Jet Sled 1 54"L x 25"W x 10"D


54inL x 25inW x 10inD

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54inL x 25inW x 10inD


This simple yet rugged polyethylene sled is a great answer to organizing a cluttered truck bed or shuttling gear or debris around the job site. Organize chain saws, oil, and gas to keep them safe from spilling or cutting other gear in your truck bed, or isolate ropes and saddles and gear from... well, saws, oil, and gas. Transport light to medium loads across snow or grass, between bushes, through mud, up creeks (floats up to 90 pounds) and more while keeping gear neat and dry. A single Jet Sled weighs only 12 pounds and can be stored about anywhere the chips may fall. Use a heavy duty, water repellant, Jet Sled cover to keep items dry in your open truck bed or to keep private property... private. Note: Although polyethylene material is extremely tough, excessive dragging of loads across dry, abrasive surfaces will wear out the bottom. Dimensions: 54 inches L by 25 inches W by 10 inches D. Stackable/nesting
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