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Reviews for Buckingham Port-A-Wrap

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 31 reviews

game changing! - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Kodiak

if someone doesnt have this there is something wrong with you, amazing device will use it for life!

It does its job! - 04/06/2017
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

Iv been using this for many years and i know it will last a lifetime. It is absolutely a high quality rigging device.

Buckingham Large Port-A-Wrap - 03/24/2017
Reviewer: Ian B

Very impressed with the build quality and material quality of this portawrap! My 2 biggest concerns before ordering this were the thickness of the tubing used for the main body and just how textured the "textured nickel plating" would be. The main tube is pretty thick, measured 0.155" thick, not skimping on material or cutting corners here and the textured nickel plating is actually very nice feeling. Not rough to the touch or to the point that it will tear up your ropes but just enough that it will add a bit more friction per wrap. Welds are also VERY heavy duty with lots of penetration and inspire a lot of confidence! I would definitely order this again over the polished stainless, Chinese made, portawrap that I almost ordered instead. Fast shipping, too. Ordered it Sunday, got it Wednesday. Thanks again Treestuff!

Port-a-wrap - 01/06/2017
Reviewer: JustinA

The medium port-a-wrap with the rope logic TRex 17ft sling makes rigging super smooth in light to medium rigging situations. I've also been using the port-a-wrap as ground anchor for ziplining. AWESOME. Great combo. 

Excellent product! - 01/29/2016
Reviewer: Elagage M.C.

Excellent quality product, was really surprise about the friction it's giving. I truly recommend. I'm using it with a 1/2'' inch rope and work perfect!

I like it - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Mike Carter

Does a great job of controlling the load and is very simple to set up and use.

Dont let the size fool you - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Eric

My tree stuff package arrived with my portawrap mini inside when they say mini they mean mini , used it for the first time yesterday with 12mm yale polydyne it worked a treat, looks are definitly deceving on this one but im happy with the portawarp mini .

Does its job - 01/02/2016
Reviewer: Ian

This makes lowering larger branches no big deal. Does what it is designed to do perfectly. Every company should have one of these.

Awesome product - 12/03/2015
Reviewer: Patrick

Awesome product thanks tree stuff for getting out so quickly when I really needed it

Outstanding - 10/27/2015
Reviewer: Dave R

Of all the sizes and designs, I'm so glad that I went with the Buckingham Medium, it handles everything that I've thrown at it.
I went with the 5/8" Whoopie Sling, and they work like they were made for one another. I haven't had a bad any problems or unmanageable situations with either pieces of gear, I run the RE Omni Block 2.6 with a loopie for any pieces that can shred my rigging lines on. The entire setup has made my workday and body a lot less strained, come quitting time. Thanks TreeStuff for making my day so much easier!

Simple device. Short learning curve. - 04/14/2015
Reviewer: Joel Campbell

I often work alone while doing small to medium sized tree removals. In many cases the homeowner will join in to provide any assistance I need. I smile when a homeowner takes the rigging line and lowers a branch to the ground for me, not believing that it's that easy to control a heavy load.

awesome! - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: Tyler Haskiell

I just recently bought the 5/8 port a wrap after using it I don't know how I went so long without it. it saves you ropes and you have so much more control I will never wrap a rope around the tree again I love it! and thank you treestuff once again for shipping it so fast!

Great little rigging tool - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Bob at fenelon falls home hardware

Great rigging tool I use mine all the time it nice and small and very strong I keep mine in the bag with my rigging rope.

Stop reading reviews on buy one - 04/08/2015
Reviewer: Zach

It's bomb proof and one of the most important rigging tools. Just buy it.

P.S. Don't run it over with a truck it will pancake.

Mini - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Mike P

I like the mini a lot and do most of my rigging with it. It's nice and small, fits right in my rigging rope bag for a nice compact system.

If you are still using tree wraps for friction management, I would highly recommend this kind of device. It will save you much time and head ache. Be Easy


Tough as nails - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Caleb L.

