's the "6" for Rating?

I bought my "Bag of Rope", because it is on sale, and I wanted to try something different, and also give my son something to practice his knot tying on.

Well, I'm buying another bag as soon as I type this because I'm NOT cutting what was in this Bag.

Thank You Tree Stuff.

Yalex - 08/21/2016
Reviewer: Alfred lewis

I got fifteen feet of bull rope and then 120 feet of what you think is yalex,not sure of applications for it in but who knows maybe it is a hidden treasure.nothing for something in this try .Like buying lotto ticket then dreaming of what you will do if you get the big one .nice dreaming maybe next time. Go Easy !


2nd Two Bags-O-Rope - 08/19/2016
Reviewer: Mark

Based on my first Bag-O-Rope purchase, I purchased two more. Between them I got the following:

81 feet Samson Hawkeye
52 feet Yale Kernmaster 12.7mm (Treestuff lists as 12mm. Yale marked 12.7mm.)
48 feet White 16 Strand, Red 12 Parallel Strand Core
37 feet Blue Hollow Braid. Not Tenex-TEC. C1/C2? Appears 5/8th? Blue coating. White Inside.
36 feet New England Tachyon 11.5mm
30 feet Yale Imori 12 mm
29 feet Yale Imori 12 mm
28 feet Yale Aztec 11.7mm
27 feet Yale Imori 12mm
26 feet Yale Imori 12mm
19 feet 5/8th C1 Double Braid
10 feet Yale Prism 11.7mm
7 feet of Teufelberger Safety Blue

All in all, pretty happy with what I got.

Awesome for the price - 08/14/2016
Reviewer: Tom

I received two bags of rope I ordered on sale. Both bags had a single length of 1/2 Tenex tec, (70' and 75') and a single length of 7/8 all gear husky bull rope (30' and 35'). There was another length of 7/16 rope of some kind I haven't identified about 50'. I'm somewhat disappointed because I was hoping for a variety of smaller ropes to get into splicing and practice like the typical bag but now have a good chunk of slings to make up. I won't knock the sale because it's random but I'll eat the learning curve of sling splicing with this 7/8 monster! Overall a great buy I'll definitely order more bags.

I took a chance - 08/11/2016
Reviewer: Randall

I placed my order, held my breath, hoped for the best. Then I won, I won. Thank you TreeStuff from a happy customer. Cheers.

Wow. - 08/11/2016
Reviewer: Zach Lane

Man, I know this is a grab bag and you may get a great deal or you may get skunked. I saw that the price had dropped for a few days to a sale price, so I went ahead and tried my luck.

I won. I got several nice hanks of rope including an 80' hank of safety blue and a very usable length of Hi-Vee.

Every time I place an order with treestuff I look at it like buying a scratch-off lottery ticket, except THIS ticket is guaranteed to AT LEAST win you your money back, but you will probably win MUCH MORE!

what a steal - 08/10/2016
Reviewer: matt

What a deal! Picked up the Bag O Rope on sale for 50.00 last week. Received 3 lengths of rope in my bag.
160' climb line, 116' of rigging rope and another 25' of heavier rigging rope.
I was hoping for some cordage in there but I certainly cannot complain at the 250.00 worth of rope that came in the Bag.
Will absolutely take this gamble again.

Apiarist - 07/30/2016
Reviewer: BEE Hopper

Thank you Tree Stuff first of all.
Fantastic value. Just finished my first Loopie! That alone is worth the money I paid for Bag O' Rope. A person is only as safe as the knowledge and wisdom he has in knots, rigging and the evaluation of trees. Even if bag of ropes was a bunch of 3' pieces, that's enough to practice knots, splices and eventually save your life or someone else's.
So yes I'll be buying lots of Bag O' Ropes. Anyone's life is worth more then a few dollars.
Tree Stuff I'm having a great time with it.
Thank you.

Excellent Value - 07/25/2016
Reviewer: Mark Lea

22 feet, 1 Inch, C2 DoubleBraid.
25 feet, 3/4 to 1in, 8 Strand, Unknown.
31 feet, 1/2 inch 16 Strand, Yale XTC Fire.
50 feet, 1/2 inch 16 Strand, Yale XTC Spearment.
96 feet, 1/2 inch 16 Strand, Yale XTC Spearment.

8 Strand was odd, but can still use to drag things around. Not sure what the C2 Double braid is, but will make an insanely strong sling. The 16 strand prices are all very usable lengths, and much better than expected. Cool. Now I have to try to splice 16 strand. From what I see on the net, this may be difficult. Still usable if not spliced.

Very happy with this item.

great bag o rope! - 07/24/2016
Reviewer: ptobin

My bag of rope was awesome, what a steal!

