Stein CAMBO V5 Chest Harness

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Designed in co-operation with advanced SRT climbers Boel Hammarstrand and Iain 'Cam' Cameron, the CAMBO V5 Chest Harness gives increased comfort and performance for aiding the progression of your SRT climbing system. The CAMBO V5 is fully adaptable to any body size thanks to the dual adjustment system both for Torso height and Torso width. Specifically designed with an open front V System to alleviate discomfort around the neck and throat region. Fitted with 5 upper front loops and one lower loop which are drawn together when needed allow you to decide where to hook your system in, ultimately allowing you a much greater balance of efficiency and comfort when advancing your system.



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  • Open V Front to alleviate discomfort around the neck and throat
  • 5 upper attachment points and one lower attachment point
  • Color-coded webbing to distinguish chest band from shoulder straps
  • Adjustable torso height and torso width
  • Fitted with an elasticated chest expander
  • Dual Locking Adjusters to prevent webbing creep
  • Fits comfortably over jackets or t-shirts
  • Easily taken on and off without having to remove your head protection
  • No metal components reducing isolated hot or cold spots subject to weather conditions.
  • Comfortable for both male or female climbers to wear
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Chest Harnesses
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