Kask Ear Defender Ear Muffs

$23.95 - $31.95

Kask earmuffs are high quality, non-conductive, and feature smooth position adjustments. They'll fit into any standard 30mm earmuff connection. These muffs are available with 3 different noise ratings differentiated by color.

$23.95 - $31.95


SC1 - Green - 22dB

Suitable for situations with low to medium noise level and with medium to high frequency.


SC2 - Yellow - 24dB

Suitable for environments with a medium to high level of noise. The best choice in high-frequency noise situations.


SC3 - Orange - 27dB 

Indicated for use in low-frequency noise situations. Suitable for extremely noisy environments.

Product Type:
Hearing Protectors
Meets ANSI Requirements:
ANSI S3.19 / EN 352 / CSA A
Country of Manufacture:
Manufacturer Part Number: