COVID-19 Response

These are scary times, no doubt. We urge you in the strongest possible sense to protect yourself, your families, and your community through responsible decisions and an abundance of caution.

For us, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities is paramount as we all face the COVID-19 outbreak together, but we know that tree work has been deemed essential in many areas, so we have set out a plan to continue supplying you (and entertaining you) as long as we can.

Most of our employees are working remotely, so you might hear some pets or kids in the background if you call in to check on on an order or to get a tracking number.

Our warehouse and splicing teams are working and have moved to split shifts to minimize contact and congestion in the warehouse. We are doing our best to serve you and continue to ship orders as fast as we can but hope you understand there might be unforeseen delays.

We haven't heard of any major delivery issues with the carriers, but they have notified us that they aren't meeting delivery guarantees in all markets. This means that a 2 day package is sometimes taking 3 or more days (and so on). The carriers, like all of us, are taking things day by day and doing their best to serve all of us and their employees as best they can.

Like everyone in the US, we are following guidelines set forth by the CDC and local and federal governments. If these force us to change our operation, we will let you know as soon as possible.

We have been locked up for weeks just like you have, are going a bit crazy, and are disappointed by all the arborist events cancelling around the world. In an effort to do more for you than just 'stay open' we are working with educators and presenters around the world to rapidly spin-up new free virtual events like Webinars and TreeConferenceCalls that you can attend from home. We are also doing our best to provide you with free and fun mental diversions like TreeStuff Scavenger Hunts and Riddle Challenges. You can count on us to continue delivering these experiences as long as necessary.


  • Our website is OPEN. We are processing and shipping orders.
  • Our Customer Service team is OPEN Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm est.
  • There are virtual events to attend and free mental diversions to engage with from home.


Be caring to those around you, be patient, and above all be safe. Wishing you the courage you need to face these terrible events.


The TreeStuff Team