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The 7 Best Types of Arborist & Tree Climbing Boots

Posted by BigCommerce on Jul 13th 2023

They say the best investments are in the things that separate you from the ground: beds, tires, and shoes. This has never been more true than for the modern arborist. Watch the vid … read more

Safer and More Efficient Hip Thrusting

Posted by BigCommerce on Jun 12th 2023

The Hip-Thrust technique isn't dead - it's just usually not done right! If you don't have all of your fancy equipment, it's a perfectly reasonable way to climb short distances - especially … read more

The T Method - Calculate Mechanical Advantage

Posted by BigCommerce on Jun 9th 2023

Figuring out ideal mechanical advantage ratios can be a tough thing to do, unless you know the T method! Follow along with DMM expert Taylor Hamel as he shows this simple way to find the MA … read more

The 3 Ways to Start Your Saw

Posted by BigCommerce on Mar 24th 2023

Join Chainsaw expert Ryan Torcicollo as he goes over the three different conditions for starting your Husqvarna chainsaw - the cold start, hot start, and the AutoTune 3.0 start. AutoTune 3.0 is the newest advancement in chainsaw technolog … read more

Husqvarna AutoTune

Posted by BigCommerce on Mar 21st 2023

Husqvarna is leading the way in new chainsaw technology with their AutoTune technology, but what is that really? Nick and Ryan got together to talk about Husqvarna chainsaws and do some magic! … read more

APTA - Air Powered Tree Access

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 28th 2023

The APTA is the fastest, most accurate, dependable, and satisfying way to launch your throwline into a tree. In this video, Nick Bonner goes in-depth with the APTA and how to use it. … read more

What's in your Helmet?

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 10th 2023

We're always urging you to wear a helmet - but how do helmets actually help you? In this short video, Nick Bonner compares helmet suspension systems and how they work to save your li … read more

Flip Stick Method

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 10th 2023

Didn't get your line in the right spot? Don't worry, Taylor Hamel has some tips on how to fix it with minimal frustration, and maximum fun! window.__ … read more

Notch Rope Runner Pro FAQ

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 10th 2023

The Notch Rope Runner Pro is one of the most popular climbing devices for arborists, but people still have questions - so we made this video answering the most common questions. … read more

Notch Glide Rope Grab Benchtop Review

Posted by BigCommerce on Feb 10th 2023

The Notch Glide Rope Grab is out! One simple and smooth lanyard rope grab can now give you three different friction modes! Check out this video that explains all the features. … read more

Why TreeStuff?

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 4th 2023

We know that TreeStuff is the #1 place online for arborists, but we wanted to hear from our customers why that is for them. … read more

Notch Rigging Blocks Benchtop Review

Posted by BigCommerce on Jan 4th 2023

The Notch Equipment Rigging Block line is the freshest, shiniest addition to our collection of arborist blocks. In this quick video, Nick Bonner gets his hands on all three of the No … read more

New Arborist Harness Accessories

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 28th 2022

It's been a while since our first video on tool holders and accessories for your climbing saddle, so Nick Bonner sat down with the newest gear, and the upgraded favorites to show you … read more

Leadership in Tree Care

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 28th 2022

The tree care industry relies on teams to complete dangerous and complicated tasks, which means relying on good leaders. In this video, we asked some arborists their thoughts on what th … read more

Throwline Manipulation Secrets

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 6th 2022

For a climber, missing your throw when line setting can be really frustrating, which is why Taylor Hamel has shared some of his best tips and tricks for manipulating your throwline to where you want it. … read more

The Coolest Friction Saver - Petzl Eject Video

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 11th 2022

Petzl engineers have come up with the coolest way to design a retrievable friction saver, and there's no one better than Petzl rep Rudy Rutemiller to show us how it works! … read more

How to Buy Chainsaw Chaps

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 7th 2022

Chainsaw chaps are one of the most important safety items you can own as a saw user. No matter how experienced you are with a chainsaw, there's always the chance that something unexp … read more

Taylor Hamel's Throw Line Mantra

Posted by BigCommerce on Aug 26th 2022

Increase your throw line skills - GUARANTEED!* Taylor Hamel from DMM is here with his personal mantra that he used for years to accurately deploy his throw line, and we think it can … read more

TreeStuff Arbor ID Gear

Posted by BigCommerce on Aug 25th 2022

Introducing Arbor ID! Arbor ID is TreeStuff's newest collection of exclusive arborist-inspired designs drawn by the TreeStuff art department. Look for it on short, limited runs of yo … read more

How to Use Arborist Throw Line

Posted by BigCommerce on Aug 12th 2022

Learning how to properly use your tree access equipment can save you a load of trouble! Watch this video for some tips and tricks on using your throwline and throw weights so … read more

How To Use a GRCS

Posted by BigCommerce on May 3rd 2022

The Good Rigging Control System - lovingly called the GRCS - is a winching and lowering system that can quickly change the amount of effort put into a rigging job. In this video Nick … read more

Rope Runner Pro Development Video

Posted by BigCommerce on Aug 27th 2020

This eight-minute short film explores the development process of the Notch Rope Runner Pro and the people behind it. Inventor Kevin Bingham, Product Development Field Testers Arch Au … read more

Arborist Gear Bag Review

Posted by TreeStuff on Oct 10th 2019

Armed with 200' of 1/2" rope, Nick Bonner and Carson Royer from compare 28 arborist bags available at Watch on YouTube to skip throu … read more

Greenteeth Premium Stump Grinder Teeth

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

We've been so impressed by the quality and value of Greenteeth stump grinder teeth (not to mention customer feedback, product range, and manufacturer support) that they're no … read more

Petzl Sequoia Review

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

Petzl made some great improvements in 2019 to an already popular harness. Check out the video above to see what's new on the Petzl Sequoia 2019 and Petzl Sequoia SRT 2019 (a … read more

V3 Quickie

Posted by BigCommerce on Oct 10th 2019

The V3 Quickie, created in a partnership between Notch and Singing Tree's Kevin Bingham, is a high-quality compact connector with marked strength ratings and a great low pri … read more