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Reviews for Branch Manager Mini Grapple

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 9 reviews

Great grapple, works harder than any skilled labor - 07/13/2017
Reviewer: Jonathan pasquale

This is an extremely wonderful efficient way of dealing with downed trees. I am blown away at my ability to complete jobs faster with less effort on a daily basis. The grapple was manufactured well, it had grease fittings and was ready for service as soon as it was delivered. I am able to load logs into my truck/ trailer as well as effortlessly feed brush into my bandit chipper. I can complete jobs in half the time with half the effort. The bollard does essentially save me from pulling out the GRC whenever I need to do some lifting of light to medium size material. I do you say that the saw Scabbard on this grapple is not. helpful.

Economical Knock-Around Grapple - 04/19/2017
Reviewer: Jacob

This is a good grapple for the cost. Much has been done to make it affordable. That said, quality and craftsmanship have been sacrificed to achieve this. There are no bushings on any sort. The pins are not tempered pins; merely grade 5 bolts with Stover nuts. We ended up tapping in some extra grease zerks where needed to slow the wear. There is no thrust bearing for the rotation of the grapple. This is my biggest complaint. A very high wear point with no means to lubricate. Expect a loose grapple from the start and an extremely sloppy grapple after some use. I'll be rebuilding mine with proper pins, bushings, and a thrust bearing in the future. The owner Dave is awesome to work with. Warranteed a the cylinder after it started leaking; no questions asked. He's chosen to make these affordable rather than maintainable. Can't blame him. We live in a throw-away society. Well worth the investment. It was what I needed and could afford at the time. Looking back; I should have waited and bought something with legit pins, bushings, and bearings. Here's a video:

Tough and powerful! - 11/02/2016
Reviewer: NStewart

We've been using this grapple for just over 1 year. It's been maintenance free and exceeded our expectation. I definitely recommend its use!

great - 07/17/2016
Reviewer: thomas duffy

its the best got one 3 months ago put on my mt52 if your a tree guy its a must

Changed our daily operation! - 04/03/2016
Reviewer: Daniel O

I love this Grapple, due to the fact that our production has increased about two times as much faster and I am happy to haul limbs from anywhere around the yard with my Toro TX 1000 XL Wide Track!

Save on chiropractician bills! - 12/17/2014
Reviewer: Jacob

At last!! Treestuff is offering THE most useful tool for our industry. Get ready to double your productivity! No more ripping logs on site. Just pick them up and truck them away!! Job site is far off from your chipper? No problem, haul all the branches to the truck in no time! Just bring it all to your chipper/truck instead of bringing your 10 tons rig to the tree!! It makes so much sense. Need a redirect pulley but got no trees to attach it to?? No problem: just mount it on the bollard that's attached to the grapple!

But most importantly prevent serious back injury from constantly bending over to pickup heavy logs!!

Watch this little video I've put together. Truck was several hundred feets away from this little wood lot we were cleaning...




Best attachment for a mini skid - 12/17/2014
Reviewer: Joe Russell

The BMG grapple is the best attachment for a mini/forwarding machine in tree work. I own 3 of them and run them on Gehl articulated loaders. We have run forks, buckets and grapples on forwarding machines and always return to the BMG. They hold up well, are light weight yet very strong, and with a few hours of practice operators can dominate the job site. You should have probably bought this a long time ago.

Pretty awesome but has some quirks - 12/15/2014
Reviewer: Mike.s.

We have one of these at the office I work at for a bobcat mt55 that I run quite a lot. It is a very strong set up that has allowed us to do removal clean up much much faster and more efficient and overall a very good attatchment. There a few quirks at least with the one we have.
The hydraulic hoses that come with it are very long longer that what is needed and the routing is very funky we had to reroute them and weld on a keeper because the hoses would loop out in front of the front plate and get all smashed up. Also because there is no power gimbel practice dragging the tips on brush or wood to get it to reorientate correctly when trying to grab brush or wood. Also if the insides of the grapple jaws had teeth or a texture that would be nice too

Other wise a really cool and very productive piece of gear to make the most of it have ure ground guys stack and orient brush for operator to pick up faster

BMG mini - 12/12/2014
Reviewer: Dan Sundermeier

Bees Knees.

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