Climbing Rings

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Climbing Rings Provide Versatility

When you're working with trees, you'll need to have a number of different ways to exercise safety and prevent injury. Climbing rings are one way of doing that. Climbing rings allow arborists and tree climbers to create specific slings for tree work, as well as prevent abrasion on the harness, as well as on the tree you're in. Of course, any rope or webbing that rubs against a tree may cause harm to the tree. That's where friction savers and climbing rings come into play.

When you've got a climbing ring as part of your setup, you're allowing yourself to hang comfortably, as well as perform the necessary tasks you need to do in the tree itself. When your weight is being supported by climbing rings, you get smooth motion and exercises, giving you the ability to stretch forward or backward on the ropes without getting caught up. This lets you keep focus, and prevents a lot of unnecessary stress.

When you're buying your climbing rings, it's important that you buy arborist rings rather than rock rings. The rings used for rock climbing aren't as robust as the rings made for tree climbing, and improper use may lead to injury while you're in the tree.