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Reviews for Powerscender Spur Mounted Ascender

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 15 reviews

Faster climbing - 12/12/2017
Reviewer: Allen

These are mounted on my spurs and I don't use them all the time. I like to use them when I have a lot of height to cover before I get to the first branch.

I have noticed that I come down for lunch break a little more often because I can get back up faster than before I had them.

I have not had any issues with them breaking or getting in the way.

Works great, lasted a year for me - 08/07/2017
Reviewer: Dan

This ascender works beautifully. Rope seems to glide through effortlessly as you ascend, as compared to the CMI foot ascender I use for spikeless ascent, which seems to need 10-15ft of rope below before it starts self tending. In Ddrt systems it allows me to kick the slack out of climbing line as i ascend, leaving my hands free. I've learned to be a little more careful with my technique using a spur mounted ascender in a rope walking system. Haven't exactly stabbed my leg but I definitely tore a couple holes in the pant leg of a couple pairs of jeans.

As other people here have experienced, the rivets attaching the ascender to the mounting plate have sheared off.

Awesome - 04/08/2017
Reviewer: Andrew Giordano

Awesome compact.. way better than trying to wrap your ascender around your spikes.. it's out of the way and has a lock.. great product!

Great customer service - 01/30/2017
Reviewer: Blake

Ok, this was a great piece of kit until like others the rivets sheared off. Treestuff is giving me a full price credit on the purchase so customer service gets 5 stars. Not sure if I'll replace with the same though since there are now multiple reviews with the same failure.

Awesome - 11/30/2016
Reviewer: Parker

First off I wouldn't go without it now! I have also been using the Powerscender for a number of months when the rivets broke on me like Royce, but all of the rivets broke. Luckily I was on the ground and my other ascenders held.
TreeStuff is awesome and replaced it for free. Even if they didn't replace it, I would give it a 5 as it make life so much easier when ascending with spikes.
It doesn't get in the way at all when spiking in the tree and there is nothing to take on or off.
Awesome product and I would highly recommend!

Great, slight wear problem - 10/25/2016
Reviewer: Royce Clay

A great product, maybe using it for 8 months now. A problem arose recently, where some of the rivets have fallen out (Video Link.)

Still rating it 5 stars, because TreeStuff is replacing it for free.

Love this thing, and love treestuff!

Great Product - 06/27/2016
Reviewer: Zach

Makes working with rope with spikes on a lot easier. Should have bought this ascender a long time ago. I have since recommended this product to all of my buddies who do a lot of removals.

Powerscender - 05/20/2016
Reviewer: Rob Englaish

The Powerscender is everything i had hoped it to be. And with help from Treestuff i found the right ones for my climbing spurs, Easy on and right to work. Makes ascending with spurs much easier. Great piece of gear for the price!

works great! - 02/07/2016
Reviewer: jeremyredsrt

This setup works great! I had Mike make me this setup for my geckos about 5 months ago. They don't kick out or get in the way on a spar when the ascender is not needed.

Very secure - 01/29/2016
Reviewer: Sam Desmet

This is a great tool.

My pick - 01/25/2016
Reviewer: Chris Bramlage

This ascender is as advertised. They've been on my carbon Geckos for a few weeks now with no problems. Easy, exact fit, and functional in use. Mine came from Mike himself, who is a fair, and good guy. Just get em.

Warp speed - 01/24/2016
Reviewer: Arborist of darkness

Mike made me one of these a year or so ago, and I use it nearly every time I put on spikes. I wear mine so it faces front on my right shank. With the haas attachment on the left. This is one of those things, like the haas, that just makes my life easier. Won't do tree work without it.

At the ready - 01/23/2016
Reviewer: Doug Doll

This is an amazing tool. Keeps the rope away from your spurs while climbing and provides for a very solid feel. Get the SAKA attachment too. The actual ascender is a CT foot ascender. I've worn a foot ascender over my gaffs for years the powerscender is more secure and does not get in the way.

Good time to climb - 01/23/2016
Reviewer: Brian Bixler

Ever put on your spurs, then leg handsaw scabbard, THEN realize you forgot your FOOT ASCENDER!?!?!? Another problem solved, props to Mike and TreeStuff... THANKS!

Buy a set - 01/22/2016
Reviewer: Frank

Buy a set and give them a climb or two. After that you won't even notice them on there until you need them. Super smooth for rope ascent and they do not get in the way when spiking.

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