Guess the Weight

Our friend Ryan Torcicollo likes putting his saw to wood and we like to give away free stuff - so we teamed up and brought you this free competition!

The Competition is Simple:

The person to guess closest to the actual weight of the cottonwood log in the images without going over wins a $259 Rope Logic Ultra Omni Block Sling!

Just submit your guess below before April 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced after.

Ryan's the guy in the orange shirt and he's got a 30" waist - in case you'd like to know, or you're looking to buy him a birthday present.

Oh yeah, and only your first guess counts!

You've entered! Only your first guess will be counted.
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The weight was determined by a scale on the crane. The weight will not be disputed, questioned, or reviewed - partially because the log doesn't exist anymore.