I'm thrilled, what a deal... and so much fun! - 07/13/2016
Reviewer: New Climber

I understand that there's luck involved... but boy was I lucky. Being new to climbing, i was hoping for some climbing rope that i could use to learn with. I got just what I was looking for. I don't need to be 75 feet in the air. I also got good rope for lanyards, and some rigging rope that I can make a couple loopies out of. It felt like Christmas, sorting though all this rope! Thanks!

Accurate Description - 07/09/2016
Reviewer: Chad

When they say it might suck or it might be amazing, they're not kidding! My bag totally sucked! Didn't get a single piece of rope longer than 20', some even less than 10'. Nothing really useful for rigging or climbing. I might have a piece to put a block on, but that's about it. I've bought a LOT of stuff from treestuff but I definitely feel like I got shafted on this purchase. I doubt I'll ever take this chance again, but if I do, I sure hope it turns out better than this bag! Good luck!

Nope - 07/02/2016
Reviewer: Daniel

If you want A LOT of rigging rope, then this bag is for you. Not an inch of climbing or accessory cordage. I gambled and lost. You win Treestuff.

Next time I'll just spend my $ on the rope I want.

Worth the gamble - 06/22/2016
Reviewer: Kevin

I got the bag o rope on sale and was happy with it. I got 4 or 5 lengths of bull rope and a hank of climbing line wich I'm gonna make a two in on lanyard out of. Each rope we about 30' long. I have plenty of use for it. I'll gamble again with this bag.

Yahtzee! - 06/10/2016
Reviewer: Big City

Always a gamble, but I made out like a bandit this time. Tenex-tec and rigging rope out the wazoo! Not a single piece of junk in the entire lot. Almost $400 worth of rope all told between 3 bags o' rope.

Great Deal - 05/31/2016
Reviewer: david stagner

I wasn't sure what to expect, but whatever my expectations were, treestuff exceeded them. I realize it's random and maybe I had beginner's luck but I was pleased with the variety. I will order this product again.

A grab bag is a grad bag, but IDs would be great - 05/30/2016
Reviewer: Mort

You've got to be up for anything for this, that's the fun of it right? But I'll add my vote to the requests for an ID on each piece o'rope. I got two 28 lengths of climbing line and two length of bull rope, one 5/8" and one 1/2" one (long!). But as an amateur/enthusiast I can't ID every rope by sight and I'd love to know the make and name.

Sweet deal - 05/29/2016
Reviewer: Chris

I was pleasantly surprised taking a total gamble. I couldn't wait to open. It's got us thinking great to have in the field for those moments when yiu need a short line or have an extra sling or set a block. Rope is deff worth more then what I paid I'd do it again!

Nunca - 05/25/2016
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Ordene tres bolsas y cada bolsa tenía pedazos de curda que no sirven para nada nunca compro otra podría haber comprado algo que me sirba

First timer! - 05/25/2016
Reviewer: Craig Bowery

This is the fist thing I've bought from tree stuff, and I'm pleasantly surprised! I got multiple 10-15 ft lengths of acouole different rigging ropes. Now I just have to learn how to splice.. Guess that'll be my next purchase ;)

its like trail mix - 05/25/2016
Reviewer: Tucker Benoit

You never know what your going to get, you don't know the size, shape or color's they will be. I wouldn't say it's a gamble.. Ide say it's a semi stressfully exciting buy that you could make some badass dog leashes out of or add slings, slice it to stuff or new climbing line! 5stars all day treestuff!

Heavy hit'n - 05/23/2016
Reviewer: Ethan

30' of 5/8'', 30' 3/4'' Tenex and 18' of some massive 7/8''. Its time to make some slings.

Double down - 05/23/2016
Reviewer: Scott

As it's been previously stated, have to go with 5 stars because TreeStuff has never done me wrong. Best customer service hands down. That being said, decided to go with 2 bags this time, hoping to get a crazy mix of stuff. Definitely hit the rigging bag hard. So hard that i ended up getting two of the exact same bags. Kinda sad on getting doubles, but that's the name of the game. I'm sure I'll be ordering another one when I feel the need to gamble again.

best random buy - 05/18/2016
Reviewer: vmm inc

Rigging jackpot, samson tenex all diameter, two sta-set bull ropes 3/4 and 5/8, all 20ft plus, made two whoopies, three dead eyes and a nice spider setup, take a chance, I got just what I needed, A+ on shipping and free stuff is always good, treestuff blows away the competition

Didn't get what I wanted - 05/15/2016
Reviewer: J Willi

After hearing a couple of guys at work buying this and getting good stuff I bit. They got 100' XTC , tachyon, and plenty of tech cord. I was hoping to get something around 100' cus I needed a rigging line or lanyard and presik/hitch cord stuff is always great. If I got climbing rope I'd use my old line as a rigging line and if I got rigging rope it'd be great. Instead I got a bunch of thick heavy 12 braid and a few short static pieces. None of the 12 braid was over 40' but it is heavy and that 15lbs was achieved. I ended up finding a use for the stuff I got down the way. Point is, don't expect anything but 15lbs of quality rope. It might not be the length or type you are hoping for. So if you need something right away, get that not this.

