Tree Austria 3.2 Saddle


The new, fifth generation of the Tree Austria climbing harness is now available with some new innovative features. The hip-leg connections are infinitely adjustable in length, so each climber can get the just-right weight distribution between the waist belt and the ergonomically shaped leg pads. In addition, the padding can be added or taken out of the leg pads to your comfort.



Optional Shoulder Harness


Specifications / Features:

- Modular design

- Breathable three dimensional tissue

- Interchangeable central belt

- Lateral stop rings for convenient positioning

- Two additional attachment loops on the strip height

- Optionally expandable with seat board and chest strap

- Optimized material loops

- Attachment point for sling chain saws

- Weight: 1800 g (3.9 lb)




Manufacturer Part Number: