Silky Gunfighter Hand Saw

$35.95 - $79.95

The Silky Gunfighter is a new lightweight saw with a special quick-change design for replacing the blade when its worn out. The blade features progressive tooth sizing which starts finer near the handle and increases to a more aggressive tooth size near the tip. When you feel like its time for a new blade, all have to do is lift up on the trigger at the top of the handle to release the blade.

$35.95 - $79.95


Weight: 0.10lbs

Teeth: 6 per 30mm (near handle) to 8.5 per 30mm at tip

  • High-quality Japanese steel
  • Taper ground teeth
  • Electroless Nickel Plating makes the teeth more durable
  • Toolless blade changing
  • Patented dual roller locking mechanism in the scabbard
  • Scabbard allows for usage on either side
Product Type:
Silky Curved
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