Nice selection - 05/08/2016
Reviewer: Brian BRADY

Nice selection of different sized rope good for a few projects and to provide practice for knot tying

Tempted to gamble on another... - 04/27/2016
Reviewer: Scott

Have to give it a 5 star because it is exactly what it states, random. Received a bunch of random Sterling rescue lines, none over 10' so there isn't much use for them unfortunately unless I am completely clueless. Confused as to why there was Sterling Waterline in there haha...and also received several shorts of (I'm only guessing) NE sta-set Bull (cannot find the color combo anywhere online). The only recommendation, and I understand the randomness of the bag, maybe a small tag of rope types if not stated by sticker/tag, only for safety sake of knowing loading capacities. Other than that, you can never have enough rope.

Take a gamble on the Bag O' Rope instead of losing your money at the track!

Ehhh - 04/26/2016
Reviewer: Nick

Could have purchased contents of bag off the roll for ~125 so I am glad they lowered the price to 75.

39' Yale Kernmaster Safari Static 11mm
33' NE Sta-Set 5/8" Bull Rope
22' NE Sta-Set 3/4" Bull Rope
16' Samson Tenex-Tec 3/4"

I knew it was a gamble going in so still gave it 5 stars because I did get exactly what I ordered.

Was hoping for some knot friendly rope (should not have had any expectations).

Owner/operator - 04/26/2016
Reviewer: Alex

I just recived my first bag o'rope,awesome.I defently will order more of them.My bag had a bunch of short pieces of rope nothing over 30 feet.I got to slpice me some nice 5/8 and 3/4 slings for my port wrap I now have slings from eight feet all the way to 16 feet.Oh yeah I forgot to mention i was able to make a 1/2 lanyard and a bunch of short rope to tie off misc around the truck.such a great buy if you are on a budget and want to try the different ropes out there. Thanks tree stuff .

Potluck - 03/29/2016
Reviewer: Kennedy

Couldn't be any more pleasantly surprised. Ended up with 144' of 1/2" static rope and several misc. pieces of all sorts of lengths/diameters. Hands down a great deal!

cant wait to order another bag - 03/26/2016
Reviewer: ellis crandall

Got my order today been daydreaming of what it would contain and what I could learn to make. The bulk was 1/2 tenex tec which I made some loopie slings w to replace an eye sling that was a pain to use got a nice length of 3/4 tenex tec that made a sweet whoopie sling for my porta wrap and a few climbing line lengths for lanyards super stoked learned how to make slings and upgraded my equipment still have enough to share w friends. Loopies for everyone. thanks guys. 

Feeling lucky - 03/25/2016
Reviewer: Hunter

My order arrived on time it only took 2 business days to get here to my home in NC. In my bag of rope I received 80 foot of safety blue orange,15 foot of half inch bullrope, 35 foot of 24 strand climbing line great for a lanyard, 30 foot of 3/4 inch 12 strand, 40 foot of some kermantle blue rope. Will be buying more

Bag O' Goodies - 03/25/2016
Reviewer: DW

In my bag was approximately 30' of 5/8" tenex tec. I made two loopies out of that. Next was about 30' of 13mm yale eclipse. I made a two in one lanyard from that. Next was approximately 105' of 1/2" tenex tec. So far I've made 3 different lengths loopies. I plan on making a ring sling or two and from there who knows. What a value. Thank you treestuff.


TreeStuff responds:  Glad you are digging it, DW!  Bag O Rope is perfect for people who love rope and enjoy making cool stuff out of it.  

Surpassed Expectations - 03/24/2016
Reviewer: NK
The Bag O' Rope surpassed my expectations, like some giant clear plastic Easter basket. I had fun looking through all the rope images on the site, figuring out what is what.

Buyers Beware - 03/12/2016
Reviewer: Gavin

So I got 2 pieces of 3/4" Tenex amounting to just over 60'. What am I supposed to do with this, make 6 loopie slings?? Unless you're a multi crew company, I can't see this being useful to me. I already use webbing slings, which are great. In fact, I ordered webbing slings in the same order as the Bag o Rope. I'm feeling ripped off. Treestuff should be a little more considerate when putting these bags together. 


