High-Tech Gear Guide

Does your arborist like the coolest new tech and gadgets? Don't worry, we have the coolest stuff with the most futuristic technology!

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Helmets - Futuristic Protection

You don't get any cooler or more high-tech than Protos helmets - and we have a bunch of different cool versions too!

Saddles - Cool Modern Materials

New space-age materials and ergonomically molded shapes designed for ultimate coolness make these saddles the closest to what Boba Fett would wear if he cared about safety. The Petzl Sequoia SRT has all the doodads you could want, and the treeMOTION Pro is a constant favorite. The Courant Koala is a newer design with some cool French technology.

Hand Saws - You Almost Don't Need A Chainsaw

We almost exclusively carry Silky Saws - cause they're the best. These saws are guaranteed to make your arborist's eyes light up when they unsheath them for the first time. The Katanaboy is massive folding saw with a 40 inch blade. It's seriously cool.

Chainsaws - Fresh Out Of Husqvarna's Skunkworks Department

Autotune 3.0, fancy air injection, high-tech antivibration systems, or quiet battery-powered ease of use - these saws are FANCY.

Boots - Comfort, Safety, and Tech

These boots provide chainsaw protection, but go the extra distance with futuristic materials for more comfort and flexibility. Notice anything about the Pfanner Boa? Yep, no laces.

Climbing Gear - GADGETS!

This is the really cool stuff. These help your arborist go up and down in a tree without needing prusik cords and tying knots. They're the most adjustable, shiny options. Or there's the Ronin system that just winches a climber into the canopy without breaking a sweat.

Spurs - Like A Super Car For Your Legs

Spurs have been around forever, but now they're making them with 3D molded cuffs and fancy materials for extra comfort and weight reduction. The Edelrid Talon has a unique lower strap design that is a game-changer.

Carabiners - Lightweight and Shiny

Even if you don't know about carabiners, you can tell that these are the coolest looking. The DMM Durolock has an extra layer of locking security, and the Edelrid Bulletproof is made of aluminum with a steel insert to make it last longer.

Fun Things

Everyone could probably use these, but your arborist will probably love them more than others.