Hand Pruners

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Hand pruners come in all shapes and sizes, from anvil pruners to bypass pruners. If you are an arborist, you need quality hand pruners to make your life easier while up in the trees.

A quality pair will be made of a high-carbon steel blade and have a locking mechanism built-in. Hand pruners work well for delicate plants and are easier to hold when working up high in a tree.

If you need a good pair of the right tool, we have you covered. We have many options, whether you need new hand pruners or replacement blades for your old ones. More delicate plants will thank you.

Why Use Hand Pruners?

When there are garden shears available, why use hand pruners? There are many reasons this tool is an effective option for your garden.

For one, this tool makes it easy to take control of your cuts. It can prevent hand fatigue and make climbing a tree with shears much safer.

Hand pruners are also more affordable than their larger pruning relatives. They cost a fraction of what you would pay for a bigger pair.

Our Hand Pruners

If you need a quality pair of hand pruners, we have you covered. We have the pruners and plenty of accessories that will come in handy when working with delicate plants. There is sure to be something here that will work in your life.