TreeStuff responds:  Gavin!  Bro.  We love you, but it is a random bag of rope scraps.  It isn't a haircut or a work of art... we don't put any thought into it.  We reach into a random pile of rope and stuff it into the bag.  

good buy! - 03/11/2016
Reviewer: Aaron

Got a 100' 5/8 sterling,(worth the 75$ in itself) a 20' stable braid, and a 25' piece of 12 strand. Went in looking for something else but needed these too.

Basura - 03/07/2016
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Recibí tres píesas de lazo que no se pueden usar mi opinión no compren no bale la pena

Bad Deal! - 03/04/2016
Reviewer: John

I received a total of 72' of rope. Two pieces (28' and 20' of 1.5" Tenex) and one of 28' of 5/8 rigging line. Almost useless!!!


TreeStuff responds: We're sorry the bag bummed you out, John. That large diameter hollow braid is valuable (it costs several dollars per foot) and is awesome for splicing rigging slings.  

Sweet score! - 03/03/2016
Reviewer: Emma Mallon

Pleasantly surprised with the quality and amount of great rope in this bag. Would definitely order again and recommend to others. Thanks TreeStuff!

Great idea - 02/13/2016
Reviewer: Matt

Great idea. You get a lot of rope for a great price. Everyone needs more rope. I would get it again

Great idea! - 02/11/2016
Reviewer: Dustin Sneed

The possibilities are endless, with this item. Received mine today and now my mind is racing with ideas. Another man's scraps are this man's treasures. Thanks Treestuff !!!!

I like rope. - 02/04/2016
Reviewer: GTG

My bag included 30ft of Tenex Tec, 25ft of 3/4 bull rope, 30ft of 5/8 bull rope, and 40ft of double braid rigging line. Spliced a dead eye with the Tenex Tec. Thanks TreeStuff!!!

Definitely satisfied - 01/30/2016
Reviewer: Tim Shepherd

Thank you guys so much for the 1/2 Deadeye you threw in with my order!! All I have to buy is a portawrap and block and I'll have what I need to rig on my sidejobs thanks to that bag of rope having a beautiful 5/8 Static Sterling. All in all a great buy absolutely satisfied you guys will be getting lots of business from this arborist in the making for years to come! 

!!!!!!! - 01/13/2016
Reviewer: Joey M

Great idea Treestuff! I like the idea of being able to use and feel other ropes without buying in long lengths.

unbelievable - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Deej

Best idea ever can't beat the quantity of how many ropes you get in one bag great idea by and the unbelievable price

Awesome idea - 01/11/2016
Reviewer: Thomas

Great idea to get rid of rope scraps. Bought my first bag. Included
90' of 1/2 static climbing line
40' of 1/2" 16 strand climbing line
80' of 10mm static line
50' of 8mm sterling line
25' of 6mm accessory cord
And a couple short hanks of various other climbing line.

Gonna fold and take my chances! - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Moose

Talked to a buddy who said he made out VERY well ordering this bag 'o rope, i'm now convinced, i know it's all chances but it's one i'm willing to take! Gonna throw one in the next large order and hoping to get into a bit of splicing and whipping up some useful kit.

Might even order 2. I can find a use for ANY length of cordage and you can too. Definitely looking forward to either an "Eh" bag or a great one, i don't think someone could call it a bad deal when no matter what ya get, it's definitely gonna be worth way more than $75 bucks!

Only downside is supplies run-out at times until more are stocked up after a month or two, SO GET 'EM WHILE YOU CAN!!! ORDER NOW!!!

Great buy - 01/05/2016
Reviewer: Tim M

Awesome way to get rid of the scrap rope. I got 75$ worth with the first rope I pulled out. 100' of 1/2" climbing line. Got a lot of other various ropes. Time to get creative!

If you like ropes, you like TreeStuff - 01/05/2016
Reviewer: Joe N.

I first purchased this to see if I could get a variety of useful ropes and I've found uses for all of it :) Tree Stuff doesn't sell junk ropes, this is always gonna be worth it.

Great value - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Shayne Keller

Got my first bag and it was great. I'll definitely be buying it again soon

Bag o' Luck - 01/03/2016
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

I ordered 3 of these so far. They seem to be constantly finding a place in my cart here. Personally, iv been lucky in getting a nice 40' climbing line for smaller trees, and a nice 110' static rigging rope for pulling over spars and small trees. I enjoy the challenge of getting some odds and ends and figuring out how i could use them to my advantage. I use some short lengths of rigging line for winch redirects, and some short climbing lines for basal tie-offs when i climb srt. I also use some short lengths to teach newbies and groundies some new knots or climbing/rigging concepts. endless possibilities in each bag!

