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Tree Rigging Equipment & Gear

When you're looking for the best gear for your tree rigging system, Treestuff has you covered. From tree pruning to bringing down entire trees, the gear you're using can make all the difference. That's why we provide nothing but the best. No matter what rigging applications you need to take on, the wide selection of products we provide can help you take on any task in a controlled manner.

Use the Right Rigging Gear the First Time

When you're working with trees, you're relying on your equipment to get things done. Using the right gear is going to help you get things done the first time. We provide rigging plates that can stand up to the use and abuse that tree work takes. Our knot rope and rigging line is highly abrasion resistant, meaning you'll never have to worry about a failure on the job. We know that safety comes first. That's why we rigorously check the hardware that we recommend.

When you buy your gear from Treestuff, you know you're getting the best. Tree work is hard work. Make sure your gear is tough enough.

As always, safety and quality are the utmost concern. If you're not sure what you need or have any questions, please ask a Treestuff specialist by using our online chat. You can also reach us at info@treestuff.com and by calling 877-408-7337.