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Tree climbing ropes and tree rigging ropes are the most important tools a professional arborist uses. Climbing lines and rigging lines for arborists represent the worker's lifeline, so we stock only the highest quality lines from manufacturers such as Samson, Teufelberger, Sterling, and Yale. We also carry rigging ropes manufactured in Canada and America for Notch Equipment, which we believe represent the best value in the market and we stand behind their ropes 100%.

Why is a Climbing Rope Bag Important?

When it comes to your climbing gear, you're going to need a rope bag. Climbing rope bags provide a number of different benefits, no matter what kind of climber you are. For outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, and gym climbing alike, having a rope bag is a must. Here's why.

Climbing Rope Bags Keep Your Rope Protected

When you're climbing, you need your rope to be in top shape. Rope that's free of abrasions or fraying is a must. When you put your rope in a bag, you're keeping it safe from all of the other gear that you may have that could damage it.

A Climbing Rope Bag Keeps Gear Clean

Clean ropes are just as important as undamaged ropes. As ropes get used, they tend to get dirty, reducing grip in most cases. Rope should be protected from any extra grime that it may experience. A rope bag is an excellent way to do that.

Rope Bags Encourage Better Rope Management

There are a number of different ropes you may be using on a day-to-day basis. When you keep your rope in a rope bag, you're helping to keep it organized. Rope bags can be organized with specific ropes for specific jobs, holding all of the extra gear that may be required, too.

A Variety of Rope Bags Are Available

Not all bags are the same, and some are going to appeal to you more than others. When it comes to rope bags, you're going to have a number of different options available. These are some of the more common designs you'll find.

  • Rope Bucket: A bag shaped like a bucket, as the name implies. Normally with a few straps. Best for coiling rope neatly, and holding a few extra tools.
  • Backpack Style Bags: Rope bags that are in the form of a backpack. They're capable of holding all your rope, and attaching stuff to the exterior in most cases. Great for long approaches, as they're comfortable.
  • Rope Tarps: Rollup style bags. They're laid flat, gear is put into them in an organized manner then they're rolled up.
  • Duffle Bags: These bags look like the gym bag you're used to. Many have two handles for handheld carry and come with a single shoulder strap that can be attached for easier carry.

A Bag to Suit Your Needs

At Treestuff, we carry rope bags that will fit anyone's needs. If you're on the hunt for a rope bag for your climbing gear, take a look at our wide selection of products. We carry bags from the brands you love, like Notch, Petzl, and CAMP.

As always, safety and quality are the utmost concern. If you're not sure what you need or have any questions, please ask a Treestuff specialist by using our online chat. You can also reach us at and by calling 877-408-7337.