Awesome - 01/02/2016
Reviewer: Luke O'Quin

Lots of fun. I calculated the value of the first few bags I bought and always came out well ahead. Great way to add variety to your rope closet and become a well rounded splicer.

this rocks - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: kyle

tree stuff nailed it, i got a bunch of great, very usable ropes, one 100 blue craze climbing line which ive been climbing on and love, cant go wrong with a purchase like this. two thumbs up

Fun mix of ropes - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Tom Vanderbeck

I had no idea what to expect so when the bag came in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised on how many ropes and the quality. I got a couple short climbing likes some short thin lines, and one heavy duty lowering line, short but I used it on a big block/pulley.... all in all happy

Yes please - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Brendon Phillips

Pretty happy with it. 30' of 3/4" Stabile braid, 30' 5/8" Stabile braid, both to be used for making dead eye slings. 15' of 1/2" 3 strand, 40' and 15' sections of kernmantle. All for lanyards. Just what I needed.

Christmas in a bag - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Awb

Always a suprise and always worth it.

well worth the money! - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Dan C

It's a winner every time! Every bag I've gotten has had at least one sweet gem that was worth the price of the whole bag. The rest of the pieces are just a bonus

You Win some, you lose some - 12/24/2015
Reviewer: Caitlyn B

Disclaimer: I am a rec climber.

I purchased one bag initially, got a decent set of rope. Something to hang the hammock with, a good length of safety blue for practice / lanyard, etc.

One success down, I purchased two more with next order, really hoping for a good selection of rope to practice eye splicing. While I did get some static rope in the next two to practice on, the majority of the bags were really fat rigging rope and a lot of three strand. Not things I can readily put to use. Luck of the draw or just the time of the year was against me.

For other rec-climbers, would recommend not ordering multiple bags at once, just to limit the chance that both bags are full of ropes that will be hard to use.
(Plus side: Now I can hang my car from a tree!)

All in all, you definitively will get your money's worth in rope. (TreeStuff won't short you!) But I would definitely pay a little more to be able to prioritize or limit the rope type in the bag. (e.g., a climbing / access bag vs a rigging bag.)

genius - 12/20/2015
Reviewer: Shawn

Amazing way for Treestuff to get use of leftovers, obviously has been well received because I had to wait for more scraps before my bag could be mailed out, worth the wait too. I got 3 pieces totaling about 130' of climb rope, 50' of 1/2" 3 strand, 40' of 9/16 bull rope, and 15' of 3/8 tenex. I definitely plan on getting another, thanks Treestuff.

Love It! - 11/02/2015
Reviewer: Paul@CleanCut

Great Idea, perfect way to for them to get rid of left overs, and yet still have a very useful product for their customers. We ordered 3 bags and got well over $500 worth of rope. It included everything from 1 throw line, several climb lines 65' to 110' to heavy rigging ropes, and everything in between. Was a great way for us to stock up on tag lines, and just have some extras, for a great price. Plan to buy again, and would recommend to any other tree care provider, for a great investment!

Awesome bunchastuff - 10/12/2015
Reviewer: VanGyver

Almost like they knew what I wanted when they sent my my bag. I got a climb line, short sections I used to make lanyards, kmIII, tenex all kiiiinds of good stuff. I found a use for almost everything except a 5' section of bull rope. Maybe I can let my girlfriend hit me with that piece because I like that kind of stuff. I would buy more if they weren't sold out all the time. Maybe I should leave a negative review so there's more for me.

Bag of Greatness - 09/30/2015
Reviewer: JW

Tree Stuff delivers!!! Two climb lines one of which was just shy of 150' the other just shy of 100'. Some really great cordage and a small hank bull rope which will be utilized somehow. All in all this a great idea from Tree Stuff and a great way to utilize odds and end pieces. Good work fellas.

Great Bag O' Rope - 08/11/2015
Reviewer: Casper

I ordered 2 of these bags. I hoped for some rope i could use as lanyards and maybe some short climbing ropes. I got what i wanted, but i also got a big diameter heavy bull rope, and another bull rope. I can't really use the bull ropes for anything, so it would be nice if there was a possibility to prioritize climbing rope or bull rope.

It is still okay with some bull rope in the bag, but one of my Bag O' Rope almost only consisted of this big and heavy bull rope. Anyone has a nice idea of what to do with the rope? :)

Excellent - 07/30/2015
Reviewer: JG

Great deal for the money. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I a great bag I will definitely by buying another one. Fast shipping as well! 

Bag of ?? Rope - 07/17/2015
Reviewer: T. L.

