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Reviews for ART Spiderjack 3

4.4 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 16 reviews

Not good - 02/13/2018
Reviewer: Chris

I recently started using the SJ3 again after previously giving up. Without a pulley at the top it will not feed with one hand and is very difficult to ascend on hands only. It is also very big and will either be pushed against a branch or get caught up in twigs.

For felling trees with a top anchor not wearing gloves it is great. For any other tree work it is difficult to work with.

Best way out of a tree - 12/15/2017
Reviewer: Michael Becker

I've had the Spiderjack 3 since it came out. Had damage to an aluminum carabiner, switched to a steel carabiner and no problems. Excellent brake control, and does everything the video shows. Haven't had any problem using this with foot & knee ascenders. With the thumb brake you go as fast or as slow as you want. I would buy this again.

Game Changer - 12/15/2017
Reviewer: Mitch Hoy

Like a previous review, I have also been climbing on the SJ3 since it came out.
This device has changed the way that I climb. Before switching to the Spiderjack, I had started to accumulate the repetitive motion injuries associated with hitch-based climbing. I was worried about my future as a climber. I now can and regularly do climb 50+ hours a week without fear of developing problems.
The way that the SJ3 eats slack with no sit-back is incomparable to any other device or system. The Spiderjack also pays out line with incredible precision; once you become attuned to the device, work positioning becomes fluid, less physical, and incredibly fast. The locking feature is also very handy. I climbed on a zigzag for a month and a half, it's better than a hitch. I recommend it to novice climbers because it is much more intuitive to learn on than the SJ3. The zigzag is a good device, but it lacks the dimensionality of the Spiderjack 3. The size of the Spiderjack is always the initial critique it gets when other climbers check it out. "Isn't that going to get stuck in a crotch?" If you're having problems passing your system on any part of the tree, you're climbing wrong. In a year of climbing, the size of the SJ3 has Never been an issue, and my final thought on SJ3 vs. ZigZag is this: No one will ever call you "Spiderman" on a zigzag.
I do climb SRT, and enjoy the modality of climbing. I use it for all ascents, and many trees with just a few objectives. For any climb where I am making a lot of movement through the canopy, I always choose the Spiderjack. Even with the changeover, the time savings are worth it, the climb always goes smoother, and the addition of a captain hook to my system gives the same benefits of redirecting in SRT.
On a final note, this thing does great natty-crotching your tie-in, or on rings, but is fully realized on a pulley. Open up that clutch, use your thumb break, and have fun.

Friction is a thing of the past - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Matt

When you use the spiderajck, accent is easy due to the slack tending abilities, but when you descend, that lack of friction works against your mind, if your used to a slow decent, your in for a ride. But once you get it down, your going to have fun. This product is well worth the price

Really smooth - 11/22/2017
Reviewer: Robert Englaish

I have used the spiderjack 3 now since it has came out and it has been great, I also use the zigzag and have noticed the spiderjack to tend the rope a little easier with one hand, overall great device and if you like climbing double rope this is a nice smooth piece of gear. Great to descend on too!


Zig zag is better - 11/11/2017
Reviewer: Johnny misita

The zig zag is way better in my opinion. The long shape of the spider jack and the small black pully make slack tending very jerky and inconsistent. The zig zag is way easier to tend slack with. The major flaw with the sounder jack is the top hole where you connect the carabiner. The little o ring fell out the second time I used it and if you run it with out the o ring it eats your carabiner. The zig zag has a much better design for carabiner life. Last but not least it is huge compared to the zig zag. The zig zag is consistent no matter where you are at on the line. The spider jack sucks when you are close to your tie in, I have literally had to throw my weight on it to get it to move. I just don't see how anybody would like this over the zig zag.

Increíble - 08/23/2017
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Estaba muy emocionado al principio pero el spiderjack 3 en mi opinión crea mucha fricción es muy grande so en mi opinión el viejo es mejor

Worth every penny!!! - 08/19/2017
Reviewer: Brett walzer

I finally bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on this item, I've been using the spider jack 2.1 and been loving it so I didn't want to switch, wasn't sure how they could do better but they did!!! First time using the spider jack 3 I was upset I had not switched sooner!!! Amazingly smoother in every way. Think the original is smooth? The 3 is smoother!!! Brake is so much easier to use and way more comfortable!!! Completely effortless slack tending... again if you like the spider jack 1 or 2, number 3 tops the cake!!!! Thank you for such an amazing tool....

Extreme efficiency - 08/17/2017
Reviewer: Sam Finco

I upgraded my SJ 2.1 to the three and couldn't be happier, this is my favorite device to climb on daily for most applications, paired with the twinline rope guide I get to ascend SRT and switch into the fastest, meanest, most precise climbing system there is. On large spread out removals and tip pruning the ability to adjust your work position with one hand is a must for maximum efficiency.

