Notch Rope Runner Pro FAQ BigCommerce Feb 10th 2023

The Notch Rope Runner Pro is one of the most popular climbing devices for arborists, but people still have questions - so we made this video answering the most common questions.

Does the RR Pro lose grip over time?

Just like any device or prusik-based system, you will lose grip over time through wear. Fortunately, the Notch Rope Runner Pro has an adjustable upper bollard that you can use to increase the friction as it wears. All of the wear surfaces are also replaceable.

Can you buy replacement parts for the RR Pro?

Yes! All of the wearing surfaces can be purchased here.

How do I adjust it if I lost the allen wrench?

If you lost your allen key, it's ok, any size 5mm allen key will work!

Can the RR Pro be used for DRT/MRS climbing?

Yes, the Notch Rope Runner Pro can be used for DRT/MRS, but it's not where it excels.

What's the advantage of SRT over DRT?

There are two main advantages SRT has over DRT:

1. Friction at the device does not increase depending on redirects.

2. SRT has a 1:1 mechanical advantage ratio, meaning one step will make you move twice as far as one step when climbing DRT.

Does the RR Pro cause glazing?

If you run your Rope Runner Pro correctly, you should not see glazing. If you're dropping out of trees super fast, you might see glazing.

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