CMI Anchor Sling

$61.95 - $129.95

The CMI Anchor Sling is a versatile adjustable sling made from heavy-duty nylon webbing with stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection. Don't waste time on knots, just throw this puppy around the base of a tree and pull the ring through one of the pockets and you're good to go! You can also attach a carabiner or pulley to a pocket and create a low-friction cambium saver - the world is your oyster!

$61.95 - $129.95


Pocket MBS: 2,000lbs

Webbing Strength: 10,000lbs

Stainless Steel Ring Strength: 10,000lbs

  • Easy and simple-to-use design originally created by climber Gerry Garcia
  • Use it as a basal anchor, a false crotch redirect, friction saver, or whatever else you come up with
  • Don't waste time on knots!
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Ring Style
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