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Competition: July 12 - 14, 2019

Free Training Day: July 15, 2019

Indianapolis, IN

The world's greatest climbing competition!

Jambo 6 brings together 15 teams of 4 professional arborists for 3 days of world-class tree climbing competition. We're also hosting an awesome after party and a day of FREE training seminars!

The world-class Jambo competitors will compete in 4 intense challenges designed to test their skills in climbing and rigging, diabolically designed by our resident Competition Master Nick Bonner. You can join the action by testing your skills in one of 6 challenges open to spectators, including the ever-popular Human Claw Game and the new Loader Challenge. Free camping is available at the park. Tent camping only, no campers.

We need volunteers!

We're looking for cool people to help judge the competition and work our challenges. You can earn up to 15 ISA or CTSP CEUs just for volunteering! Sign up to volunteer 6 here!


NEW Free Training Day

Everyone (not just competitors) can earn up to 5.5 ISA and/or CTSP CEUs from this free day of training on the Monday following Jambo. Experts from the industry including Jambo competitors and officials will be leading training classes on a variety of topics. Come out for one, or stay with us the whole day - all the training is free! Lunch will be provided. No registration necessary.

Complex Rigging with Taylor Hamel - 2 ISA and TCIA CEUs

Chainsaw Protection and Safety with Travis Vickerson - 1 ISA and TCIA CEU

Transitioning from DRT to SRT with Mark Gaudet and Ryan Torcicollo - 2 CEUs

The Akimbo and Advanced SRT with Jaime Merritt - .5 ISA and TCIA CEU


Free Jambo After Party

So you like to party? We do too! This year we're hosting one of our famous after parties when the Jambo competition ends. There will be a head-to-head footlock competition open to the public! We'll hook you to an auto-belay, and you can footlock to set the fastest time of the night and win a big prize, or just footlock against your friends and see who's the fastest.


Make Your Plans Now!

2019's Jambo 6 will be held at Holiday Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Presetup: Wed, July 10
Setup: Thu, July 11
Competition: Fri-Sun, July 12,13,14
Training: Mon, July 15th



Jambo entrants compete in a variety of challenges:

Two Worksite Challenges: A four-person team competes to ring as many bells as possible in the shortest time, simulating a real work environment with the addition of unique challenges.

Two Rigging Challenges: Four-person teams must choose the tools they'll use to demonstrate their rigging skills. They'll have to raise, lower, and move logs large and small.

Four Side Events: Fun specialized events that test specific skills. The Ninja Arborist Challenge, Touchdown Challenge, Obstacle Course, and Loader Game. These challenges are also open to the public! Half the entry fee benefits the Fallen Families Fund, the other half goes to the prize pool! The fastest time or highest score wins that money, whether it's a competitor or a spectator!


Thank you to our Jambo 6 Sponsors:




Congratulations to our previous Jambo champions:

Chris Coates - 2014

Chad Brey - 2015

Nick Markley - 2016

Doug Tochtrop and Ryan Torcicollo - 2017

Fantastic 4 - Mark Gaudet, Joel Dreise, Adrian Henrich, Micah Jaster - 2018


Jambo #5 - 2018 Live Stream:

View the recordings of our Jambo Live Stream on our Facebook page! More videos in the Videos section.


Jambo #2 - 2015 Videos:


  • Check out a video sneak peek of Jambo 2015 here.
  • See the award ceremony crowning the top five Jambo climbers here.
  • Watch 10th place finisher Gene Meurer climb Tree B here.
  • Get Dan Severino's take on Jambo and where tree climbing is going here.
  • Catch a glimpse of the Deep Water Tree Solo action here.
  • See Jambo 2015 Champion Chad Brey climb Tree D here.


Jambo #1 - 2014 Videos:


  • Follow Kevin Bingham on a competition climb here.
  • See the full climber experience here.
  • Watch Jambo's setup process here.