TreeStuff's Jambo

Jambo is a tree climbing competition as well as a festival and learning opportunity for arborists. Beginning in 2014, Jambo has become a world-renowned competition, with 60 arborists competing in teams for a $5,000 cash grand prize. Jambo also includes arborist challenges, training classes, camping, food, and more, all open to the public.

Jambo entrants compete in a number of challenges:

Two Worksite Challenges: A four-person team competes to ring as many bells as possible in the shortest time, simulating a real work environment with the addition of unique challenges.

Two Rigging Challenges: Four-person teams must choose the tools they'll use to demonstrate their rigging skills. They'll have to raise, lower, and move logs large and small.

Rotating Side Games: These side games include obstacle courses hanging from cranes, landing precision swings, and even driving mini-loaders. Jambo side games famously test arborists' skills far beyond normal competitive activities! These awesome side games are also open to the public, so stop by and give it a shot.

Jambo 6, July 2019

Congratulations to our champions, Return of the M.A.C.K!

Canadians Mark Gaudet, Adrian Henrich, Coleson Jefferies, and Krista Strating took home the $5000 cash and custom engraved Silky Gunfighter handsaws.

Jambo 6 marked the first day of Jambo training classes, including classes on complex rigging, chainsaw protection, and transitioning from DRT to SRT climbing.

Jambo Side Games

Check out some of the side games available at Jambo!

Thank you to Jambo's generous sponsors: