Throw Line

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A throw line is a tool that works in conjunction with a throw line cube or throw weight to make climbing easier. The climbing line is simple to attach if you have a throw line to help.

Most throw line works in only a couple of throws, and it's high strength to endure the tree's power. All you need is a target and a little aim to shoot the rigging line properly.

If you are interested in throw line, you've come to the right place. We have plenty of materials for you to choose from for your next climbing endeavor.

Why Use a Throw Line?

A throw line is beneficial because it permits the climber to remotely set the climbing line. There's no need to push into the tree first - all you need is a little arm strength.

Throw lines conveniently come in a bag to allow easy carry wherever you go. With a weight, it's simple enough to get the line over the tree from the ground.

It takes a little practice to perfect the throw line, but it's worth it. The toss is every climber's best friend.

Our Throw Lines

We have plenty of throw lines for you to choose from for the ultimate arborist experience. There are various colors and diameter choices, fit for that toss.