Rigging Plates

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If you are a climber, you have heard of a rigging plate. This tool handles the weight of a climber and simplifies a rigging system with multiple working parts.

Although some climb without one, a rigging plate can benefit dangerous ascents. It's also ideal in a rescue mission.

Those interested in a rigging plate are in the right place. We have plenty of options for you.

Why Use a Rigging Plate?

Rigging plates come in handy if you need to climb up or down with multiple anchors. They permit rigging lines to attach to different spots, making it simple for locking rescue carabiners to lock easily and a belay device to work well.

If you use a rigging plate, you reduce the potential for friction. They work well to remove a single collection point for climbing ropes.

There are many benefits to a rigging plate. Everything connects to one convenient location for easy access.

Our Rigging Plates

If you need a rigging plate, you've come to the right place. We facilitate rigging plate options for climbers, no matter what you want. Do you need three rigging points? Four? We have multiple anchors for you.