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Modern technology is a wondrous thing, and we've decided that it's about time we use it to benefit the tree care community! TreeStuff is providing online training seminars by experts from around the world to increase your knowledge on everything tree care related - from rigging techniques to plant health care to chainsaw safety - all for absolutely free. Watch them alone, watch them with friends, watch them with pants on, or watch them in a Lion King onesie - just watch them and learn.  

We broadcast our Webinars live on our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and on the TreeStuff homepage. you can ask questions to the experts, but if you miss the live Webinar you can always find the full videos on our Youtube page.

Our webinars are always FREE and you can often earn CEUs just for watching!

Past webinars still available for 1 CEU

#153 Work Hard, Cut Easy with Paul Ahlen - QUIZ

#152 Climbing Efficiently with Taylor Hamel - QUIZ

#151 Crane Safety Training with Travis Vickerson - QUIZ

#150 Bore-ing Insects and How to Control Them - QUIZ

#149 PHC Above and Below Grade - QUIZ

#148 Entrepreneurship in the Tree Business - QUIZ

#147 Boring Business Secrets (NOT BORING) - QUIZ

#146 PlanIt Geo Jobs - QUIZ

#145 Lindsey Purcell - Soil Science - QUIZ

#143 David Anderson - Rainforest Climbing - QUIZ

#144 Joe Aiken - History of Arboriculture - QUIZ

#142 Keith Bullock and Melissa Linton - OSHA and Tree Care - QUIZ

#141 Lindsey Purcell - Impact of Late Season Pruning - QUIZ

#140 Nick Araya - Palm Pruning from Start to Finish - QUIZ

#139 Trent Dicks - Tree Fertilization and PHC for Beginners - QUIZ

#138 Casey Snyder - Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Prep - QUIZ

#137 Craig Bachmann - Modern Chainsaw Skills - Field Edition - QUIZ

#136 Shem Kendrick - Modern At-Home Bonsai - QUIZ

#135 Taylor Hamel - Span Rigging - QUIZ

#134 Tim Ard - Modern Chainsaw Training - QUIZ

#133 David Anderson - Science In Trees - Harpy Eagles - QUIZ

#132 Craig Bachman - Dialing-In the Details Rigging Webinar - QUIZ

#131 Casey Gerald Snyder - Root Care, Diagnosis, and Treatment - QUIZ

#119A Keith Blakeslee World of Rigging - QUIZ

#120 Model Tree Removal With Crane - QUIZ

#121 Taylor Hamel Advanced Arborist Rigging Theory - QUIZ

#122 Fertilizing for Foliage with Joe Aiken - QUIZ

#123 Canopy Exploration and Science with David Anderson - QUIZ

#124 Combatting the Spotted Lanternfly with Trent Dicks - QUIZ

#125 Work Positioning for Safety with Craig Bachman - QUIZ

#128 Climbing Techniques with Taylor Hamel - QUIZ

#129 Making Money with PHC with Trent Dicks - QUIZ

#130 Certified Arborist Insights with Lindsey Purcell - QUIZ

#131 - Casey Gerald Snyder - Root Care, Diagnosis, and Treatment - QUIZ


How do these free CEUs Work? When will I get them?

Attend a live webinar and pass the test during the 12~24 hour window (stated clearly on the webinar form when you take the quiz) and get 2 CEUs. Pass the test outside of the live window (also stated clearly on the form) and you get 1 CEU.

The ISA is an excellent partner in these things, and they have their rules, so this isn't negotiable. Please understand that anyone that submits outside of the live window (stated clearly on the form at the time you take the quiz) will only be eligible for 1 CEU. This is regardless of timing, technical difficulty on either end, your relationship to high ranking officials or any other reason.

Passing results are submitted in a batch at the end of every other month or so. It takes the ISA 12-16 weeks in some cases to process CEUs. This means it could take up to 4-6 months for you to see these free CEUs on your account. In many cases it takes less time, but please be patient!

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