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Chainsaw bars are an integral part of any chain saw. They're responsible for guiding the chain, the part of your saw that's doing the actual cutting. As such, having access to the best bars available for your tool is important! If you're looking to replace your bar, there are a few things you need to take into account when considering your options.

The Parts of Chainsaw Guide Bars

All chainsaw guide bars have shared characteristics with one another. The details about these characteristics, however, will depend on the type of cutting the bar is meant to do. These are the most common components of the hardware that you should know about.

  • Tail: The tail is the part of the bar that fits inside the body of the chainsaw.
  • Mounting Slot: The shaped hole that connects the bar to the equipment.
  • Adjuster Hole: Houses the pawl that adjusts the tension on chains.
  • Oil Reservoir Outlet: How the bar and chain are lubricated.
  • Bar Rails: The enclosures for the groove along the edge of the bar.
  • Groove: The channel that the chain runs on, also called a track.
  • Tip: The nose of the bar, which can be reinforced or fitted with a nose sprocket.
  • Nose Sprocket: A gear wheel that improves the delivery of the chain around the guide bar. Not all bars feature a nose sprocket.
  • Cutting Length: While bar length matters, the cutting length is what you should pay attention to. Bar length and cutting length don't necessarily go hand in hand.

Different Bar Types

Different bar types produce different results. When you're looking to replace your bar, you should pick the one that can accomplish the job you're looking to do. Let's compare different types of chainsaw bars, and what they're best at.

  • Solid Bar with Reinforced Tip: A bar made from a single piece of steel with a reinforced nose, but no sprocket. They provide excellent performance and can be used for many years.
  • Solid Bar with Replaceable Nose Sprocket: Provide effective lubrication to the bar and the chain.
  • Laminated Bar with Fixed Nose Sprocket: Constructed from laminated layers of steel, best used by enthusiasts rather than professionals.
  • Carving Bars: Specialized bars that allow for precision. Best used when the size of the cuts can become a problem due to the increased chance of kickback.

Choosing a Chainsaw Bar Like Professional Chainsaw Users

When equipped with the right amount of knowledge, choosing a guide bar becomes easy. A great experience with a chainsaw in your hands really depends on having the right tools. When you apply the right fit to your bar, you get the best performance.

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