Our Story

Thank you for visiting TreeStuff.com! We're a bunch of people who love tree care and the people who do it. Everything you'll see on this website was created by tree nerds for the purpose of making your job safer, easier, and more fun - because when tree care is done right, the whole planet benefits.

TreeStuff started as a tiny online store with a focus on innovation and customer service, and a dedication to making the tree care industry better. Now TreeStuff is the galaxy's largest online retailer of professional arborist equipment, but we've made sure to keep the small-town heart that has made us what we are today through a focus on the customer and the community.

TreeStuff is more than just a store. Not only do we have the most popular brands like Petzl, Rock Exotica, and Notch, but we're constantly building up the arborist community through fun and educational videos, free family adventures and community events, world-class competitions, live broadcasts, and emergent technology.

Commitment to Community

The arborist community is what supports us. That's why we focus most of our non-sales-y efforts toward building and enriching that community through a ton of different programs.

Hungry to learn?

Knowledge is the key to personal and professional development, so we created the TreeStuff Webinar Series - live online seminars taught by experts from around the world providing free interactive training.

Looking for a tree climbing adventure?

Check out our awesome Tree-o-Cache program and get out in the trees! It's also a great way to meet people in your area.

Want to hang out and make new friends?

Head out to a completely free TreeStuff Party near you and climb, network, have fun, and try out the cool sample gear we ship out to each party.

Eager to see the best climbers in the world in the craziest tree climbing competition?

You're thinking about our annual JAMBO competition! Whether you are looking to make a name for yourself as a champion, want to volunteer and help out, or simply show up to watch and get a little crazy at the after party– Jambo is the biggest and wildest tree climbing competition in the world.

There's a lot going on around here!

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