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Picking Tree Climbing Gear

Posted by BigCommerce on Jun 29th 2020

Where do I start? I want everything I need to climb trees. Get knowledgeable recommendations on every product you need head-to-toe (or soup-to-nut … read more

Throwline Basics - TreeStuff

Posted by BigCommerce on Jun 11th 2020

Learning how to properly use your tree access equipment can save you a load of trouble! Watch this video for some tips and tricks on using your throwline and throw weights so … read more

How To Tie Climbing Prusiks

Posted by TreeStuff on May 20th 2020

There are infinite ways to tie rope climbing prusiks. Watch this video to learn the fundamentals behind the 4 basic friction … read more

Arborist Discount Network

Posted by TreeStuff on May 6th 2020

The Arborist Discount Network (ADN) is the only home-shopping broadcast experience for Arborists, it's also our idea of a hobby around here so it's meant to be fun! … read more

Jambo Human Claw Game

Posted by TreeStuff on May 6th 2020

It's one of the most popular side games at Jambo. In this video, we take a look at how the claw game works, what climbers think of it and the game's charismatic and legendary … read more

Speedlines Explained

Posted by BigCommerce on Mar 17th 2020

Speedlines are a great tool for removing debris from the tree quickly, safely, and directly to your chipper. Watch this quick video for a speedy s … read more

Comparing Arborist Boots on Video

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 10th 2020

They say the best investments are in the things that separate you from the ground: beds, tires, and shoes. This has never been more true than for the modern arborist. Watch th … read more

Cranes in Tree Care - TreeStuff

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 13th 2020

Travis Vickerson sat down with TreeStuff and created these great videos based on the 9 modules in the TCIA Crane Operations Specialist Course. If you're looking to become a TCIA Certified Crane Operations Specialist, … read more

Basics of Rigging Thimbles

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 9th 2020

Join Nick Bonner as he discusses and demonstrates some of the rigging options provided by the application of rigging rings and thimbles. … read more

How to Choose a Positioning Lanyard

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 8th 2020

You trust your life to your positioning lanyard, so make sure you have the right kind! This quick video gives an in-depth look at three of the dif … read more

Winter Gloves Reviewed - TreeStuff

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 7th 2020

Keeping your fingers and hands warm and safe in the cold goes a long way towards keeping you safe on the jobsite. In this video, Nick goes over some of our most p … read more

Carabiners Explained

Posted by TreeStuff on Jan 6th 2020

There is a wide selection of carabiners available, ranging from simple accessory carabiners to the complicated triple-action auto-locking gated DMM Revolver Rig Locksafe. In t … read more

Foot Ascender Comparison Video

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 3rd 2020

Climbers love foot ascenders because they make your work in the trees easier - but which one should you choose? Join Nick Bonner, TreeStuff General Manager, as he reviews and tries o … read more

Retrievable Reference Guide

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 23rd 2019

TreeStuff is harnessing the power of the internet to create the ultimate guide for information on retrievable items. Will this quick link fit through that rig … read more

Aaron Workman's Story

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Aaron Workman was operating a chainsaw one day at work when something went terribly wrong, Fortunately, Workman was wearing Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Protective Pants that helpe … read more

Pruner Pole Differences

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Learn how to buy the pruner pole that's just right for your needs. Do you need a pole with ferrules for a quick-change pole saw, or do you need ultra-ligh … read more

Arborist Gloves

Posted by on Oct 10th 2019

Arborist gloves protect your hands and help prevent fatigue. In this video, we review 8 pairs available at Learn about the differences and figure out which pa … read more

Harness Accessories Reviewed

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Nick shows us some of the most popular harness accessories used for holding and organizing tools and equipment. Check out the cool products featured in this video. … read more

Ear Protection

Posted by on Oct 10th 2019

Blowers, brush cutters, wood chippers, and chainsaws are just some of the machines running in your work environment daily. The noise from these tools can cause hearing loss … read more

Arborist Helmet Types

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Not every arborist helmet is made the same. Learn how to choose the best helmet for you by deciding what features you need and which helmets offer those features in a cost-e … read more

Safety Glasses Compared

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

You should definitely be wearing safety glasses. Watch this video for some reasons why, and learn a bit about the differences in options and what is and i … read more

Arborist Rigging Blocks Compared

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

In this video, we look at some popular rigging blocks. Find out what makes each one different and which block suits your needs and your budget. Features s … read more

Span Rigging with Jeff Inman

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Arborist and ISC athlete Jeff Inman took some time out of his busy schedule during Arborfest Expo to use TreeStuff's Micro Rigging Lab to demonstrate how span rigging can be … read more

Balancing Tree Limbs with Mark Bridge

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Mark Bridge, one of the TreeMagineers and co-inventor of the TreeMotion harness, uses the TreeStuff Micro Rigging Lab to show how to balance a limb using spider legs for bet … read more

Friction Saver Comparisons

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Whether you call them a friction saver, false crotch or cambium saver, they all do the same thing: protect trees from potential wounds created by your climbing line, which a … read more

Rapid Rig

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Here at Treestuff, we know that the right tools can make all the difference. We are dedicated to providing arborists with the highest quality cutting and … read more

Arborist Gear Bag Review

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Armed with 200' of 1/2" rope, Nick Bonner and Carson Royer from compare 28 arborist bags available at Watch on YouTube to skip throu … read more

Greenteeth Premium Stump Grinder Teeth

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

We've been so impressed by the quality and value of Greenteeth stump grinder teeth (not to mention customer feedback, product range, and manufacturer support) that they're no … read more

Petzl Sequoia Review

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

Petzl made some great improvements in 2019 to an already popular harness. Check out the video above to see what's new on the Petzl Sequoia 2019 and Petzl Sequoia SRT 2019 (a … read more

Micro Pulley Category Profile

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

There is a plethora of pulleys for an arborist to choose from. Dozens of different brands, colors and functions. In this video, Nick takes a look at some … read more

Ultra Sling Video

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Ultra Slings revolutionized the way we look at spliced anchors. Easy to use pockets provide adjustability without the bulky and unwieldy adjustable buries … read more

V3 Quickie

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

The V3 Quickie, created in a partnership between Notch and Singing Tree's Kevin Bingham, is a high-quality compact connector with marked strength ratings and a great low pri … read more

New Website!

Posted by TreeStuff on Sep 25th 2019

We are so psyched to be launching this new version of TreeStuff. Watch the video above to learn about some of the website’s new features and how t … read more

New Website Transition Videos

Posted by BigCommerce on Sep 10th 2019

When you're as excited about a website upgrade as we are, you make videos about it! Check out these short videos revealing how our old website transitioned into our new website. … read more

New Website Video Teasers

Posted by BigCommerce on Sep 10th 2019

We are really proud of the new TreeStuff website, so we made a series of goofy announcement teasers to get our customers excited as we are! … read more

Arborist Videos

Posted by TreeStuff on Jul 30th 2019

We Love Video! We've always been big fans of video at TreeStuff. We've created hundreds (almost multiple thousands!) of arborist-focused videos, ranging from basic product 360s, category comparisons, and live … read more