Chainsaw Lanyards

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When climbing, a chainsaw lanyard is a quality addition to a climb. With Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws, the tool lanyards attach the chain to your saddle. The loop wraps around the connection point, and the snap rings or snap end attaches to the saddle. You can snap the tiny ring to keep it close when cutting and unsnap the large one if there's an accident.

Let's talk about chainsaw lanyards and why you need one. For climbing in trees, the tool is a must.

Why Get a Chainsaw Lanyard?

Why get a chainsaw lanyard? What's the point of attaching this gear to saws when you can get along fine without one?

Chainsaw lanyards permit more comfort and control while sitting high in a tree. It will keep you safe while it provides full mobility with a single ring. With a top handle saw, it's vital to keep the saw clipped to you.

Our Top Picks for Chainsaw Lanyard

When it comes to chainsaw lanyards, there are many choices on the market. It's critical to select the best lanyard for the climbing harness. Whether you're working with Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaws, there is a match.

Read on to learn about or picks for chainsaw lanyard options. With the right choice, you can have the saddle secured and start making cuts in no time. Some offer a girth hitch to hang to the back of your harness, while others attach to an extra sewn loop which brings the hang carabiner close to the saw.