TreeU Splicing Series with Nick Araya

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Learn to splice from the comfort of your own home! Experienced splicer and certified arborist Nick Araya covers splicing from beginner to advanced, including a number of tips and tricks hes picked up over his career. The splicing series is available via unlimited streaming. You will not receive a physical copy of the series.

(You save $29.95 )


Splicing Series Trailer

Splicing Series Review by The HumanĂ‚ Channel


This series includes an introduction to the concepts and tools used for splicing, as well as step by step instructions to splice:

Class 1 Single Braid Rope

  • Dead Eye
  • Loopie
  • Whoopie
  • Endless Loop
  • Ultra Sling

Class 2 Single Braid Rope

16 Strand Rope

Double Braid Rope

  • Single Eye
  • Eye and Eye


Also includes complete single shot splices for each splice, performed by Erik Vega, lead splicer for Rope Logic.

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