My only complaint is there are no specs with the ropes you are given. I am a recreational climber and I am not familiar with some of the ropes that were in the bag. Without knowing what the rope is I hesitate to use it with the fear that I am not using it in the right application.



Great Value!! - 07/05/2015
Reviewer: Eric

What a great supply of assorted ropes.
Got approx. 80' of Bull Rope
80'-90' Climbing Line
3 Strand
Utility Cordage.
I will definitely be buying more of these!

Good stuff - 06/28/2015
Reviewer: Christopher

I got over well over $200 worth of two different kinds of rigging rope and a bit of 12 strand. I hoped for a 60'+ bit of new climbing line but I defiantly got my money worth.


What a Surprise - 06/27/2015
Reviewer: Dave R

I have to admit, some of the reviews I've read in the past, were not at all promising, but after I opened the bag and started looking through the selection, I was completely awe struck, there was a 98' hank of 11mm Cherry Bomb & a 36' length also. There was 58' of 12.7mm Imori, which is awesome for slings, there were 3 or 4 other hanks of 16-strand & double braid ropes for lanyards, also! Thanks Gang, I've already made several splices, & I have any where from 7 to 10 more to make. Every piece of rope is useable for several items I really didn't want to spend $100.00-$150.00 for. I'll be buying another bag next month, maybe some rigging ropes! 

Wellzz Fargo wagon came - 06/16/2015
Reviewer: Immafreeman

Wow 15 lbs is a lot of rope depending....
If it was 3/4" it would be less than 100' but it was: 68' Blue 9/16th Sterling Atlas ; 40' White 9/16" Forestry Pro? : 47.5' 1/2" green/purple Yale sumac? ; 140' 1/2" Samson white 3 strand ; 4' of red 5/8" Husky and 2' of some 11mm? multistrand. Fun stuff.

Christmas all over again - 05/28/2015
Reviewer: Hunter Toler

At first i was sceptical about buying the bag o rope until i read the comments from people who purchased it and most of them were happy. i got 70 feet of safety blue high vee, 15 foot of some 3/4 inch 12 strand, 8 foot of 1/2 inch samson bull rope with a large eye splice ,48 foot of 1/2 inch 24 strand, 30 foot of some 24 strand. overall i am very pleased and will be buying again.

Awesome - 05/21/2015
Reviewer: Austin

Ordered this for the first time got a bunch of good rope a good 70ft climbing rope will order again hoping for some 24 strand climbing line next

great chance - 05/05/2015
Reviewer: Rob

I am new to climbing. Took a chance ordering what I might receive. But to my surprise got 120 foot srt rope and rigging bull lines. I completed my first dangerous tree removal last weekend with this rope. worked for me, might work for you.

You get a bag for your buck - 04/25/2015
Reviewer: Jay

We all went in a on a bag and we got everything we were looking for 40' tenex rigging line 100' Yale hedra 43' Yale cordage yellow green 40' red static safety rope 39' orange blak flame lets just put it this way it wasn't a dissapointment

Never gets old - 04/16/2015
Reviewer: MarbleTree

I have bought two or three of these. I am always tempted to buy more if it wasn't for the fact that I have too much cordage not being used at the moment! I have received several long lengths of climbing and rigging lines (90' and 120') and many hitch cord scraps. It's totally worth it. Each time I've received one of these, I've had at least $200 worth of rope. Also, it's way too much fun to open the bag and see what you're gonna get!


Great deal and Fun - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: corey elder

I was a little worried I might get a bunch of junk but all of the rope I got is totally usable. The shortest length I was about 25ft. I will buy the mystery bag o rope again in the future.

christmas morning!! - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: Chris

It was like christmas morning opening up this bag of goodies. It gets the creative juices flowing to think of ways to build all kinds of rope tools out of all the different types and lengths of rope. I wanna keep on buying em but I'm having trouble justifying the purchases to my wife when I'm already knee deep in rope! :)

The gamblers choice! - 04/11/2015
Reviewer: Chris Whitman

Hey, if you've got $75 buck to burn this is a pretty fun way to do it.

My most recent had about a 70ft piece of Sterling Tendril, some Reepschnur, and a massive amount of 3-strand rigging line. The only piece I have no use for is a 20ft section of Samson float rope.

