Husqvarna Saw Tech Specs for Motor Heads BigCommerce Jun 14th 2023

GREASE MONKEYS! Nick Bonner has been going through a transformation since TreeStuff started selling Husqvarna chainsaws, and now he's an engine-crazed motor-head constantly spouting specifications about chainsaws! Watch as he goes mad over the top 10 Husqvarna chainsaws sold at

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Hey Motorhead, I'm Nick Bonner for and I want to talk to you about the only thing in the whole world that I love more than my children. That's right, chainsaws. Look, we've got ten fantastic models, each packed with more unique features and specs than you can shake a stick at. I'm going to make your jaw drop. The first model that we're going to look at today, the T525.

This thing was voted 2023’s cutest chainsaw. It's whisper quiet, but it's got big professional performance. And the reason is simple. It runs an S 93G type and that's what gives it an operator ear pressure 98 decibels. And that is with a 111 decibel sound power level. I can't hear that well, but that sounds pretty good to me.

Next, we've got a T435. I mean, look at it. It's a small chainsaw with big power. It's slinging a 38 inch mini chain, 7500 R.P.M. with 1.57 Newton meters of torque torque. The next thing is a T540XP Mark II. Everybody knows this. This is the top handle marvel of modern engineering coming out of the Husqvarna camp. And it's a dream for eco conscious auroras everywhere. And it's got my favorite feature, an adjustable foil system. I mean, why this thing keeps your cell lubricated with a maximum oil capacity of nine milliliters a minute that is passive. We've got the 545, too. This baby weighs a nice 11.7lb without cutting equipment out. But at 11.7lb, this thing is guzzling fuel at a 432 gram per kilowatt hour rate.

It's almost like your teenage son and his bottomless stomach. Feed it and watch it go. It works a lot harder than this new generation let me tell you. 550 XP. I love this thing. It's a midsize, so it's kind of the opposite of Goldilocks because it's got a recommended bar like 13 to 20 inches. So every tree is just the right size.

Our sixth model in the lineup today. The 555 is a powerhouse. It's got a vibration dampening system and it makes running that huge engine feel more like holding a broken shake weight with only an equivalent vibration of 3.2 meters per second squared off the front handle, five meters per second squared off the back end of Swedish engineering for you.

Let's look at the 565. This thing's a beauty and it's got a perfectly sized point seven U.S. prime oil tank volume. You don't need to be carrying around too much weight. And that's why the engineers at Husqvarna paired this with precision Swedish made oil pump to get the right amount of oil exactly where you need it when you need it.

Also, you can get your flow. In the spotlight the 372 XP. This thing has the best spark plug in the industry. We're talking a champion RC eight seven line. And just in case you're in an area where those aren't available, you can use an energy k bmr seven eight. Now I know you know this, but these two spark plugs are like the Beyonces of spark plugs.

They're ready to light up any stage or in this case, a 4.31 cubic inch engine. Next, we got a 572 XP. This thing has 9900 R.P.M. at full run, but only 2700 R.P.M.. BRAINS that's what I call it. It's a perfectly crafted and tuned motor. It runs at exactly the right power all the time. Don't screw around. Use only the best. This is the last one in our lineup. And it is the big one. The 592 XP. This thing is beefy with a power output of 7.6 horsepower and a 5.66 cubic inch displacement. This is the Arnold Schwarzenegger chainsaws. You can probably bench press your car if it had arms. This thing's big. Now, I don't expect everyone to get into the nitty gritty tech specs guy like me.

So don't worry about it. Grab a Husky, get work in and do what you know best. Make money. When you buy Husqvarna chainsaw. You know what you can expect. Stamina, dependability, potency, prowess, tenacity. Steadiness. Durability. Robustness. Endurance, strength, trustworthiness, mastery. Proficiency capability. Authority. Leverage. Infallibility, security, utility. Uninterrupted ness, vitality, exertion, dependability, valor. Execution. Readiness, operability. Output. Consistency, stability, momentum, sturdiness, intensity, credibility, functionality, assurance, perseverance, swiftness.