Community Expert Video Contest

Congratulations to our 3 winners!

Mark Grainger produced 3 videos– How to Tie a Zeppelin Bend, How to Set a Retrievable Canopy Anchor, and TreeMotion Superlight Hack and earned a total of 334 Likes.

Sean Byam produced 3 videos– Tips for Manipulating your Rope from the Ground, How to Perfectly Back Up to your Chipper, and Pole Saw Tips and Tricks and earned a total of 323 Likes

William Smith produced one video– Water and Me and earned a total of 184 Likes.

All 3 creators win a $1000 TreeStuff Credit provided by Weaver Arborist

Real-life arborists have made educational videos about something they've learned in their time on the job site, and now it's up to you to decide who wins $1,000!

You can either choose from the videos below, or watch them on our Youtube playlist.

On March 4th the 3 creators with the most Thumbs Ups won a cool $1000 Treestuff Gift Card from Weaver Arborist.

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