Whoopie Slings

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What Are Whoopie Slings?

A whoopie sling is an adjustable loop made from rope with minimal elasticity. It works by wrapping around the trunk of a tree, or a load bearing limb, and pulling the end of the rope through a spliced choker.

Slings were made to allow arborists to adjust the tension of a harness easily, allowing them to avoid tying knots. They come in a variety of lengths and diameters, allowing any climber to find the sweet spot that they need from the secure loop. 

Using the Whoopie Sling

When you're looking at whoopie slings, you'll notice two loops. Each loop serves a purpose. The smaller loop is called the fixed eye. It's your attachment point. Then, you'll have the larger loop. You're able to adjust this loop to the length that you need it to be. The loop wraps back through the cord to the other end. This part of the whoopie sling is called the tail end. It is what is pulled to adjust the tension of the adjustable loop. It has a stopper built into it, preventing it from being pulled too far out.

The ropes that whoopie slings are made from are very strong, with little to no stretch, like other arborist ropes. It's important that the line doesn't have too much stretch, otherwise, a heavy weight could cause it to extend to an unwanted length.

The Adjustable Loop That's Being Adopted for Hammock Gear

When you're looking for "whoopie slings" online, you're probably going to find more information about hanging hammocks than you are tree climbing. That's because the hiking and camping community is beginning to use them in conjunction with the whoopie hook to hang their gear. It's one of the lightest ways to hang a hammock, and it's adjustable. This makes the task easy for all sorts of people to find the right distance between the trees for their hammock hang.

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