There's a party in my package and everyone's invited! - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Matt Heder

Bought two of these hoping for some cool splicing project line and it didn't disappoint.
80 ft of 5/8 Husky bull rope
80 ft of Poison Ivy Calamine
20 ft of 16mm Teufelberger Sirius bull rope
25 ft of Blaze
50 ft of 1/2' Polydyne
150 ft of some New England 6mm accessory cord
and a couple 30 foot lengths of some Stirling rope

Slings, lanyards, basal anchors, fiddle block line abound! Plus a useable chunk of heavy duty rigging line.

climber - 04/08/2015
Reviewer: Wayne Wilkinson

Pretty awesome stuff, made some bits of kit with it, got a short climbing line. Use your imagination and you can use most of it Im sure. Picking up another one with my next order for sure, totally worth the money. Only down side is the line is not labeled.

Great idea - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Luke

Such a great idea! Can't help but add one to every order I make. Last time a got a decent length of yale Luna rope. 35m'ish. Wasn't a rope I was thinking of buying but it's a brilliant rope! That's what's great about the bag of rope, puts you onto product you didn't think about.

New treecare? Buy it - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Luke

This helped a great deal when I was learning different types of ropes and uses.

Christmas on Christmas - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Chris Sallowsc

I have bought two of these over the past year and loved both of them, between the two I have got;
85 ish feet of imori
60 feet of triplex rigging line
110 feet of Luna
110 feet of husky rigging line
Tons of tech chord
70 feet of high vee
And a ton of lanyard/spider leg size lines.

I want another one before they sell out, rope is THE most addictive thing to buy.

Good option if you want to learn to splice - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Kevin

Aside from getting an assortment of all different types and sizes of ropes, one included must have been atleast 70' of a yale climbing line. Getting the original "box" of rope, this helped get me started on learning how to splice. It was nice to have such a variety of rope to experiment with. Even if splicing isnt your thing, you can still make out pretty well here.


it's like a box of chocolates - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: steve

I bought a couple of these so far. If you're a splicer then this is right up your alley. I've gotten a couple 100' hanks of climbing and rigging rope. Some great 60-80 for hanks that would be great for spar work. Don't expect to get one long piece in your bag but you'll definitely get your money's worth. I'll buy another soon. Treestuff rocks.

Life is like a bag o' rope... - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: fabrice never know watcha gonna get.

I got a decent length of stiff 3-strand, and another decent length of 16-strand some short lengths of static HTP and dragon fly. I originally bought the bag to have something to practice a double braid splice with. Hahaha...

Always a great surprise. - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: Chris Sallows

I have bought two of these and both of them were awesome!
The first one had a bunch of spider legs or lanyard size ropes, and a 110-120 foot ish hank of Luna climbing line and a bunch of 3 strand rigging line with tech chord.
The second one had a few shorter climbing lines, with a 80-90 foot imori, arbor master blue streak about 70-80 footer and roughly 110 feet of Husky 1/2 inch rigging line with more tech chord.

Both boxes were like Christmas morning, on top of it already being a treestuff order, which is already like Christmas.

Get your double Christmas surprise now, like Forrest Gump says about boxes of choclate, "You never know what you're gonna get."

Goodie bag! - 03/22/2015
Reviewer: Clayton

Awesome goodie bag. A couple hundred feet of cordage with lots of uses. Got a good climbing rope for drt in smaller trees. Would buy again!

Bag O' Rope review - 03/18/2015
Reviewer: Cody Cerase

The bag o rope was awesome. 3 people split up the ropes and we ended up with about 100ft of imori rope, 9/16 bull rope, a spliced tenex prusik, 2 lengths of tenex, mini rigging line, and more than enough odds n ends to be happy with. More than with the price.

Happy customer - 03/11/2015
Reviewer: Fenelon falls home hardware

I was very happy with my box o rope I got 120 feet of bull rope 27 feet of climbing line and some hitch cords that ranged from 3 to 4 feet in length. I got a good deal

I want another - 03/03/2015
Reviewer: Matt 2.0

I just got my first bag of rope and it was like Christmas morning. I met the ups guy at the front door I was so excited. I didn't get anything I was hoping for.I wanted a short srt rope for smaller trees but that's just part of the gamble. If u want something specific, pay full price. If u want an amazing deal on rope you'll somehow find a use for, bag of rope is for u. I got over 200 dollars worth of rope for 75 bucks. Couldn't be happier. Well done tree stuff. Great product.

I want another - 03/03/2015
Reviewer: Matt 2.0

I just got my first bag of rope and it was like Christmas morning. I met the ups guy at the front door I was so excited. I didn't get anything I was hoping for.I wanted a short srt rope for smaller trees but that's just part of the gamble. If u want something specific, pay full price. If u want an amazing deal on rope you'll somehow find a use for, bag of rope is for u. I got over 200 dollars worth of rope for 75 bucks. Couldn't be happier. Well done tree stuff. Great product.

totally worth it - 02/26/2015
Reviewer: Matt pregon

Scored about 12ft of Yale blue tongue I'll be using as a lanyard, 50ft of hi-vee should make a decent rope swing for the kiddos, 125ft of Samson 1/2 inch double braid bull rope, a couple hundred feet of slick line will make a sweet ass new clothesline, and a chunk of triple braid. In all I'm pretty freaking happy. Thanks guys!

