Sugihara Bars

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Sugihara Chainsaw Bars

When it comes to tree work, carrying less weight means being able to work longer. If you're looking to make your chainsaw light weight, then you may be interested in the Sugihara Chainsaw Guide Bars. These manufactured chainsaw guide bars are a solid bar, but they weigh much less than other bars available on the market.

For the professional market, Sugihara guide bars are an excellent option. They carry all the characteristics that a professional looks for in a bar body, and then some. These solid bars boast superb durability and maximum performance, even though they're lighter weight.

If you're looking for a high performance chainsaw bar with a replaceable nose sprocket, it doesn't get much better than Sugihara. Simply find your bar length, and make sure that the bar will fit your chainsaw body. Sugihara makes bars that fit Husqvarna and Stihl, and come in a huge range of lengths. You can't go wrong with a Sugihara.