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Submit a Video Review for a $10 Gift Card!


Submit a Video Review for any product on to receive a $10 Gift Certificate! We'll feature your video on the site and on our YouTube page. Make as many videos as you like for multiple Gift Certificates. Just share your opinions on the product, good or bad!


Step 1: Upload

Upload your video here (You MUST include you email address in the FIRST NAME field of the submission page. DropBox does not deliver the email address entered in the email address field.)

Step 2: Get your Gift Certificate

Watch for your Gift Certificate code in your email inbox within a few days.


Video Requirements:

  • Introduce yourself! What is your name and where are you from?
  • Let us know you are making a video review for or include a graphic available here.
  • You need to show the product in the video.
  • The product you're reviewing must be for sale on
  • We need to be able to hear you. Don't film next to the chipper, really far from the camera, etc.


  • If you use your cell phone, set it on a fixed object or have someone hold it. 
  • The camera should be with the sun at its back if possible.
  • Fancy editing is not necessary.
  • Ideal video length is around 90 seconds. However, feel free to use as much time as you need to accurately review the product.
  • If you're filming with a cell phone, we'll be able to see more detail and a wider view if you hold it sideways, instead of vertical.
  • Check out the videos other customers have done here.

Fine Print:

  • To receive your Gift Certificate, you MUST write your email address in the "First Name" field when you upload your video.
  • Please do not submit reviews for items that are listed as 'Discontinued' or are found in the Sales and Specials!!! category.
  • As long as you make a real effort to share your opinions in a constructive fashion, you get a GC! The review doesn't have to be positive.
  • Please don't include anything innapropriate. Setting, language, or general behavior.
  • Please wear all appropriate PPE at all times.
  • By submitting your video, you grant us full use of the video, including on our Youtube channel and
    • Weaver Nylon Loop Runner
    • Singing Rock Porter
    • Rock Exotica TransPorter
    • Felco F2 Hand Pruner
    • Silky Zubat 330
    • ISC Big Dan Carabiner
    • Powerscender Spur Mounted Ascender
    • Climbing Technology Otto Big Figure 8
    • Petzl Caritool


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