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TreeStuff Aug 27th 2020

Winter Gloves for Arborists

Keeping your fingers and hands warm and safe in the cold goes a long way towards keeping you safe on the jobsite. In this video, Nick goes over some of our most popular winter gloves.

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Hi, I'm Nick Bonner Today we're going to talk about three different gloves that are good for arborists in the winter. So, if you've watched some of the other videos that we've done, especially glove videos, you know that I'm a huge fan of Atlas gloves.

The Atlas A300 by Showa is, I think one of the more ubiquitous gloves in the market. It is great. Not a bad winter glove but it doesn't offer any installation or anything like that. So you know, if you're looking for something a little thicker, this is the 406 by Showa also by Atlas. You can see here that this has some kind of lining on the inside of it. It's it's like a cotton kind of soft doily thing. It's nothing really very special. These are all large gloves on my hand today. So, I'll give you a thing gets a little high, you know, maybe a little high for my tastes for chipping. But you know, behind your sleeve. This is gonna give you good coverage, you know when you're wearing a winter jacket, standard dip kind of style gloves so nothing really super special there. They do definitely restrict your mobility and dexterity a little bit but overall this is a good glove, it's inexpensive, which is going to make it replaceable. You know when you lose them or damage them. Gloves do tend to wear out really fast as we all know. So it's a great option especially if you're buying them for a crew.

The next step up i think is this is the Pfanner Ice Grip. This is by far our most popular winter glove. I think the in this kind of style of like, you know, still lending or trending towards disposable. They don't have like a dual kind of layer. There's definitely I think, more liner inside here like this feels a little thicker than this does. But this also has like more of like a carpet feel like it's definitely a denser material, whereas, this feels softer and more kind of like a sweatshirt. So you know these feel tougher on the inside. When I go to put it on, it feels a little sleeker I think I kind of like the Velcro here enables you to get it really tight. Again maybe a little high for chipping. You know I think if you keep it really tight and under your sleeve though you can really mitigate that risk. Standard dip again kind of style so nothing super extraordinary with the dip. Has that normal tacky feel that you would expect from that but it's definitely more of like the charcoal feel and like the latex rubber feel. I think this is a nitrile style. I would say that your mobility is about the same as what the other Showa gloves. These are really very popular, people like the red color. Last on the list today, definitely at the most premium don't want to lose it kind of end of the spectrum.

These are the Notch Arborlast Arctic, this comes with a PrimoLoft which is a brand name, lining or installation. It comes with a Schoeller leather, which is Schoeller is another word for artificial. But this is an artificial leather palm here, and you can see that it's built in all the different stress points, right to allow you to have mobility, as well as being in here in the main palm and across the thumb and around here for rope bearing surface. These are going to have your carabiner hole right here, which is just kind of a standard grommet, but that's nice to be able to clip them to a saddle. You'll notice that it's full gaiter here. Again, you know, anything that's really up here kind of freaks me out a little bit for chipping. But keeping your gloves underneath your sleeves can help mitigate that or, you know, maybe you should use a thinner glove while you're chipping but nice fit really well I think for as heavy and as insulated as these are being the warmest gloves that we've reviewed today. That, you know, they do restrict the mobility. But uh, you know, it's it's not so bad, right? Definitely the warmest, the most expensive and the bulkiest these are a really nice glove especially if you're not doing really dexterous work or if you're able to take good carrier stuff. But you can see you get your kind of like full standard winter glove lining in there, something that you would expect from you know, a glove that was more towards like a ski glove or something like that, or a driving gloves. So I think these are really nice. I definitely a lot different than the other gloves that we reviewed today. But hopefully this video, kind of lets you see a little bit more inside and close to what the product is. And hopefully this stuff is helpful. All these gloves plus all the other gloves that we sell are available every day at So check that out and use the discount code arborist to save 5% off all that stuff. Thanks so much.