Eye Slings

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Eye slings are vital items when it comes to climbing. They come in handy for lifting and pulling things up in a tree, beneficial for the life of any arborist.

If you want a way to raise and lower hardware, you need to take advantage of a solid lifting sling. They will make a difference in your arborist operations.

We have a variety of sling body types available. You're sure to find what you need for your next project.

What Are the Sling Types?

If you want an eye sling, it's critical to understand the types at your disposal. Several sling body options can assist as living slings for many purposes in a tree. Slings operate for the benefit of the climber.

The first type of sling is a nylon and polyester webbing sling. These work in a choker hitch, basket hitch, and vertical hitch. There is extra protection wrapped around the flat eye nylon for additional strength.

The second type is the traditional eye and dead eye slings. These come in double-eye sling options and work as lifting slings. They wrap around the bearing point.

Flat eye slings provide the lowest profile and come in handy to crane and rigging operators. The flat loop eye benefits them the most when working with lifting slings.

Our Eye Slings

We have many dead eye slings to offer for your project. Whether you're seeking a better choker hitch or web slings, there is something here that will work for your next lift sling.