Not Disappointed - 02/21/2015
Reviewer: Brian Sanders

Just received my Bag O' Rope today. I was not disappointed when I checked out all the cool misc. rope contained in my bag. I was able to give away several pieces to my friend to make misc. items and I still have tons of cool rope to use. Two sections were long enough to climb and many were long enough for rigging and tags. I will order another bag on my next order. Thanks Tree Stuff staff. Brian. Winter Garden, Fl.

The perfect training aid - 11/30/2014
Reviewer: Joel Campbell

I believe the rope scraps are worth a whole lot more than the price. It's not often that we get a chance to handle and work with the many different ropes available to us in the tree care industry.

Nobody wants to cut a section from a perfectly good rope just to use it for training purposes. We've used the shorter lengths as training aids and knot tying demonstrations. Some of it was used for splice training and experimentation.

The accessory cordage turned out to be very useful as tag, control, and haul lines. One short piece turned out to be perfect for use as a portable clothesline for drying out our gear after a rainy day on the job.

none - 10/28/2014
Reviewer: dave

I got 4 ropes none loung enuf to climb a 19ft a 29t a36ft and a 75ft. don't know what I can do with any of it accept one line for spider maybe and none have loops or anything in all its les then 160ft and their was nothing special in my box.

Gamble... - 10/27/2014
Reviewer: Andrew

Quite disappointed as the longest rope I got was 15m, but they'll be very pretty if I want to have a climber themed party.
On the plus side, now I can safely lower branches from
2m trees with my 5m bull rope :)

It's all part of the fun, but really, it just makes me want to get another!

Yeah! - 10/21/2014
Reviewer: Justin Grego

Awesome Deal! I got 2 climbing ropes and 2 rigging ropes! Perfect for the smaller tree jobs. Might make a lanyard or two with one of the smaller climbing ropes. Overall I am glad I took the gamble and put it in Tree Stuff's hands. Thanks guys you are Treecredible!

Best Deal Ever - 10/04/2014
Reviewer: Chadd

My box of rope was worth almost 3 times what I paid for it. I got my self a new climbing rope and made my self a few new tools to put in my bag and I still have rope to spare.

Will try again - 10/03/2014
Reviewer: Peter

This is lots of interesting lengths, diameters, and contructions in here. I have a pretty good handle on splicing so I am excited to make some new tools. I do think however some people wouldn't know what to do with lots of this stuff and I'm still scratching my head on a few pieces so buyer beware! Overall I was happy and will buy it again someday.

Excellent Deal - 09/27/2014
Reviewer: Dan

I purchased this deal after a co-worker showed me his goodies. Not only did I end up with two climbable lines, but I also received some shorter lengths of ropes that I've been curious about. I was so happy with my purchase, that I immediately ordered another box today! You guys are the best

Happy Customer - 08/20/2014
Reviewer: DS
My wife just bought me a box of rope, and I was honestly overwhelmed. After the last two reviews, I didn't get my hopes up, but when I opened the box, there was no disappointment. Sure, figuring out uses for everything will take some creativity, but hey, rope has always been the most versatile tool in the history of man, so I'm sure a need will arise.

If it sounds too good to be true... - 05/25/2014
Reviewer: Marcus
The Box O' Rope has the potential to be a great deal for both parties. Unfortunately, I was dealt a box with only one rope I really could use. On the good side, that rope was worth about what I paid but not the rope I would have picked if I purchased outright.

I like surprises (good ones are better though). So if you don't mind a little risk of not getting a great deal, this is a fun purchase that could turn out to be better for you than for me.

not so impressed - 05/09/2014
Reviewer: cypressarbor
Based on the other review here, I also took a chance on the box. Unlike the other reviewer, I have buyer's remorse. What I got wasn't really useable except for one length of tenex that will work for a couple of friction hitches. The only long chunk was a small diameter triple braid, which is ornamental rope as far as I'm concerned. Clearly the box o rope is a chance, and your mileage may vary!

Christmas in March - 04/01/2014
Reviewer: Flyingsquirrel25
My wife convinced me to take a chance on this box. I expected short scraps and ends of the spool, but enough to do something with. When it arrived I was pleased to find the value that the TreeStuff staff had sent me was well beyond what was paid for it. The end result was as described and better. If you want Christmas at any time of year I would recommend the Box O' Rope.

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