Possibilities and Ease - 08/08/2017
Reviewer: K Blakeslee

Streamlined, smooth edges and low drag.

The Spider jack 3 is a different beast when compared to the zigzag or traditional split tails knots. Be prepared to do some dialing in. I am using the red cam ( medium ) with 11.5 mm New England Tachyon with the brake adjusted out about half way. When using this device to descend, it requires commitment. It is smooth, exact and very efficiant. Especially when ascending, self tending much easier than the Zigzag with less rope weight.

I am slowly attempting SRT styles while utilizing the Spiderjack 3, and i must say paired with a good ascender / foot loop this thing is unstoppable and i do highly reccomend this mechanical device for any production climber out there. Saving money both on splits tails / eye n eyes as well as less wear and tear on climbing lines. Not to mention the "lock out" function allows the user to pull slack and lock it out without your climbing system pulling on you, and also allows peice of mind when working knowing you wont be descending accidentally if bumped.

Great product and excellent construction like all ART products.

Self-tailing is fantastic - 03/22/2017
Reviewer: Cade Baker

I've been climbing on the Zigzag for a couple years now and decided to purchase the Spiderjack 3 to test it out. So far, I've really enjoyed climbing on it. The self-tailing aspect is fantastic for ascents and limbwalks. It's easy to manage with one hand, its motions are clean, and does what it says it's going to do.

One thing that I've thought is fantastic about it is the ability to tend your rope with one hand. There are situations in which I'll be reaching out to cut a branch or otherwise moving around in the tree, but I want a little more tension in the rope. Even with one hand occupied, I can pull on the top side of the rope to tighten things up, and because it is self-tailing I don't need to worry about pulling my belly through- it does that itself. Absolutely dreamy.

A small negative I have found is that it doesn't run super great if you have some weight on your tail. I've found that I need to keep brush off of it in order for it to work like it should. A small inconvenience, so far not difficult to deal with.

I really enjoy it overall. Is it that much better than the Zigzag? If you're going to be using it a lot, go for it. It's clean and offers a lot of conveniences that the Zigzag doesn't.

Smooth, Real Smooth - 01/09/2017
Reviewer: Chris Wright

I was a little apprehensive to buy this at first. I've been climbing DdRT with rope hitches for 16 years. I was not sure I'd like the switch over to mechanical but this Spiderjack3 is one smooth operating device. A little getting used to but everything you hate about DdRT is out the window with this. Can't wait for the twin line rope guide to come out. This thing will even be smoother!

Great Product - 12/27/2016
Reviewer: Jason C

The SpiderJack 3 does everything it demonstrates in the product video. I was skeptic to spend this kind of money, but it is well worth it, and it will save money on split tails in the long run as well. Slack tending is a real time saver, this makes limb walking sooo much easier. The device is smooth, ergonomic, and easy to learn. The locking feature of the device is great when you need to maintain position to work. I thought the device was a lot bigger, but the handle and thumb break fits well in my hand. I have medium to large hands, as far as glove size goes for a point of reference, overall very comfortable. Descent is very smooth, and easy to control. I have used about every hitch, pulley, and device combo I can think of, and by far this is the most productive for my style of climbing. If you want something more traditional you may want to look elsewhere. Overall, to sum it up very productive, and easy to use!

I called in regards to asking questions about this product, and also an ordering mistake I made. I have to say the customer service at TreeStuff is AWESOME! Thanks for the help!

1 bad thing - 12/03/2016
Reviewer: Johnny misita

I think it's the best thing ever, however the one flaw is the top hole with the rubber o-ring. The o ring fell out the first time I used it and the shape of the metal is horrible for carribiners. It has ruined 3 carabiners. Other then that I really like how it works

Intuative and Innovative - 11/13/2016
Reviewer: Rob C Downey Trees Inc

Intuative: The Spiderjack 3 is easy for an experienced Ddrt climber to work with. The setup is reasonably foolproof and the operation is simple to grasp. The device tends slack with one hand operation making your climb more energy efficient and on descent runs smooth and as fast as you prefer.
Innovative: Many of the previous issues with the SJ 2 have been well addressed. Descending against your rope no longer requires the special handle. Its built with a pulley under the handle preventing the rope from contacting. The locking feature further eliminates the device from eating your slack at altitude by locking the cam and making work positioning easier. The device is a good buy if an experienced climber is looking to go mechanical. There is nothing smoother, safer, and as well thought out on the market today.

Love it! - 11/09/2016
Reviewer: Ryan swederski

Love this thing does every thing it says it does ! So smooth feels great in both hands I'm using a poison ivy climb line with it the only con is that it's not mid line attachable have to have only one splice Beside that worth every penny can't wait for the rope guide twin line to come out !!

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