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One of the nation's largest chainsaw companies, Oregon calls itself the "World's #1 Saw Chain" company and for good reason. They produce high-quality chainsaws products professionals need. If you need products, how-to manuals, customer service, dealer & distributor information, it can be found online on their website. This is one of the reasons that we choose to carry their products - they back their products up.

Replacing OEM Parts with Oregon Products

When you're replacing your chainsaw guide bar, you'll be hard pressed to find guide bars better than the products offered by Oregon. To choose the right product, you'll need a bit of information to get started. Here's what you'll need to know.

Bar Length

In addition to the overall bar length, you'll also want to know the cutting length of the bar your chainsaw comes with. To measure cutting length without removing the guide bar from the chainsaw body, simply measure from the nose to where it meets the body. Then, round up to the next available bar length.

For example, saws with a cutting length of 18 and 3/4 inches, you'd be able to assume that the bar length is 20 inches. This is the ideal way of measuring all of your tools' bar lengths if you have multiple saws that need replacement bars.

Chain Gauge

Chain gauge is the width of the groove where the chain fits onto the bar. Gauge for your bar will likely be stamped on the bar itself. If this has worn off the bar, then you can measure yourself using calipers. You can also use a coin! For example, a quarter's width is equal to a 0.063 gauge, a penny is a 0.058 gauge, and a dime is a 0.050 gauge. Refer to the product guide and manual when necessary for accurate information.

Chain Pitch

The chain pitch measures the distance between the chain's drive links. It's the easiest part to measure on a chain, and it should be available on the guide bar as well. However, if you can't compare the measurement on the guide bar anymore, then you can simply measure the distance between the rivets on the chain. Measure from the 1st rivet to the 3rd, then divide it in half.

Why Choose an Oregon Parts?

Oregon is a company that puts a lot of care into its parts. Choosing a chain guide bar comes with that same level of care. Here are some of the benefits of an Oregon guide bar, as well as some of the care that they offer beyond the product itself.

Chainsaw Bars with Low Kickback

Kickback on a chainsaw can be a frustrating thing, as well as present a level of danger. When you choose an Oregon product, you're going to see the results of hours of research and development. Many of the bars offered by Oregon are engineered to reduce kickback in a huge way.

A Guarantee on All Products, Even an In-Store Purchase

Not all manufacturers offer a warranty when the product isn't purchased directly from them. Oregon breaks that mold, though. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products, regardless of where they were purchased. Additionally, if the OEM manufacturer of your tool declines your warranty because you used an Oregon product, Oregon's got you covered.

An Easy-to-Use Part Finder

Unsure of the part number you need? The Oregon website can help you with that. They've got a great part finder online. Our Treestuff professionals can also assist you in finding the parts you're looking for.

Overall, we here at Treestuff trust Oregon and their products. We carry a range of their products, knowing that they can provide the excellent customer service that our customers deserve. As always, safety and quality are the utmost concern. If you're not sure what you need or have any questions, please ask a Treestuff specialist by using our online chat. You can also reach us at info@treestuff.com and by calling 877-408-7337.