I have had my device for quite some time now and have dropped some heavy loads on it. One log actually landed right on it and bent a fair lead. I had it re-welded and it continues to work for me. The only down side is it will occasionally gouge the bark on trees that I only intent to prune.

Porter wrap review - 11/28/2014
Reviewer: Hunter

Good tool to have, heavy sturdy construction.. It will save your rope and allow more consistent friction when rigging.

owner - 06/21/2014
Reviewer: Lloyd Barth
Very good tool. Can hold a lot of weight and new employees learn how to use it in minutes.

Must have at least one of these - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Henry Carr
This device is a must-have for rigging, lowering and even anchoring your SRT climbing system for emergency lowering of the climber.

Utilizing a portawrap is easier on your rigging lines and gives a predictable amount of friction per wrap, no matter the diameter of the tree. Replaces taking wraps around the tree trunk. Safer for the climber because it is harder to add too much friction to rigging system by guessing at trunk wraps.

Great tool - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: Joe Legate
Ordered one of these and have used it almost everyday since it arrived. Fantastic protection on your rigging ropes and much more control when lowering all sizes of wood. Glad I am finally with the times using the portawrap!

Must have for tree professionals - 03/02/2014
Reviewer: Brett Mattison
We have 2 of these in large size. They get used everyday. This is much easier on your ropes than doing trunk wraps.

Essential - 02/07/2014
Reviewer: Nora Bryan
Small, inexpensive and easy to install and operate. No modern tree care company should be without at least one of these devices. They are as essential to rigging as a block and good quality rigging rope. The days of natural crotch and trunk wraps are long gone.

Bullet Proof Lowering Device - 01/13/2014
Reviewer: Chris Craddock
This rigging device is a great value. My crew and I are always amazed at how big a piece we where able to take and control with this thing. I mean HUGE pieces! When married up with a 3/4" tenex sling there is not much out there that it can't handle. Adjusting the desired amount of friction is super quick and easy. Thanks Tree Stuff!

A must in rigging! - 01/09/2014
Reviewer: Chris Craddock
This tool makes rigging heavy pieces effortless. With this tool one handed operation is now possible. You can quickly adjust the rope on the stationary spindle and wrap. Don't grab it with your fingers. Stop putting wraps around the tree, break down and buy one. It's money well spent!

Built to Last - 01/08/2014
Reviewer: Mark Tournier
I inhereted the large Port a Wrap from a customer that was left out in the weather for 6 months. There are lots of other options today besides this tool for rigging big wood. This tool still stands out because it does what it designed to do! When used properly this tool eliminates the need of extra groundies for lowering heavy wood. Simple operation which saves time and money at a price that can't be beat!

Freakin Awesome - 09/06/2013
Reviewer: John Breckenridge
WOW, ive been removing dead and scary tress for 10 years, and i dont know how i lived without this thing. Spend the money and i gaurantee your jobs will get done so much faster!

best ground stuff - 06/24/2013
Reviewer: Agustin Tesio
Excellent tool, so strong and sensible at the same time, perfect combination. You can manipulate big trees using 2 ground stuffs 1 person and the awesome port a wrap.
Sorry for my inglish l am from Argentina.

Wonderful product - 04/10/2013
Reviewer: Tom Hood
I just received the port-a-wrap and was great on a large removal. It is great on ropes and will never trunk wrap again! Thanks for the quality gear.

Excellent Tool - 05/24/2011
Reviewer: Steve Eger
The port-A-Wrap is an excellent tool for the money. You would be surprised how much weight it allows one person to control. It is simple, easy to use and works very well.

No candy cane. - 04/04/2011
Reviewer: Timothy
I don't personally own a Port-a-wrap but we have one at work and it is sweet. One man can control so much weight with this. It is a must own for removing B2 and bigger sections. Control is effortless.

Great Product - 06/14/2010
Reviewer: Michael M
The Port-A-Wrap is a great product. Allows so much more control with rigging. Definitely a must buy.

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