Notch Rapid Rig


The Notch Rapid Rig is a stainless steel termination for rigging lines or winch lines. Faster and more convenient than a knot, the system also negates the risk of sideloading if you were to use a carabiner or snap for the same purpose. Whether you're using it on a winch line or using it for negative rigging, the Rapid Rig will improve efficiency on your job site and improve the lifespan of your ropes.



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MBS: 65kN

Material: Steel

Maximum Rope Diameter: 1/2"


  • Fast and easy installation and removal
  • Attach with a tight eye splice, girth hitch on an eye, or a double fisherman's knot
  • Has increased the breaking load of rope in tests due to reduced rope-on-rope friction
  • Because two legs of rope must go through the ring, it is effectively impossible for it to disengage when properly installed
  • For negative/dynamic rigging, only 1/2" lines are appropriate to minimize slack in the system.


Picture 4 photo credit: Marcus Undery (timberwolf190)

Tensile Strength:
13,500 lbs ( 60 kN )
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