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Reviews for Buckingham Friction Saver with Steel Rings

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 30 reviews

Durable and reliable. - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Nathaniel Hudson

I purchased the steel with 2' in length. The product is very durable and gets the job done ! If it's your first time or just need a reference it comes with instructions on how to install and retrieve. You will need a throw line and weight. Great product from a great company.


Lewis tree service - 08/20/2017
Reviewer: William Lewis

I bought the 2' version and wished I would have gotten the 3'. It is a great device though it is a trick to set and retrieve due to the large rings. All in all a good piece of equipment. Thanks

Arguably the most heavy-duty ring and ring... - 08/17/2017
Reviewer: Gregory D. Lammers

...on the market. A touch heavy to carry into the tree, but if you're setting it from the ground, it really shines in being highly visible, low-friction, and clear as to which end is what. These days, I often find it handy to have a groundsman set it while the climber is establishing themselves in a tree to rig down hands-only pieces on trim jobs to protect the tree from the rope.

Classic - 04/05/2017
Reviewer: Stuart French

Used this for over 3 years on a double rope system. Durable, cheap, and reduces friction.

Outstanding - 01/03/2017
Reviewer: Jerry

Excellent product!!! The Friction Saver saves ropes from the normal wear and tear caused from ascending and descending. BEWARE!!!! This thing is be careful when retrieving from tree after job completion. Wish I purchased this thing years ago!!


Great with smaller diamater ropes - 08/04/2016
Reviewer: Joel Campbell

This friction saver works great with smaller diameter ropes, but not so well with the Samson Vortex.

Larger diameter ropes with a tight eye splice do not pass easily through the smaller ring. This makes it very difficult to install remotely. It can be done, but it takes a bit more work than I'd like.

When used with smaller diameter climbing lines, this friction saver is super easy to remotely set in the tree. The friction savings is great. Rope runs smooth and effortlessly through the rings.

Friction Saver - 05/29/2016
Reviewer: Kelly

After hearing my boyfriend complain about his old friction saver I took to this website to find the best replacement. Research led me to this one manufactured by Buckingham. I haven't heard him complain since. Thanks TreeStuff!

AWESOME PRODUCT - 05/20/2016
Reviewer: vanesa

another great product by buckingham, add a prusik and biner and your ready,. seems to hold up so far it has been 2 yrs since using it almost daily i would recommend this product. i like the fact it has steel rings as well.

buckingham friction saver with steel rings - 03/23/2016
Reviewer: JMS

This friction is an essential tool for us. Excellent quality. Excellent lowering point for our ropes. I would highly recommend this item to all. I purchased the 6' length. A++

It's good for the tree and you - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: Joe

I often don't get to use this when I'm climbing. My company is a very efficient production company and it does take extra time to setup and retrieve. Obviously to set it up you must be up at the crotch you're using. Sometimes that's a hassle. I could just throw my rope in it from 15-20' below the crotch and never look back. But when I'm up by the crotch anyways and I have the time I almost always use it. It definitely saves damage on the tree and makes your life easier because there's basically no friction. The colors are also a huge help. I probably use it 20% of the time. It has gotten stuck before in a very dense tree the bigger loop got lodge in a crotch and I had to go back up after it. But that's a rarity.

Great saver - 01/05/2016
Reviewer: Murph

This was the first friction saver that I have ever purchased. As soon as I got it I was so excited to climb on it. It is simple, easy to use, and is built very well. I found it easy to install/retrieve from the ground. Will def buy another if this one wears out.

Basic. - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Cole

Your simple friction saver. I purchased the 4' version and it seems to be the perfect length, I have yet to max it out. In all honesty though I can say that I only use friction savers maybe 10% of the time. Working for a company where time is always a factor myself and the other climbers rarely take the time to set and retrieve them. But when it is used it always functions like it is supposed too.

Sometimes Simplicity Wins - 12/05/2015
Reviewer: Chris A

This is the only friction saver I own, but all considered it is probably the only friction saver I need to own. These things are burly, there is no question in my mind that they will hold up for the long haul, longer than your average climbing rope anyway. I own two sizes, the six foot and the two foot. I've found the two is a little too short for most tasks while the six is a touch too long. I would recommend a three or a four. Something I really love about this product is the fact that is has steel rings. This means, when I retrieve it and it crashes to the ground because I am not quick enough to catch it, I have nothing to worry about whereas the aluminum rings ought to be retired after one such drop.
The only downside to this item is the lack of adjustability for chunking down spar poles, etc. This can be easily fixed however by adding a prusik with another steel ring.
All told, wonderful friction saver!

