Rope Runner Pro Closer Look BigCommerce Jan 9th 2024

Notch Rope Runner Pro Closer Look

The Notch Rope Runner Pro is the newest climbing device to take the arborist world by storm, based on the revolutionary Singing Tree Rope Runner. In this video, Nick Bonner shows off the Notch Rope Runner Pro from top-to-bottom, explaining the features that make it such an amazing new device.

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Hi, I'm Nick Bonner for, and this is the notch rope runner Pro. I couldn't be any more excited to be talking about this device with you guys today. It's available launching exclusively at and it's improved in pretty much every way. So let's go ahead and put it on the rope and we'll look at it from top to bottom and talk about all the changes.

First thing you're going to notice right away is you remove this stainless steel quick pin up at the top is that the bird is rounded over, that's gonna make it much easier to work with. You see that I'm able to get the slick pin into that outer position without having to reach inside there. Slide the rope in. Click the pin through and we're on as we go down we'll see the replaceable bollard This is actually stainless steel and it's curved in here so it's going to give you a broken in feel right out of the box. And it's also not going to wear like the aluminum ones do, but if it does, it is replaceable. There's also going to be positioning marks on the inside here that matchup with a mark on the bollard. So it's going to help you always return it to the right position.

As we keep going down, we're going to see the tether here. This is wildly improved. It's a single kind of I-beam construction piece. There's so much less play to this and a much more solid feel and a lot of that comes directly from this piece here. As we get down to the gate, we're going to see a black plastic piece here. When we open that up, we'll see that it stops the rope from being put in here but it also prevents this from collapsing all the way, which is going to give you an even smoother uptake when you're tending it up or tending slack or things like that. So, second slick pin here. This is an aluminum pin versus the stainless steel up here that makes it considerably lighter. It's going to allow us to open the sliding gate here. And once we go ahead and put this rope in, just drop the gate shut. Push the pin back through. When the pin is open. You'll notice that the whole device stays together. There's no parts coming off or anything Like that it's very solid and very secure. Here we have a really nice milled piece. This is going to accept an accessory carabiner. And it's going to tend the rope runner straight up the rope without any like side to side wonkiness or anything like that. Third slick pin down here at the bottom, this is a new addition to the rope runner Pro. Again, this is an aluminum pin, you're going to back that out. And it's going to allow the pulley to open, but keep it on there and keep it retained. Slip that in, close the rope up, put the pin through, and you're set.

One of the nicest things about this is that the whole process can be done with a carabiner on here, enabling you to put this on or off the rope while you're connected to it. It's not going to stop you from opening the pulley gate or doing any of the other tasks associated with putting it on. Once you're on the Rope Runner Pro, it's gonna function exactly like the original rope runner that you may be used to, but you're still gonna get that smooth one handed release on a rope of any size. So here I'm on an 11 millimeter notch dragon. This is a really firm, very narrow, static line. It's also going to work well on double braids of various sizes, or really any arborist climbing rope you can throw at it.

So that's it. That's the notch rope runner pro. We've improved it in pretty much every way. It looks better, it's easier to use, the performance is even better than the original one. It doesn't fall apart into multiple pieces. You've got the new dedicated tie in at the bottom so you can keep it connected to you the whole time. And overall, I think that you look at it you see, you'll find that you agree with me so this is launching exclusively a summer 2020 Thanks for watching.