An Arborist Must-Have! - 08/26/2015
Reviewer: Charlie has everything this tree guys needs! This friction saver is beefy, and is very easily installed via throwline. The ridgid steel rings make ascents smoother than any limb or natural crotch ever could, while preserving the cambium layer from rope burn. This friction saver is worth eeeevery penny!

Simple, does the job - 06/07/2015
Reviewer: Erin Stoekl

Most of my tree jobs are for friends and family, and this friction saver works great. It's what I was trained on, and it's what I'll continue to use to preserve my rope and the tree. Colored ends are also a plus.


Smooth and strong - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Bob at fenelon falls home hardware

Works nice and smooth the steel rings take a beating and stay strong in the harsh cold Canadian winters. Also extends the life of your ropes.

Had to Buy 2 - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Gorilla Man

Got one for rigging and the climber used it for his rope so I had to buy a second one for double duty.
Because they were out of stock on what I ordered Treestuff sent me a free rope versions now the climbers use that one for their climbing line.
Not sure if it is due to thickness/stiffness getting wedged in the tree crotch but at times you have to practically hang on the rope to get out of the tree. Other than that rare occasion we love it.

Simple and fool proof - 04/08/2015
Reviewer: Zach

This is a simple yet safe friction saver that I use almost everyday. My company requires steel rings so it's a bit on the heavy side to hang off of a saddle but the weight is nice for retrieval to prevent snags. Great saver!

Steel is real - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Mud Dog

This is definitely a stout piece of equipment. It is worth a little bit of extra weight for the durability of steel rings. I've been glad my rope has been running through this on many occasions climbing in some coarse barked trees, rather than the crotch alone. Worth the cost to cut down on wear on the rope and make climbing eaiser.

Good nuff - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: John

Not a bad unit. Esspecially when paired with an adjustable prussik for choking on the spar. It is extremely abrasion resistant durable. It may not be as fancy as others that are available, but does it really need to be? I kind of like the additional friction compared to climbing on a pully.

snags less than others - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: matt

the stiff webbing makes it less prone to snagging on install or retrieval i much prefer this over a usaver if setting from the ground and its very well made

Bulky and strong - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Justin Grabosky

Very bulky and very strong, gets stuck alot when trying to remove but you dont have to worry about it breaking. Whatever length you are looking to get, get a longer one trust me.

Bulky, heavy, and reliable - 12/04/2014
Reviewer: Nick Nick

It won't ever break or fail, but it won't ever work as well as other options. It is heavy, doesn't run that well and is not the easiest to get out of the tree, but I have dropped it on more than a few driveways/rocks and it doesn't flinch. If you get it, get a longer one, the short one is pointless. I'll probably use it for rigging since I got a fancy lightweight friction saver.

Bulky and heavy, but solid - 06/27/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
Bulky and heavy, but they work great. Obviously not nearly as sexy as some others, but if your goal is to reduce friction and protect the cambium of the tree you're working in, these will do the job and at half the price of some other similar devices.

Highly recommended - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Henry Carr
This is the tried and true friction saver. Makes climbing easier on you and your rope. A must-have for pruning jobs! I definitely trust the steel ring version more than the aluminum.

bulky but heavy duty - 01/08/2014
Reviewer: mark13y
well you'll only buy one in your lifetime, its extremely durable, but very bulky and heavy, the flat webbing ensures a good distribution of weight across the cambium but honestly i don't see the need, the main concern is eliminating rope running over it. this does shine on a crane tie in or in the shop over an I-beam for practice set ups

Gets the Job done - 01/06/2014
Reviewer: Damian
Buckingham does it again with this easy to understand and use friction saver. Quality you can trust with your life.

Great product. - 03/11/2013
Reviewer: Andrew Tataronis
Quality built and tough product. I went with a smaller length of the ring to ring friction saver with steel rings. In hindsight, I would have gone longer, and with the aluminum rings to cut down on the weight. Still a very quality product built to last and greatly increases the lifetime of your rope. Easy to install and retrieve from the ground. All you need for a friction saver device.

Tried and true - 03/01/2013
Reviewer: Nick Bonner
Having a friction saver can make a big difference.

This is the most basic version yet gets the job done. You can set/retrieve remotely and it could possibly outlast your climbing career. These things are built tough!

Having a friction saver is nice because it can kind of follow you around a TIP and makes it tending the rope and such much easier.

So simple - 04/02/2012
Reviewer: Casey Selner
This is the simplest way to reduce friction in a climbing system. Easy to install from the ground. Saves the excessive wear on your rope because it is no longer rubbing on bark. Also preserves the cambium on the tree you are climbing.

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